1. B

    Electrical insurance claim for broken underfloor heating 400v+ neutral loss?

    I'd appreciate some advice on an insurance dispute: Last year the electricity board sent someone to replace our 3 phase meter. He mis-wired it and popped anything electronic, any lights that were on, and a fair number of white goods. He left it mis-wired for about 15 mins and it didn't trip any...
  2. happysteve

    Integral LED lifetime, dubious claim

    I've seen some dubious claims about LED lifetimes before, but I'm not convinced these LAP downlights will last nearly a whole day... ;) Mind you, I suppose it does say, "Up to..."
  3. happyhippydad

    Can i claim back the cost of a van accident?

    Hello all.. I have just reversed into someone in my works van whilst on a job. I expect it'll be around £300 for me to pay as I don't want to go through the insurance route. Does anyone know if I can put this down as a work expense? Cheers.
  4. P

    Claiming training costs by employer

    Hi guys, few months back my company put me on Inspection and testing course and NVQ3 in Maintenance Engineering to get me multi skilled. Agreed to it thinking it's always good to have another piece of certs. But I had to sign the agreement saying I will not leave the company for the 12 months...
  5. S

    unpaid EICR, well over 6 months ago.

    hello, going round in circles with this. long story short carried out and issued EICR(over 6months ago) on a 2 bed flat less than 10 years old. landlord who i knew for a while has turned sour and isnt paying me( kept saying will speak with accountant bla bla bla.) anyways ive tried phoning...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Things you can claim for on tax returns

    Just been discussing what you can and can not claim for on your taxes with a customer whose house i was at this morning. Hes a retired book keeper and it came about because of a article in the daily mail he read today. It makes interesting reading, obviously check with your accountant but it...
  7. Frimley111R

    EV Charging Points - how much can you claim from the government?

    Hi All, We are looking into this and as 'petrolheads' (ironically) a chance to work with cars appeals but at a fundamental level we are trying to work out the economics. From our research we can claim back up to £500 from a government subsidy but the 'up to' part confuses us. How does this...
  8. R

    Maintenance - claiming VAT back?

    Hi all, I have just started my first electrical maintenance job employed full time. Am I allowed/is there a way I can claim back the VAT on my future tool purchases? As it's my first job I will need to build up the tool list. Many thanks!
  9. M

    Advice on tax free allowance of up to £2500 for mileage, tools and PPE.

    I am on the books at a firm as "transport provided" but very regularly use my own car with no mileage paid whatsoever, only single time rate after 15 miles one way. I also provide the majority of my own hand tools and power tools, as well as things like work pants. I understand you can do a...
  10. K

    2357 and 2394?

    Hi all, I'm trying to apply for a ECS card with the following qualifications: level 3 2357, BS7671 17th edition, 2395 periodic inspection and testing, AM2. The problem is that it is asking for the 2394 initial inspection and testing, however If i recall correctly then having the 2357 includes...
  11. D

    Director Redundancy - Too good to be true?

    I spotted this site and wondered if anyone has any experience of this? Redundancy Claim - Almost looks too good to be true.
  12. I

    Tax rebate on tools and testing equipment

    I've just got into the self employed/self assessment loop. I don't know which way is up after reading so much bumph. HMRC site just takes you round in circles. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I shall be using Cash basis tax format. So does anyone know :- what I can claim for, how much...
  13. J

    Update and many thanks to and Solar Edge.

    As you will all remember, I had a long standing issue with a Company from Manchester who I took through the RECC and NICEIC processes, won the case at each stage and had the award confirmed in the High Court. Sheriffs were instructed but the MD lied to them, was proven by the Enforcement Agents...
  14. D

    Fire damage after loft insulation installed

    Hi all, went to quote up a rewire on lighting circuit in a bungalow today. It turns out that they had new insulation laid just over 2 weeks ago. The insulators had left room around the light fittings (recessed 12v 50w halogens) but they totally covered up the transformers. After a quick look...
  15. Z

    self assessment HELP please

    Hi guys, I am doing my self assessment for the first time. I am strugling a bit with what I can claim back. I have called HMRC regarding wich courses I can claim back and they said that I can not claim back expenses for any courses that made me an electrician. Only the further courses that...
  16. T

    self assessment?

    Hi, Im currently employed and i'm in the process of claiming for my mileage, I've calculated all my business miles and it works out at 12500. It says i get 40p per mile for under 10k and 25p for the rest. I dont get that do i? I'd nearly have £5000... Im guessing i get the tax that i paid back...
  17. dansk

    Commercial Roof

    Hi - just looking for some advice please - Been asked to quote PV on a commercial building, ive not much experiance of commercial roofs - they told me the roof is made from "big 6" sheets, the wavey fibre glass product - its not asbestos as this is a new roof and the client confirmed this also...
  18. a12jpm

    P.I. Insurance - Any recommendations?

    Been trying to find a competitive quote for PI insurance but numbers seem a bit steep to me. What are you guys paying and for how much cover? Thanks
  19. V

    tax and subsistance

    hi peeps ive been self employed for a year now,just completed my first year books ect what i want to know is how much can i clam for subsistance,how far from home do i need to be,ive been told its 20 quid a day if im working more than 15 miles away but i cant seem to find and info. any help...
  20. BigSi


    I’m currently employed as an electrician (agency work), but plan to start my own self-employed business before the end of the 08/09 tax year next April. At the moment I’m buying things that I would need later on, for example tools, van, ladders, power tools, hand tools, etc. What I’m...
  21. N

    Can courses / training be written off against Self Employed Tax / earnings?

    Hello, I'm new here...i've read a few posts and found them to be very useful already..thanks for that I've tried searching for an answer to this but couldn't find anything.....can courses / training fees be written off against self employed earnings? Thanks Norm
  22. bcm_spark

    Self Assessment - Allowable Expenses

    Evening all, hope you are all keeping busy! I just wondered what amount people claimed for things such as heating, washing of clothes, use of a room (if using a room at your house), dog (security?), vehicle depreciation, anything else? Ive got a list of my usual expenses - fuel, phone, van...
  23. mrloy99

    rcbo's don't cut the blue cable!

    I was on a job last year,big multiroomed hotel,each with their own consumer unit which entailed the installation of at least 2 rcbo's per unit.One of my jobs was to go round and change every rcbo (about 400) in all! ,as the previous spark had shortened the curly blue leads ,presumably to tidy...
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