1. N

    Correct grounding of metal junction box w/splices for 3 circuits

    I have 3 circuits (microwave, disposal, and dishwasher) entering a metal box where the THHN wire will be spliced to Romex. I spent half an hour reading 2020 NEC Article 250 but didn't see multiple circuits specifically addressed. To ground the box do I just need to pigtail off of one circuit's...
  2. J

    C&GLevel 2365 - mock circuits

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to start the city and guilds level 2 2365 course soon (home study). And just wondering what circuits I will be required to build. I've seen plenty of these GSH YouTube videos where the students have mocked up circuits on sheets of OSB so I wanna get practicing for the...
  3. Devil7

    Sub mains / distribution circuits

    Hi all, new here, just looking for a few pointers. I'm not doing this, just keeping my brain active in these weird times with things i've not learnt yet. How do you calculate cables etc for a single phase sub main (to a garage for instance) - is it the same as a cooker? Ib> In> etc etc?? TIA
  4. D

    How is this switch powered? I thought all circuits needed a neutral?

    Usual problem with smart switches - no neutral at the switch, been plenty of threads on it before. Fortunately managed to find some switches that don't need one. So the circuit's permanently 'complete' since the switch is permanently 'on', and actually power is going to the light, but not...
  5. I

    Borrowed neutral / RCD trips but circuits still live ?!

    I’m just a homeowner, so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid .... i think the lights in the hall of my small bungalow are using a borrowed neutral. I recently went to fit a new light on the ceiling in the hall using the existing connections and turned off the MCB that said “Hall...
  6. CokeCanBrad

    UK Am2 Breaker Selection

    Hi I want too do my AM2 In the future. I want too know the breaker selection for the circuits in the AM2, an acceptable answer (for me.) will be from a recent am2 Passee (successful candidates only.). The circuits are as Follows:- D.O.L Starter, with motor. Carbon Monoxide Detector Ring Final...
  7. B

    Finishing Basement / Planning Circuits

    Goodevening Everyone - I need some advice and I appreciate your time to look at my question. I keep getting different opinions on this and I am struggling to get past the planning stage on the electrical portion of this project. I have read and heard it is wise to keep lights and outlets on...
  8. Iain Stewart

    How to plan a rewire and new consumer unit. How many circuits, what cost?

    Hi, we need some advice on our scenario with regards to our rewire plan. I will get this out of the way first... We are planning to put the house up for sale. I know people will say let the new buyer do the stuff but in our area there are a few houses for sale and they are all fairly up to...
  9. D

    New house unknown circuits

    Hi - I just moved into a new house. The box has a circuit labeled "Central Vac" and 2 labeled "Septic." The house does not have a central vacuum. I do have a septic system that as far as I know does not use a pump or any electrical power. Any idea why these circuits would be there?
  10. D

    Multiple Exterior Lighting Circuits

    Hi all, Having a brain fart... Looked at a job today, have multiple exterior lighting circuits (4x MCB'S). Can see why there is multiple, as previous electrician was worried about cable lengths etc as the property is quite large. But seem to have multiple Photocells and timers controlling...
  11. A

    No CPC in lighting circuits / Fire damage

    Good evening following a visual inspection in a property that had an electrical fire in the fuse board area obviously i could not actually test anything, but visually identified that the lighting circuits had no earth (not even cut back) now the insurance company ideally want a new...
  12. B

    Correct switches for 2 way pendant + bedside lamp circuits?

    Hi. First post here. Background I have a relative who is an electrician and is about to re-wire our home as a favour. I said that I will order and pay for all of the parts - so that they are here in on-site when he arrives to begin work. I have already ordered a Hager consumer unit; the 10...
  13. D

    AFFD's and new circuits

    Hi All, I'm a quilified electrician that's been office based for the last two years, I'm a little out of touch so please go easy if this is an obvious question! I'm having an extention on my home this year and been thinking about additions and it got me thinking, are AFFD's needed when...
  14. C

    Emergency circuits

    Ok, say you had a building that needed backup power. Does British Code require that the loads be subdivided onto different branches and automatic transfer switches based on type and priority?
  15. S

    Havin random breaker fault issues with my home where random circuits trip breaker with no pattern .

    So bought my house in june . When i moved in I hooked ac window unit in my bedroom it tripped the afci breaker for that circuit so I temporarily ran extension cord from spare room to my bedroom to solve the issue . After a week i decided to try hook ac up normally again . Never tripped breaker...
  16. P

    shared neutral in lighting circuits

    I need some help in deconstructing the following ( please see photos of upstairs downstairs switches ) as I don't know what the circuit diagram would look like in this case? It works perfectly well Is seems to be a shared neutral circuit but does not follow the normal convention as shown in the...
  17. C

    Circuits for Motors- how to in the UK?

    How do you size the MCB, wire and protection for a motor in the UK/Europe? How is it typically done? ............................................................................................................. If anyone is curious here how its done in the US: You size the conductor based...
  18. Midwest

    Emergency Lighting Circuits

    Having been at present place of work, for just overs a year now,just started to feel comfortable with the place. It’s predominantly a care home, and has all the normal infrastructure in place. I've never down much work with emergency lighting, other than installing it. Can anyone explain the...
  19. W

    Gym with lighting over 4/5 circuits and 2 mains

    Hello, currently working on a gym with 4/5 lighting circuits across two mains boards I’m wanting to put some emergency lighting in there and I’m wondering how I do that with this number of circuits across different rcds thanks in advance
  20. A

    Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test for lighting circuits

    Hello guys, Do you do Earth fault loop impedance test for lighting circuits during periodic inspection ? do you measure it at the lighting point? what is the percentage of lights you test? Thanks alot in advance
  21. happyhippydad

    Global Insulation resistance <1MΩ but individual circuits are all > 1MΩ

    With regards the title is the reason for this because the circuits are all in parallel? I am talking in relation to a L/N - E test. If Rt = global resistance for whole CU and R1, R2, R3 = L/N - E resistance for each circuit then am I right with the following: 1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3 So...
  22. happyhippydad

    Can radio linked smoke alarms be on different circuits, including a ring?

    I have just been to look at a job were the builder has started the first fix as I was unable to be there. He has forgotten to put in a cable to the heat detector in the kitchen, partly my responsibility as I should have reminded him more fully. My plan is to have it radio linked to the hallway...
  23. Power Calculations in Circuits | Electrical Training Video

    Power Calculations in Circuits | Electrical Training Video

    This video explains power calculations in circuits and how to use the calculations. Trainee Electricians studying for qualifications such as NVQs and other electrical courses may find this helpful.
  24. Electrical Circuit Components Overview

    Electrical Circuit Components Overview

    Easy to understand video lesson in Electrical Circuit Components. Provides a good overview of components including the resistor, capacitor, inductor, transistor, diode and transformer. A good source of information for Electrical Trainees on NVQs and other courses.
  25. Y

    Number of Conduits run and number of circuits

    I am in estimation and often estimate conduits run in the drawings. My clarity about number of conduits run is not good. I want to know that in multiple circuits zone, how we calculate number of conduits run to the panel. For example. If i run conduits from Ckt A-1 to ckt A-2, i need Two number...
  26. M

    Recording of 3-Phase Circuits

    Hi all! So, I was filling out a test sheet for a number of 3-phase circuits we did an EICR on. For years whenever a 3-phase circuit exists I have recorded them on a single line (eg. 1/TP or 1/L123) and recorded the highest or lowest value applicable to that particular test regardless of...
  27. Sparksaflyin

    Dual board with no earth on final circuits

    Hi guys. Need to change the fuseboard at my parents house but none of their final circuits have a cpc run to them. Obviously have an earth on the main incoming so I can get a 16mm earthing conductor up to my new 18th edition metallic consumer unit but they don’t want a rewire so none of the...
  28. R

    Extending ring final circuits

    Hi. I have a CU move to do - around 5m from current location. There are 10 circuits, 4 of them ring finals. I'm considering whether to extend the rings 'as are', or to split the rings somewhere in their approximate middles and extend them to separate RCBOs as radials, the aim being to reduce...
  29. S

    RCD tripping under high load on 2 circuits

    I’m in desperate need of someone with great fault finding knowledge. I have a dual rcd consumer unit as seen in picture. The left hand side rcd trips when anything with a high output like a tv for example is turned on in any sockets protected by the left rcd. The left rcd also trips when trying...
  30. P

    Domestic 3p breaker feeding 3 x 1p circuits

    Hi everyone. I may be blind but I can't find a definitive answer. Can I use a 3 pole breaker (originally feeding a massive 3 phase heater) to feed 3 single phase circuits? I've run seperate neutrals for the 3 new circuits and the breaker is rated for the load required - 30a per phase (I'd...
  31. W

    Cooker circuits fusing down ???

    Hello I’ve pulled out a electric oven and the connection plate at the back for the cooker circuit has 2.5mm hardwired to the 6mm circuit for a 1.76kw load and also a 6mm connecting a induction hob,unknown load. Does the 2.5mm need to be fused down or is it okay being spurred off the cooker...
  32. kingeri

    Domestic 10mA RCD for bathroom circuits

    Been to look at a job this morning for a CU change, customer the type who wants to have his say on every tiny detail. He has already bought the CU as well, a Wylex RCBO unit..... I pointed out that the RCBO ratings he has bought don't align with what I actually need...and that some will need...
  33. Z

    I never install ring circuits, the potential for danger is unacceptable

    I’d like to know if anyone else here refuses to install ring circuits in domestic premises. For me it’s either a 20a radial / tree circuit with 2.5mm, or a 32 radial / tree circuit with 4.0mm. Frankly I’m tired of finding broken ring circuits on 32a CB’s, as well as mismatches on end to end...
  34. ETradesmen

    Bunches up lighting circuits

    Good morning all! Currently carrying out an EICR on a commercial property and have noticed 8 lighting circuits bunched into 2 MCB’s. 0-EE74-FE0-F729-4048-A7-F4-2979-EBDFD688 - No real danger but not very practical as nuisance tripping could occur and the labelling is a...
  35. S

    Supply and final circuits for stables.

    Hi all, just looking for advice prior to a potential upcoming project supply stables for horses. The supply characteristics into the main house is TNCS and the stables are located approx 40m away from the building. I am thinking of putting a 1w non-rcd protected consumer unit at supply end...
  36. T

    EICR every 3 years for EM light circuits

    Evening all Got an email from a prison we do work at who said they have been told that any circuits that contain emergency lights need to periodically tested every 3 years on top of the 5 yearly test. I have looked through the IET but cant see any info on it? Can anyone point me in the right...
  37. T

    New circuits wired into a plastic consumer unit

    Had to install a ring main & cooker circuit for a new kitchen we have been doing. The consumer unit is hager split load but is plastic. There is no room in the cupboard to add another board and the customers dont want to pay for a board change. I guess i could just note on the form saying...
  38. H

    How to test a circuits in steel conduit as the cpc

    Good evening I am currently a training to become an electrician. I do hold both initial verification and periodic testing qualifications however this is an issue I have never personally had to deal with and was never mentioned on any of my courses as often seems to be the case. Basically I am...
  39. spud1

    What if a circuits Max Zs is exceeded but the circuit is protected by an RCD?

    Just processing an EICR and noticed a couple of final circuits measured Zs values (fed from a sub distribution board) slightly exceed the Max permitted Zs values for the OCPDs that protect them. Obviously I will note this as a design flaw in the observations, but I just wondered, from the...
  40. C

    Additional CU in Garage for Two Circuits?

    Hi We live in a new build (2015) and the developer added Power and Lighting to the garage via a double socket (spur from house) and then a single light coming off the socket (via FS) for the garage. I then added another driveway floodlight off another FS. Anyway, we plan to do some garden work...
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