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cis card

  1. Oli999

    Advice On Finding Work as an Electrician in the UK

    I qualified as a domestic installer about 6 years ago but have been unable to work for the last 5 years due to ill health. I'm now looking to get back to working again. I don't feel that I have the necessary experience to go it alone yet so am looking to work with someone as an electricians...
  2. ray-bentos

    Single labourer - CIS required??

    Hello Can someone please point me in the right direction with regards CIS and my business? Please be gentle as this is my first foray into the realms of CIS, having previously being employed and since then being self employed (doing 'jobs' as opposed to subcontracting work which would fall...
  3. londonfire

    CIS payments

    I am currently exploring using CIS payment as a means of being paid whilst subbing work. I only do electrical work part-time so would like to do it in the most cost effective manor. A friend has told me that he had 30% deducted due to being employed PAYE elsewhere. Does anybody get paid or...
  4. J

    CIS > PAYE > Setting up LTD.

    Hi guys, First post on the forum so go easy on me. Ive been an electrician now for 12 years and started off as an apprentice and served my time under Lorne Stewart in Bristol. I left Lornes a year after coming out of my time and have been 'self employed' ever since (7 years). It started off...
  5. O

    Iceland - decision not to join the EU

    So girls and guys, its Friday and I noticed this on the BBC website: BBC News - Iceland drops EU membership bid Have they done the right thing? Will they regret it later? Will import taxes be imposed on Icelandic produce when it arrives in the EU? Are we envious? Could this the beginning...
  6. L

    CIS, Tax, Materials ??????

    OK here is the scenario....you work for a builder who is CIS registered, you are CIS registered too, he deducts your tax from your invoice to him @ 20%, this is for your labour only and excludes material costs. However you have purchased 10 double sockets for the job @ £4 each and sold them to...
  7. uksparks


    Hi, ok im either stupid or something but did a days work for someone last month and a few days for someone else, we agreed a price per day and now they are coming to pay me they are saying they must knock 20% off and want my UTR number etc... I said on your bike, you pay me the full invoice...
  8. G

    In PAT testing what is the precise meaning of he term luminaries

    Please tell me about Luminaries and if they have/ pose certain issues when undergoing testing .. Lots of conflicting info out there eg some units unsuitable for 500 v dc insulation test.. some have high earth leakage currents and need special labelling .... I seek to be enlightened (Pardon...
  9. D


    Got home at 4 the Mrs and her sister are laying laminate floors all I have done is watch tv and eat my dinner which she made and go on here.if I ask for a cup of tea do you think I am taking the p ? They are still working
  10. H


    Hi guys looking for some help to save me hours on a phone to HRMC as i can't find the answer online... ok here goes and i hope its not to rambled I do a £10,000 job for a main contractor ( labour only) he stops me £2000 under the CIS scheme simple.... now i get a little lost because my Sub...
  11. G

    The end of cis?

    Has anybody else been told by their umbrella company that they wont be paid CIS after the end of the month and must go on the books? Looks like we are in for a humping re the employers NI, well they aint going to pay it so I guess we will? Anybody? Boydy
  12. V

    overturned my 2394 decision after put in for a appeal

    done my 2395 back in last October and passed it with no problem. but sat on my 2394 in December and failed. i was 120% sure i would not fail 2394, so decided to put in for a review/appeal. the funny thing was that the training provider tried to convince me not to put in an appeal (indirectly)...
  13. R

    agency and cis

    Shoot me down and point me in the the direction of the thread if this has already been dealt with. currently working through an agency and working as cis but have been now told that that due to hmrc changes agencies now have to take you on the cards or start up a ltd company to get paid direct...
  14. B

    CIS help

    Ok you will have to bear with me here, I started up as a sole trader in oct 2013 prior to that PAYE for another company, now I've just taken on a job with a friend of mine and once we looked at the job we decided we needed more men to help out, we priced for it all and decided I would invoice...
  15. B

    CIS Payments Template

    Do any of you lads have a CIS template for providing subcontractors once they have been paid? Many Thanks
  16. B

    Dilemma decision.

    You get a call out to fix kitchen sockets that are not working. It's only a couple of miles out of your way home so you leave the job you are on an hour early and call in. You charge say, £47 including VAT for a up to 1 hour and £35 per hour after that. It's a sweet elderly lady living on her...
  17. gazzamikes

    CIS deduction

    Good evening, ive recently been carrying out work for a local company, big mistake! I had to work away for a day. a day price agreed then a fuel supplement on top, when he paid me I was deducted on the fuel money too, is this correct? ive ben trying to find information on the hmrc website but am...
  18. B

    CIS Tax - Confused

    Just wondering if any of you self employed could help sort out my confusion over this one. i am a sole trader and carry out a lot of work for builders, I am due a payment from a builder who says he will deduct 20% CIS tax, as I am aware of, and registered for. I don;t understand how this...
  19. A

    motorcycist electocuted by 12 volts

    a m/cycle rider touched the terminals of his bikes battery and was instantlly killed-- fryed-- it was beleived he received a massive 12 volt dc electric shock:bucktooth:
  20. J

    First PV install design -Constructive criticism please

    Hi All, Recently did 2399-12 and have lined up the first job to get my MCS accreditation (bad timing I know) , would anyone care to comment on this 22 x 185 Yingli panels with a Steca 3600 grid tie inverter .I think this matches well but some of you know for sure .The system is to be ground...
  21. R

    criticise me?

    I have been rewiring a 2 bed semi on my own this past week, there was supposed to be 3 of us on it but other jobs got in the way. Anyway i am impressed with my speed and would like to guage it against others, so if you would not mind offering your opinions. The job is as follows; 2 bed semi...
  22. J

    Translyft Single Action Scissor Lift

    This may well be a long shot but does anybody have any electrical drawings for a translyft single action scissor lift Type No. TUV100RF (0.75Kw) Thanks in advance Jamie
  23. N

    CIS tax return

    Has anybody else received a letter off the tax man in recent weeks listing all the ways people 'make mistakes' in their tax return? I just threw it away assuming everyone got one but all the people i have asked said they hadn't. Thinking about it now, it seemed like a warning that i'd be...
  24. S

    CIS or not?

    We are just starting a business primarily carrying out "Inspection & Testing" Does anybody know if this would be subject to CIS rules? It's maintenance really eh, not construction.
  25. Worcester

    Ofgem Feed-in Tariff “Generating equipment” decision

    Feed-in Tariff scheme Feed-in Tariff ?Generating equipment? decision - More Document Information If TedM's around hopefully he can interpret what it means! Para's 1.12 to 1.16 are the key, - though in my books it still hasn't clarifed what a 4kWp system could be ...... yet ... hopefully they...
  26. B

    Cisco CCIE written exam

    Failed today,Any tips to study for Cisco CCIE written exam?and any good suggestions about study materials?pls guide. Thanks.
  27. mwigham85

    Industrial Scissor lift

    Hi guys just a quick one is it safe to use the extension platform of a scissor lift when it's fully extended approx 10 meters its a standard size scissor lift the one they have at the ipaf courses cheers
  28. infinity

    scissor lift hire

    I have to change some lamps in some high bay lighting in a warehouse, working height about 6M Was wondering if anyone knew of any reasonably priced hire companies for a lift? Im in Hampshire/ fareham Thought is was worth an ask before paying a fortune!
  29. E

    Fun fun fun - it's a tax question regarding CIS

    Hello lads, Fun one for Sunday night for all of yoooz. I am starting work under the CIS scheme in not too long. Now I know that you can ask to be paid gross or net. I went for NET because I decided I'd rather have it this way and it's a bit of a hassle to get the gross payments and save money...
  30. S

    For our Quantum Physicists amongst us...

    Saw QI the other day, the 'Does a falling tree in a deserted forest make a sound' question came up, which led on to when a beam of light passes in front of you, you can't see it. It's only when it hits your retina that one 'sees'. So chatting down the pub about this (yes, not a single female in...
  31. jason121

    CIS Payments

    Any of you here that are LTD have you been told to fill out CIS returns for scaffolding firms that are also LTD
  32. W

    Final decision - No built in isolators for smart meters!

    So the powers that be have decided that it's too late to include an isolator within the new smart meter, great! A perfect opportunity to provide solution to an ongoing problem wasted! What's the point??? My money's also on the chances that when the part p consultations come out it will be...
  33. steve50


    Pharmacist's MondayUpon arriving home, a husband was met at the door by his sobbingwife. Tearfully she explained,"It's the druggist. He insulted me terribly this morning on thephone. I had to call multiple times before he would even answer thephone."Immediately, the husband drove downtown to...
  34. rustynails

    Inspection and Testing Exercise

    Allright ppl, I've bought this book and have stumbled working on exercise 2 p174 (if anyone has the book). In particular the completion of the test results for the given circuit, which is a 63m ground floor socket circuit consisting of 8 socklet outlets wired in 2.5/1.5 pvc twin and earth. 2.5...
  35. F

    pat testing or a sticker exercise

    i hold my 2377 so i understand how your ment to test ie remove plug cover to check connections and fuse size so can someone please tell me how 4 guys can pat test 2000 items in one day all seems a con to me the customer is happy cos all the items have a sticker on and if anyone gets a belt of an...
  36. J

    decision to make

    i have been asked to install a rewire into a house including a new consumer unit. the customer would also like power run to a shed which i have never done before. my instinct says i would need swa as he doesnt want high or underground cable. it is only to supply a shed c.u for sockets and lights...
  37. W

    Does CIS apply to maintenance and repair work?

    Just after a bit of advice... The majority of my work is domestic, contracted directly with the householder (no need for CIS). I also have a fair amount of work from buy-to-let landlords (again, no need for CIS) As I didn't think I would be involved in new-build work, I didn't register...
  38. I

    Need help making decision....

    Hi there, I am about to buy 8 solar panels at 250w each to connect them with the Flexmax 80 charge controller and to the 24v battery bank system... Will these 8 panels work ok if wired in parallel given that the Vmp is less than 36 volts which is the recommended value for the 24v system? See...
  39. S

    Was this the right decision?

    Wired a P.V job today, TT system, old wylex rewirable board and a 100ma RCD on incoming tails. Ze of 50ohms but earth in old 2.5mm or something, black sheath which disappeared behind the spar dash which was obviously done at a later date and earth spike seems to have been tarmaced over! I put a...
  40. L

    Nvq tough decision

    Hello everyone I need todo my nvq as whe I was doing my 2330 there wasn't enough work on for me to complete it and as I was paying for it myself was advised not to carry on by accessor. I want to do this and I have 2 options pay for it myself over 1000 I have been quoted at college or free at...
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