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  1. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Cheapest part p

    I know this question has been asked in the past but not for some time so I'm looking for the cheapest in 2020? Stroma where by far the cheapest but have now merged with napit. It appears napit and niceic are both similar prices. Are these the cheapest or has anyone else out there found a better...
  2. 8

    Best TV on demand combos for cheapest??

    Hi Thinking of ditching virgins big cahona bundle and possibly tv subscriptions altogether, what are the best services I can get for minimal outlay? I'm paying over £100 per month and my contract will end soon, I am aiming to be less than £50 per month, so here is what I was thinking if you...
  3. J

    cheapest place for van insurance

    wheres the cheapest place to go for van insurance
  4. Sparky2017

    Kewtech Part P Cheapest way

    Where is the cheapest place for calibration. Thanks Sparky2017
  5. Leesparkykent

    cheapest place to buy dewalt kit from

    Thinking of buying this 6 piece kit. just wondering if any ones come across similar for cheaper? particularly want the SDS, combi drill and impactor. cheers...
  6. Dan

    Who are you using for Van Insurance?

    Who are you using for Van Insurance? And do you shop around or just keep renewing? Have you found anybody that does a good deal specifically for Van Insurance?
  7. E

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Nic? Eca? Napit?

    Instead of trawling through all these sites for prices does anyone have the domestic installers price (yearly fee) from the top of their head. Oh and the pros and cons of which one to use?? Any help appreciated Regards
  8. E

    Cheapest Part P scheme

    Can anyone tell me what the cheapest part P scheme is?I know this has been asked before,i have done a search of the forum and cant find any recent posts so would like to know up to date prices.I saw a post on another forum that Napit dont charge VAT but when i looked at their website it appears...
  9. C

    Signing off a job grey area

    I am a competent electrician and have all of my certificates, nvq3 etc I have also passed my 2391, can I sign off domestic jobs or do I need to do part p etc?? I am not with the nic eic or a governing body either, some people say I can and some say I can't
  10. G

    Best Supplier of panels??

    Whos the best supplier for panels?? Cheapest ?? Most Reliable??
  11. A

    whats the best way to wire a long run to the outside of a building

    Right any advice would be very much apreciated, i have an install for a friend, they have a farm the stables being 30 meters away from the house which contains the meter & Cu a new CU would be installed then from that its another 25 meters to the point where SWA can be run underground, so i need...
  12. R

    Big Green Book

    Hi guys, where`s the cheapest place to buy the big green book from?
  13. S

    want to offer your customers 10% extra on generation tarrif post december

    2p extra paid on generation is a huge gain on the reduced fit 3 year contract garantee, contact me for details Mark
  14. F

    Megger leads

    Hi people been having a few problems with my test results fluctuating and I've found the problem is when I involve the green test lead on my megger multifunction tester so basically the green lead is goosed! So does anyone have a spare set or spare green lead they could sell me or cheapest place...
  15. G

    Giving customer quotes

    As MCS accredited installers how do you guys give your prospective customers a price do you give them a price there and then or do you carry out your site survey then come away and do all your SAP calcs etc and get back within in a day or so. Whats best ?
  16. J

    power tools off ebay

    has anybody bought bare units off ebay? i was looking at getting some makita lxt tools as they are quite cheap on there.
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