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  1. gazdkw82

    EICR coding (C1,C2,C3,N/A)

    Just doing some mock exams for the upcoming 2391 course. Confused on this question as I got it wrong. Q. If a lighting circuit installed in metal conduit in a shop supplied from a TNS system had no RCD provided for fault protection but achieved disconnection times what would the outcome be on...
  2. S

    EICR coding for transportable unit

    Hi all, I've recently carried out an EICR on a transportable unit and all circuit wiring has been installed in Twin & Earth. According to regs only flexible cabling should be used due to frequent movement, vibrations etc. I myself wouldn't deem this as needing urgent action and think it would...
  3. M

    Blanks missing from CU in 2 senarios

    If there is blanks missing from a CU what code would this be. Scenario 1 .. 6 blanks missing from a CU in a corridor cupboard Scenario 2 8 blanks missing from a locked corridor cupboard Looking at 3 diffrent reports they have same faults but have been coded differently.
  4. I

    Burnt out ballast EICR Coding

    Scenario: Visibly burnt out, entirely blackened, ballast in a fluorescent fitting. Would this be noteworthy during an EICR and if so, how would it be coded? My thinking is that its an obvious fire risk. Still an apprentice with millions to learn, any input would be appreciated.
  5. tank

    ZS Fail RCBO Coding Question

    Hi all, i'm doing an eicr on a school and am live testing ZS for ring final circuits. The supply is TNCS. i have two results and three questions if i may. i'm getting c32 rcbo ZS 0.64 ohms. ( Max ZS allowed 0.55 ohms ) Should this be coded a C3 because although ZS fail, the rcd will catch...
  6. J

    EICR Codebreakers: A Guide to Coding Observations for Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Has anyone bought a copy of this NAPIT publication? If so, what are you thoughts?
  7. Ian1981

    Coding of non bs7671 cables

    As title suggests, how many people carrying out EICR code the use of non compliant cables or at least cables not included in bs7671 for fixed wiring such as SY, YY cables. I see more and more of this type of cabling used for the fixed wiring to anything as a supply to a socket outlet, to a...
  8. D

    Coding advice on EICR please

    Looking for some advice as im fairly new to EICR reporting, although have passed 2394/95 and have carried out a couple of straight forward reports. Firstly, on a EICR I have carried out for a family member I have found an old MEM memera 2000 metal clad consumer unit, over 8 years old. I was...
  9. D

    Spur Flex Outlet cap missing coding

    What would the code be on a spur flex outlet, that has the cap missing for where the flex should be? Looks like flex outlet for appliance isn't required and been removed, there fore cap has gone missing. Picking up reports with it down as C2 and C3. Any thoughts?
  10. Andy78

    EICR coding................

    I've been and done an inspection on a rented property today. Normally I am pretty sure of myself with codes but caught myself second guessing today so thought it might help freshen my head up to run a couple of points by the forum for opinion. First one is a spur from a 2.5mm 32A ring final...
  11. happyhippydad

    Some help with coding please for an EICR?

    Evening.. I have just carried out an EICR and I am a little unsure on which code to issue for the following 4 things: 1. The cover has been cut on the fuse box to make way for the plug in mcb's (see picture). I see this all the time. A consumer unit is perhaps the single most important...
  12. Murdoch

    The thorny subject of coding...

    I was sent an EICR to comment on.... When I saw the report : 1. CU not AMD 3 compliant - C3 2. Circuits are not identified at consumer unit - C2 (yet the report lists what they are) 3. Cables buried in walls are not RCD protected - C2 4. Lighting circuit serving bathroom is not RCD protected...
  13. H

    EICR Coding - Armour not glanded

    Doing EICR on a HMO, DB feeds a Consumer Unit in each room. The feeds to each consumer unit seem to be SWA however the armour is not visible/accessible at either the consumer unit or the DB - it seems to have been cut out behind the DB which is inaccessible. The cable is buried in the walls and...
  14. P

    EICR coding non Amend3 CU over front door

    Obviously at least a C3, but is it a C2? Front door opens into tiny hallway, not much more than 1m square with the stairs going straight up virtually in line with front door, approx. 300mm offset to right. Above you as you enter is a 16th edition insulated CU, tight against the ceiling and...
  15. G

    TT coding advice for a hotel

    3ph TT supply into hotel. 300ma time delay rcd protecting a square d qox board. No 30ma RCD protection to any circuits including electric showers. Their is signs of supp bonding in some bathrooms. Thoughts on codes for circuits. Normally pme I would of said c3 for sockets not 30ma RCD...
  16. L

    EICR 3036 board - coding - meter tails

    How would you code the following? No RCD protection. I coded c2 Not amendment 3 compliant. I coded C3 Meter tails 16mm. I coded C3 Tested the installation and the test results were all compliant with BS7671.
  17. H

    Useful Guides

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section - tried to find a download place but couldn't (and may have already been posted). Was looking for guidance on coding for reports and stumbled on this link with some useful guides: Best Practice Guides | Electrical Safety First Like I say, people probably...
  18. J

    Pir - bs 3871

    Ive just done a pir today and when filling forms out workmate says 'are you not coding no rcd as code 2, i replied no its a code 4, then well what about the mcb's thats code 4 surely, hummm so i said how come well my last boss said that was the case. This has now got me thinking so id thought...
  19. N

    PIR reporting

    I really need to get this straight in my mind, having not done any PIRs for a long time (since the 16th edition) what is the scenario? If I am asked to carry out a PIR on a perfectly installed 16th edition installation with no issues prior to July 2008 are all changes that occurred due to the...
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