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  1. H


    Afternoon all. Anyone got any experience using a ARMEG EBS TRI-CUT CIRCULAR CUTTER ? Just curious as considering one or sticking with stitch drilling for back boxes.
  2. K

    Domestic Replacement cable for a 240v circular saw

    Hi, I have a (very) old Black & decker circular saw that is still going strong. However the power cable is well past its best and needs replacing. The current cable is constructed with 2 cores (Looks like 1.5mm) and a combination of hessian string and finer threads all woven together, and...
  3. D

    Ceiling rose on circular fast fix box

    Can you fit a ceiling Rose on a circular fast fix box? As in, does it physically fit? Need to fish cables out of a ceiling and want to cut a hole big enough to fit a hand through, but still be able to fit a ceiling rose. I haven't got either with me to try it out and thought that somebody...
  4. R

    Bosch Metal Cutting Circular Saw.

    I have been searching for somewhere in the Uk which sells the Bosch CSM180 metal cutting circular saw, without success. The yanks have had it for a while now, but I can't find it anywhere in the UK, I would like to know, has anyone out there seen it here??? All my 'stuff' is Bosch and I would...
  5. R

    Domestic Advice on Shower Repair

    Hi All, I was hoping you'd be able to advise whether or not this is as simple a repair as it looks to me? I have some electronics experience, but in a thoroughly amateur capacity and nothing on any home appliances beyond re-wiring a plug. Our shower has made a popping noise, followed by a odd...
  6. S

    Domestic 110v T9 circular florescent ballast

    Hi, Got a client that's bought an old Timex rotating display stand to display his extensive sunglasses collection :beatnik2:. It has a 110v motor to rotate it and there is a T9 circular flourescent tube fitted. (4 pin plug) The ballast has failed and needs to be replaced. Client wants to keep...
  7. K

    Bosch Blue 18 Gear,

    Hi For sale.If anyones interested. Circular saw Impact driver drill driver. (no hammer action) Jigsaw Torch 4 batteries, all holding charge but used. NiMh 2.6 ah Charger. All used of course, but in Decent nick. Would rather sell in one go, but will split. Open to offers...
  8. W

    Floorboard Cutting - what a chore!

    Been working in a big old house, where I needed to lift multiple floorboards for access. Pipes, cables were often touching the underside of the floorboards, so needed to cut with care. Using the Bosch POF cutter to cut between them but it's hard going and the blades are rubbish so not lasting...
  9. K

    cutting tongue and groove chipboard flooring?

    Hello folks, I was wondering if i could get some tips from you all for cutting up tongue and groove chipboard flooring,Because today when the joiner took up a section off the floor there was pipes very very close to the tops of the joists and right underneath the flooring.. Whats the best way...
  10. tuckermot

    cutting chip board floors and pipe/cable detector

    I am going to be cutting some chip board floors with my circular saw and to be honest when working on domestic propertys i have a total fear of cutting through pipes/cables underneath,even after setting the circular saw.I want to purchase a second hand detector and the ones i have had in the...
  11. P

    floor boards

    Hi Guys, Just wondering what method you use for getting up floorboards without causing too much damage ? :smartass:
  12. B

    Cutting floorboards

    What do you use to cut up floorboards? Jigsaw/ circular saw or any other. I use a jigsaw but it is on its last legs and I have been usuing a reciprocating saw lately which is only going to lead to trouble when my luck runs out.
  13. D

    Floorboard removal

    Hi all, Just wondered what method you find best for getting floorboards up ?? I tend to use a hammer and bolster, starting towards the end of the board i hammer the bolster down the side of it and lever it up, working my way along until it comes up completely, this does the job but i do tend...
  14. tuckermot

    floroboardsaw ,jig saw or circular saw

    Hi all at the moment i use a hand floorboard saw to cut floorboards .due to the time factor and the loss of skin on my hands i am considering using power tools. can any tell me if they use jig saws or circular saws to do this job and why and what deth to set blade on cicular saw, and the pro...
  15. M

    Drill bits and Fein

    Hi, sorry to be a pain again! When starting up what size and brand of drill bits do you recommend? I dont want to waste money on expensive brands if they are no better than cheaper ones but also dont like the idea of buying cheap if they only last 5 minutes! Also is it worth getting a Fein...
  16. P

    dewalt xrp set

    i have a 18v xrp drill, circular saw torch and two 2.0ah including charger for sale. the torch needs a new bulb i think but no one near me stocks them so i can`t be sure it is just the bulb. the drill has just had general use and the circular saw has hardly been touched at all. i will post pics...
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