1. C

    18th edition virtual college

    Has anyone used virtual college to do the 18th edition course? I have completed the course on their website and am trying to now book my test but all they have done is put me into contact with the NICEIC.
  2. H

    Help with apprentice wages

    Hello, I am an apprentice electrician and I study at college in the evenings which I pay for myself. My employer pays me an apprenticeship wage which is awful and I feel like I may be getting mugged off abit. The employ doesn’t help me with anything at all? Is everything they’re doing legit...
  3. Marc Lajevardi

    Trainee About 3 years ago I finished college doing my level 3 NVQ electrical...

    I didn't fail any exams or anything but when I've looked over my certs I can't see my 17th edition. Does anyone know if I would have got this in with the 2 years I done at college or is it seperate? I've tried calling the college numerous times but it just keeps ringing out. If anyone can give...
  4. J

    Hi from Iver, Bucks..

    Hi, I'm an Engineering Technician working mainly as an LX on marina and related installations, and on commercial vessels. A lot of this is regular inspection and test work, and I am also involved with remote monitoring of equipment. Its an interesting time for LX guys if you can keep up to...
  5. L

    Need some advice ladies and gents.

    Morning, today's enrollment day at my local college. Should I enroll again or should I just work for free for next year or so? HINT HINT, PM ME. I've done 2330 lvl 2+3, 17 edition 4 years ago. Alot of which I have forgotten. Still have knowledge on testing circuits etc but lack cable calc etc...
  6. G

    Diploma in Electrical Installations (2365)

    Hi, I'm thinking about starting a two year course at my local college, the course is Diploma in Electrical Installations 2365 (levels two and three) My question is what else would I need to be a qualified electrician? I see so many courses available and I don't want to spend two years doing...
  7. AndyHewson

    Recent 2365 full time college qualified, how to get NVQ now?

    Hello all, My first post on here. I have just completed my level 3 2365 course at my local college. Now as it was a full time course and not an apprenticeship I understand that I now need to do the on-site experience and complete a portfolio of evidence showing my work to gain the NVQ and...
  8. J

    I failed to complete my NVQ..

    I shall cut a long story short, I started my apprenticeship to gain my NVQ level 3 just over 3 years ago when 20 and a year into it I had to deal with a few issues in my life including a couple of bereavements in the family and other personal issues which ended up causing me to lose complete...
  9. A

    Hello Everyone.... Help if possible?

    Hello everyone I am completely new to this forum and to the trade in general. I’m 29 and currently looking at changing my career of which I plan to start college later this year to eventually become a qualified electrician. In the interim I’m looking for experience of which I’m willing to...
  10. H

    Looking for some experience in london

    I'm currently studying my C&G 2365 and 17th edition in college and I'm in need of experience, this doesn't have to he permanent. All help is appreciated thanks for reading!
  11. K

    College leaver, any advice?

    Hi, I've recently finished college receiving my level 3 diploma in electrical installation I understand that my best possible option is to find an apprenticeship within the electrical industry. But, if anyone is familiar with what this diploma can do for me please could I get some advice? I'm...
  12. bozy09

    17 yr old Looking for best college to do lvl 2 electrical installations

    Hello, I'm 17 years old and I recently left sixth form to persue my dream career as an electrician but I have one single problem- I have no idea which college I should go to. I have looked at 3 colleges; college of north west london, City of Westminster College, Barnet Southgate college...
  13. Craigrathie

    Help to start... college/apprenticeships

    Hi folks New to the forum world so apologies if I've done this wrong. I'm looking for some advice from some experienced tradesman! I'm looking for a change of career and hope to eventually become a qualified electrician. I'm currently 30yrs old and I'm a tree surgeon (bored of it) and was...
  14. Dave OCD

    What my lad made today at college.

    A cable stand, from 20mm galv conduit. He was well chuffed and couldn't wait to show me when I got home. I think he did well, still only 17. :)
  15. Gaz92552

    College around Essex/East London to complete AM2

    Could anyone point me in the direction/recommend somewhere I could complete my AM2? Ive had a look on google, but appreciate recommendations. Thanks
  16. S

    Teaching opportunity *gulp*

    Hey all Been a while and then some since being on here so hoping everyone is well. Not sure if this is the correct location to post but here goes. Ok, a massive opportunity has come my way to provide some temp cover teaching to various groups of learners in a FE environment. I am wondering if...
  17. D

    Electrical level 3 courses

    Hello there I'm currently doing my level 2 electrical 2 nights a week at college I was wondering if anyone's ever done the level 3 but with the home schooling. I like the idea of doing it at home because of the flexibility I.e I can work later and I don't have to always rush back to get back...
  18. D

    Installing sockets for a friend

    Hi I'm very new to electrical work I'm doing my level 2 electrical installation at college and my friend that's just got a new unit has asked if I could put some sockets in for him. I was wondering if this is as simple as I would do at college I.e. Ive done it all on the mdf boards etc at...
  19. C

    City and guilds course or jtl apprenticeship? Which one would be more suited for career

    Hi everyone, My name is Chris and I'm new to this site and the electrical world. I'm 26 and have started college (a bit late to the party) but after a lot of ups and downs with career paths I believe I'm making the right decision moving to being an electrician. I'm doing L1 city and guilds...
  20. B

    Insulation test on shower with neon switch

    Doing an insulation resistance test on a shower, can someone explain how to bypass the neon in the isolator? Do most people chock block bypassing neon or another way? Also for a lighting circuit with flurocents? Thanks