1. S

    Class 2 product?

    If you have say a metal based lamp and it’s still a class 2 product. What would happen if the exterior somehow became live. There’s obviously no path to earth?
  2. M

    Which M Class dust extractor

    Hi, I after opinions on which M Class dust extractor is better for chasing and coreing holes. I have narrowed it down to either the Bosch GAS35 AFC or the Metabo ASR35. Any one used them both?
  3. HandsOffEngineer

    Should I earth bond test Class I appliances?

    Hello, I am a Trainee here on the Forum. I am seeking some further advice/input on a specific technical matter of importance to me. Briefly, I have completed C&G level 1 in electrical installation (distinction) and I am currently on the level 2 course, and things are going well on that score...
  4. S

    fuse fail class 2

    Hi all. First of all, I'm not an electrician, although I am confident in doing small jobs (socket changes, light changes etc.) however I am about to start a course (being sent on one, city & guilds). My friend (spark, currently on holiday so I can't ask him) has given me his HPAT600 and after...
  5. E

    Class A RCBOs - list of manufacturers

    I'd find a list of manufacturers who are currently producing single module class A RCBOs (and perhaps class A RCDs) quite useful. To my knowledge so far there are: Hager Doepke Schneider Does anyone know of any others?
  6. happyhippydad

    Struggling to find a class 2 light that looks anything like this.....

    As in the title... The customer has no earthing on lights and wants to change from pendants to something different. It's in the kitchen. She bought some class 1 lights that looked a little like these Does anyone know where I can get a class 2 light that is at least a little like the above...
  7. T

    Class 2 metal fitting

    Bought 2 metal wall lights arrived today and just opened them. They are completely metal in construction states on the fitting they are class 2 and have no earth connection. The cables leaving the chocbox inside to the lampholder are single cores. How can this be class 2?
  8. A

    MID CLASS A rated meter

    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum. My question is.... what meters are you using to monitor heat pumps under the new mcs rules. It states MID CLASS A rated. But I'm struggling to find any. Ideally looking for a din rail mounted one. Thanks in advance Adam
  9. EcoTechnologies

    Class 2 advice needed please

    Hey everyone. Recently got called to a job where I needed to change over a light fitting and other small jobs. Upon testing the circuit no earth was present, I investigated the circuit thoroughly and gave the customer a few options on what to do. The customer decided to go ahead with changing...
  10. C

    Class I and CLass II

    I understand what Class I and Class II are i.e earth cable or double insulated, but is there anything which states when one should be used over the other or is it just a choice ?
  11. G

    Best looking class 2 light switchs

    Hi all, The title says it all really, was just looking for opinions on the best looking class 2 light switches e.g. for a circuit without an earth, ideally wanted something that was a brushed metal type finish. Many thanks, M
  12. M

    EICR for a rented property with cpc on the lights.

    I have a EICR coming up where I am sure there is no CPC in the lighting circuit, the property is rented and I am sure all the outlets are class 2. Where do i stand? Should the circuits be rewired? C2 or C3? Thanks
  13. Davisonp

    C2 or C3

    I would value your opinions on this. I did an EICR and found two lights in a bedroom that are florescent lights so class 1 but the lighting circuit is old and does not have an earth. However, the lights are in vanity units, so you cannot touch the units without dismantling the vanity units. As...
  14. A

    Old Double Insulated Appliances

    I am looking at a receiver/amplifier that was manufactured in the mid 1970s. It has a very solid all metal case. It is powered by a mains lead that has only two conductors, active and neutral. It does not have any Class II notation or symbol anywhere on the case. I am wondering whether the...
  15. R


    Hi, What type do a BS88 Class Q come under ???
  16. charlie76

    No CPC in lighting circuit

    Evening all. I have been asked to quote a landlord for a replacement bathroom light as the old ones bayonet fitting was broken, new pull cord as it was one from 1702 which had finally given up and replace the hallway light fitting as it was hanging off the ceiling. On inspection there are no...
  17. C

    Locks On Residential Distribution Boards Or Isolator Enclosures

    Hi Guys, just a quick question to see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Does anyone know if there is a Reg stating that you cannot put a lock on a dis board or isolator enclosure in a residential environment. Something along the lines of it needing to be accessible without the use...
  18. E

    Class II Door switch

    Anyone know where I can get either a class II door switch or one with somewhere to terminate the CPC? The Jeani ones I've seen are not class II and do not have an earth terminal.
  19. 9

    Eicr coding

    House has singles with Conduit acting as cpc. All fittings are class 2. r2 tested perfect. Code 3?
  20. D

    Testing with no exposed metal parts...

    In an office environment... So please tell me I'm a dunce on this one (I'll gladly wear a hat with a 'D' on it) but one thing I've never really got with PA Testing is when testing Class 2 equipment part of the test is one where you need to use the fly lead to clamp to some exposed metal part of...
  21. G

    Eicr flats communal areas

    Hi guys, Got a test of communal areas of 9 blocks of flats coming up and just preparing the paperwork. What would you class as the description of premises ? I'm leaning towards commercial rather than domestic Cheers
  22. T

    ebay ad!

    Has anybody else seen the ebay ad for a pram! The Q & A bit is fantastic and well worth a read if you want a laugh. Phil and teds green explorer double | eBay
  23. S

    Lighting circuit - no CPC

    Alrite lads, I'm a commercial spark so don't do much domestic but a mate of mine asked me to Pop round and change a light fitting in his kitchen 5 min job, he had an old 6ft fluorescent which was shot and he has brought a new class 1 fitting. I remove the fitting and there's no CPC so I...
  24. telectrix


    anyone within reach of stoke-on-trent, this might be of interest: Inspection & Testing Saturday Course Rebus Training Ltd ([email protected] Inspection & Testing Saturday Course!!! View this email in your browser Inspection and Testing...
  25. M

    volt drop query

    Hi all, Am wiring in some lights in a carpark.. The total distance is 150m there are 4 lighting posts rated as follows A-200w B-300W C-300W D200W (with A closest to CU) All loads are LED They are spread at distances of CU - A = 30m A-B = 40m B-C = 40m C-D = 40m Having done my volt drop calcs...
  26. J

    Domestic Adding class I fittings to lighting circuit / extending cpc

    Hi All, I'm a DIYer after advice please. All the lights in my house (ground floor and upstairs) are on one circuit - old colours, as you might expect with the age of house (120 years). There is a cpc (earth) from the (modern) consumer unit to junction boxes on both floors of the house -...
  27. J

    3 phase supply size

    Hi all, I need to put in a 3 phase supply for a piece of equipment in a commercial unit. They've sent the spec sheet for the item over and all it says is Current type (Ph/V/Hz): 3/420/50 Power rating (kW): 7.8 I just want to clarify if it's 7.8kW per phase or 7.8kW total over all...
  28. D

    RCD protection on bathroom lighting.

    Hi Guys, Need some advise on RCD protection, I have just tested 112 rooms in a Travelodge in Wales and there is no RCD protection on the bathroom lights, the ceiling is over 2.25m and the light fitting is a L.E.D class 2. Looking in the regs in section 701 & 415 and from posts I have read on...
  29. L

    LED Lighting - What Class are these?

    Hi Everyone - Im new to this forum so please be nice I am working with LED Lighting everyday at the moment and something has come up several times in the office between the R&D and Technical Team. The Situation is: LED Tubes Aluminium Back 230v Supply to the power supply inside the tube Power...
  30. 1

    City and Guilds 2357 - Unit 302 help please

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone out there has a copy of the assignment for unit 302 that can be emailed to me. I don't want the answers. Reason I ask is it's a 2 week easter break and I want to crack on with it before it's handed out in class. Hope someone can help. Thank you Elliot
  31. H

    RS switch mode power supply

    Hi Guys, Has anyone come across this SMPS from RS, 445-107. Blurb says its class 1, because it has an earth pin. I cannot get a circuit from the earth pin to the '-' of the output. I have sent RS a question about this but have not had a reply. Must fail it as a class 1 appliance.
  32. F

    Open Circuit or High Resistance - THE GREAT DEBATE

    A class of thirty students are presented with a question for there level 3 class assignment. L1 AND L1 = 2 Ohms N1 AND N1 = 2000 Ohms E 1 AND E1 = 2 0hms 29 of them say open circuit on the neutral. 1 says it is a high resistance fault because it is a finite reading and there for it can not be...
  33. E

    CASH back amounts on green deal scheme

    Cash back amounts on green deal CASH BACK Scheme Loft insulation including top up £100 Cavity wall insulation £250 Solid wall insulation £650.00 Flat Roof insulation £390 Room in roof insulation £220...
  34. R

    EICR departure code for bathroom.

    I am compiling an EICR on a period style house with wiring dating back to mid 60's. The installation has a fuseboard with 3036 fuses protecting all circuits. The bathroom has neither RCD protection or evident supplementary bonding arrangements although there is a 10mm bond to the main water...
  35. D

    RCD for TT system

    Hi all, I have just read an old periodic report that has highlighted a TT system that has an RCD main switch mounted in a non insulated enclosure (metal) as a category 2. Does it state anywhere in the reg that the RCD should be in an insulated (plastic) enclosure. I've had a look but cant find...
  36. S

    R1 and R2 parallel earth

    hi guys and girls, any ideas on why when cunducting an R1 and R2 and also polarity when it was a closed circuit i had 1.87 ohms but when opened circuit 238ohms. this was on a lighting circuit pme system all correctly main bonded and zs complied. thanks
  37. U

    Lighting circuit with no cpc

    If on a EICR you were to come across lighting with no cpcs. Is this acceptable. Presumably if it's all plastic ad class II products and fittings then maybe it could be but I'm think really it will need cpcs to be run with it. Even at light switch withe tak backbones as in the event of a fault...
  38. S

    PPE For Service Fuse Pulling

    Hi All What PPE do you chaps wear when having to pull a service fuse for a CU change. Also has anyone pulled a fuse that has been damaged in any way leaving a dangerous situation? Thanks
  39. M

    Domestic PIR problem

    got to do a PIR on a domestic installation, had a quick look to give me an idea what i was letting myself in for.looked at lighting circuit dropped a ceiling rose down, two wires live and neutral no earth, metal switch faces metal light fittings. can't see anything in REGs. does it require a...
  40. E

    non contact voltage detector for £1.98

    reckon this will be any good for under £2? Voltage Detector Pen Non-Contact AC Volt Sensor Tester Alert Pen 90~1000V LED | eBay i already have several other types so not looking to buy another but i just noticed the price as i was looking for a new voltage and continuity tester on ebay. if they...
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