1. qwerty70

    UK Concerning EICR coding

    Out of interest, what are your opinions on coding what I call 'technical C2s'. We all know what the regs say, and going off that a C2 is a C2, simple.. but there are definitely times when that's a bit grey. For example... Exposed basic insulation is a straight C2 going by the letter of the...
  2. Sven666

    UK Inspection - Basic fault coding questions

    I have to re-sit 2391 photo coding assessment (having passed the rest), and have a couple of simple scenarios I was unsure about last time. (I know I will get different photos this time). I'm curious how everyone asses these: The task is to identify all faults (if any), likely outcome, and code...
  3. R

    Mains tails EICR coding

    Hello everyone, I'm wondering if someone could help me with some EICR coding. I am aware that bringing mains tails into a fire rated consumer unit through separate holes can lead to some issues. I encountered this exact issue today for the first time and i am unsure whether this is likely to...
  4. Chivers

    Opinions on Coding a Tubular Heater

    How would you personally Code a Tubular Heater that was fixed to a Wall Horizontally with Two brackets. The Heater being about a meter long but one bracket supporting it had the top half broken but supported by the Bottom section and the other bracket completely intact? Just opinions &...
  5. newfutile

    eicr coding (bathroom)

    How would you code a bathroom with all insulated fittings , no supplementary bonding and not supplied by rcd . The old BPG4 seemed to suggest its not required to report ,but it no longer states this in the latest BPG4
  6. W

    Coding for unfixed ccu

    Was doing an EICR and pulled out the oven to have a butchers to see if there was a connection unit or not. Hob and oven connected into same outlet, which is fine. It wasn’t fixed to the wall but, it was just sitting behind kick plate. Assuming this is due to the cable coming in surface and the...
  7. W

    EICR coding question

    Came across this on an EICR and was wondering how everyone else would code it. Basically there’s a sangamo time clock that controls a contactor which switches a 3 phase DB for storage heaters, strange set up in a flat. So you’ve basically got 6mm cables in this sangamo time clock that are...
  8. S

    Max Zs Coding Question 80/100%

    Hi new member here looking for a bit of advice. I recently undertook a condition report of a building where the measured Zs at the distribution boards (board Zs) were above 80% of the max Zs value of the MCCBs in the panel board supplying them. In some cases it’s also above the 100% value. I’m...
  9. D

    Swa earthing and coding

    Hi all, we have a much discussed topic. Swa and the earthing of the amounting through a fly lead. What your thoughts and how would you code an Swa cable, the amouring is the cpc and no fly lead been taken too the earth bar (the Swa been terminated into a metal container) So are saying code 3 as...
  10. B

    More EICR coding questions.

    My wife is on the committee of the local village, and they have just had an EICR carried out. This came out as 'unsatisfactory' and accompanied by a quote for remedials totalling well north of £9000, although this does include a fire alarm system (which, AFAIK, no one has suggested is...
  11. J

    Coding question

    I will try to explain this as best I can, Did and EICR this afternoon, multi story apartment block DB's in flats are effectively submains from switch room in basement, Fed with 3 core SWA, 2 cores supply peak side and the 3rd core supplies off peak side. Problem is, is that the neutral is shared...
  12. Pretty Mouth

    Another EICR coding question

    Yesterday's EICR. The cut out and meter are in a damp cellar, and are fixed to a chipboard board on the wall. The chipboard has slowly rotted over the years, you now can push a pencil through it in places. The rather rusty fixings have pulled through it, so the board and everything fixed to...
  13. HappyHippyDad

    EICR coding check?

    I have just completed an EICR. The lighting circuit has an earth leaving the CU, then some lights have 2 core going to them (L + N) and some twin and earth, no continuity of CPC even at the ones with an earth. There are some metal light fittings that require an earth and also metal screws in...
  14. M

    EICR inaccurate coding

    Another accidental landlord, quite possibly another dodgy EICR? I instructed an electrician (Essex area) to perform an EICR at the house I rent out. His report is 'unsatisfactory'. He has included a C2 rating for downlights in the bathroom. The reason given is the lights are not IP/fire rated...
  15. N

    EICR on TT, Coding for TP isolators and SP RCBOs

    Hello, I'm after some coding advice / opinions regarding EICR of warehouses / offices. In others opinion would this be agreeable (helplines closed at weekends..) The units are TT. Where there is 4 pole 300mA S main switch to DBs, but single pole RCBOs or MCBs are utilised within them, C3...
  16. Rockingit

    When does labelling have priority over colour coding??

    Discuss! This is a Daikin ASHP compressor, as delivered and prior to my install....
  17. Pretty Mouth

    Coding question - 8.5kw shower, B32

    How would you code this? A 8kw shower (so pulling ~37A) is protected by a B32 breaker. 6mm² cable rated at 47A, ref method C (Actually, that last bit isn't true. In fact it's currently ref 101 = 27A, but an easy fix to get it to ref C, so for the sake of the discussion, let's pretend it's...
  18. timhoward

    Coding questions

    Hi. This is a gloriously messy installation I looked at this morning at a house a friend just purchased. It t became quickly clear it was more economical to rewire than rectify. I will however be putting findings in writing and there are a couple of new situations for me. So here goes: My...
  19. S

    EICR Coding query

    Hi all, I have recently carried out an EICR on a big house and am struggling with coding on quite a big issue. The main tails & earth's are connected into Henley blocks, then looped into 2 separate consumer units right next to the service head/meter etc. Then there is a 3rd set of tails which go...
  20. W

    EICR coding for upside down accessories?

    Hi, I've gone in to a job as a 2nd opinion on a EICR done by a previous contractor. One of the issues was a C2 for an upside shower switch. It's a neon switch so although its not fitted right it's still obvious when it's on or off. I've got same issue on with an upside down socket outlet...


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