1. C

    LED Swapping colours when switched on/off

    Hi Good morning, i have just replaced 2 old dowlighters with LED ones, however, one is bright white and one is soft white(like a glow), the other problem is they swap over when switched on/off at the switch? any help greatly appreciated.
  2. J

    Wiring colours in uk

    I am Uk based: I have brown, blue and black wire on the extractor fan. From the power source I have brown, grey and black wires... please how I connect them to the extractor. All help be great.. thank you
  3. S

    what do these 380v wiring colours mean, I want to use with a 220v vfd. it may have had speed control

    Hello, I am a woodworker who has got a large old power feed, its 380v and i want someone to rewire to a 220v vfd for me, can someone please tell me what these old colour codes mean. I bought the machine in Scotland.I can't find any easy diagrams online.I think its a good few years old.Thank you...
  4. D

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  5. G

    Old Cable colours

    Hi all Any regs that allow use of old colour cable ie-- red and black if sleeved with new colours (brown blue) Just found full drum of 10mm in back of my garage and be great if can use it and sleeve to new colours
  6. M

    Domestic Armoured Cable Colours Question

    I need to run an SWA cable to get power to a cabin. I have a 4mm 3 core cable, cores are brown, black and grey. Is that OK, live brown, neutral black and earth grey with green/yellow sleeve over. Thanks Mick
  7. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Tri Rated Cable (Vaious Sizes & Colours)

    Hi all, I've got a load of old stock on tri-rated cable to shift: 0.5mm £7 per drum 300m x 0.5mm White 500m x 0.5mm Violet 100m x 0.5mm Yellow 0.75mm £9 per drum 100m x 0.75mm Red 1mm £10 per drum 200m x 1mm White 1.5mm £14 per drum 1000m x 1.5mm Violet 400m x 1.5mm White 200m x 1.5mm...
  8. Smanna

    Strange wire colours

    i want to attach a new light to the ceiling but the wires are old. There is a red wire, a brown wire and what seems like a black one. I dared not get them mixed up as I don't want to blow anything up. Can anyone advise on how to proceed and figure out which wire is which? Thanks
  9. C

    Wiring Colours...................................................................................

    Morning, Is there a list of wiring colours in the 18th edition? I need to know 24v DC, it used to be blue (not light) but could do with checking all colours. Thanks.
  10. S

    Bootlace ferrules French or German colours

    Hi Folks TLC have bootlace ferrules in French or German colours. Is it legit to use these in the UK? If so, is either preferable and why? And why have these not been harmonized?
  11. T

    When old phase colours are used in socket circuits...

    Just finished work (10 pm) was wiring in a socket or two. As it was late had to keep me marbles about me! Strange feeling connecting blue into live.
  12. K

    Wiring a Cooker hood...wiring colours no idea?

    Hello guys, i am new to the forum. I am installing a cooker hood fan which is an Elica Aqua manufactured before 2006 probably even before. So i have stripped the old fan as it was blown up and upon installing the new fan the wires are all different colours. The existing wiring coming out of the...
  13. driverman

    American 3 phase Identification

    Hi guys, anyone of you guys know the American 3 Phase Identification? Terminals on Generator are marked UVW. Any info? Thanks
  14. E

    LED RGB Strip

    Hi A customer has asked for a RGB LED strip that can change between 3 different colours (light green - light blue - lilac) anyone out they used something like this before? Its to light a window signage box. Thanks
  15. P

    switch wire I D

    hi guys, just having a debate over switch wires not being marked up, one guy says its a code 3 one says if you don't understand what the cable does and where it goes you should not be in the fitting in the first place. care to comment guys
  16. R

    Great book

    Just taken delivery of Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations by Christopher Kitcher and must say its a superb book.
  17. N

    Two Way Switch Sleeving

    I have loosened off two, two way light switches to wall paper and noticed that on both only the Black switched live had a piece of insulating tape wrapped around which had partly come off, the Blue and Yellow have no tape attached, is it ok to just replace the tape on the Black switched live or...
  18. J

    telephone wiring help

    I have a joined extention cable running around the house for Sky. The connection has come apart. Can anyone tell me which wires to join to which please. 4 wire cable from main box Red Yellow Green Black 2 wire going to Sky Box Yellow(ish) Blue Any help would be appreciated as I have tried...
  19. keniff

    Work trousers

    I found some new colours! Quite like the red ones!!
  20. M

    Domestic CU Replacement - extending circuit tails

    Hi all, I have a new 17th edition spec CU to install, replacing a BS3036 fused box. As there is no floor up or re-wiring allowed (unless there is a horror story from the PIR (being performed first), I may have to use the existing circuit conductors. My question is on the extension of these...
  21. M

    minor works test cert or not?

    hi i was at a property and had to change the leg of the ring between two points in the kitchen due to high resistance. i also changed the socket i know this would be maintainence but i always issue a minor works cert anyway to show that it complies. would this be a minor works cert or an...
  22. R

    Megger MFT test lead colour

    I have just acquired a new MFT 1720 as my master meter. Why are the probe/croc leads coloured RED,BLACK and Green.Why not BROWN,BLUE and Green. The outlets on the meter are Red,geen(black) and blue. On the fitted plug mains leads they are Red,green and blue ! What's the logic red and black...
  23. telectrix

    a poser for trainees/ apprentices

    OK, just a little lighting fault for the learners among us to ponder on. standard 2 way switching, 1 light. 3 core from sw1 to sw2, and switch wire from light in L1 and L2 of sw1. job was to fit intermediate switch for customer's convenience. removed 3 core from sw1 and diverted to...
  24. A

    megger 1552 crocodile clips

    as title im after some crocodile clips for a megger mft1552. the leads are the newer style 1's where the probe goes into the clip, that im after.
  25. S

    Shower lash up

    I was called into a property where I was told that the shower fuse had blown. On investigation it turned out that a 9.8 KW shower was connected with 10mm T+E but only as far as the nearest fused spur on the upstairs ring main. They'd used a 45A cooker switch to terminate the 10mm then switched...
  26. M

    lighting circuit

    Hey everyone I would like to ask for some advice. I am putting in a new lighting circuit into a dining room extension, which the client wants to be 2 way. There is an exsisting light in the dining room which is currently one way, but they also want this to be 2 way. The switch line for the...
  27. T

    Smoke Alarms

    Hi everyone Been asked to quote a partial rewire and I'll include smoke alarm / heat rise, its for a 2 bedroom bungalow. I'm thinking of installing heat alarm in the kitchen and smoke alarm in the hall. Could anybody tell me if thats sufficient. Any advice welcome Many Thanks T&E
  28. H

    Code 4 on PIR for old cable colours?

    Hi, just about to do my 2391 test and suddenly had a panic about a trick question/observation on the PIR test rig. All cables are in old colours (red & black for single phase, red,yellow,blue for tp). There is no notification of "colours to two editions of BS7671" as there are no new colours. Is...
  29. M

    Colour Y Plan Diagram

    All the wiring diagrams for heating systems I've noticed aren't in colour so I thought I'd have a go at doing my own. Go easy, its not perfect but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Its really for a new install as its all new colours and ive deleted the CPC's for clarity. Do you guys agree...
  30. L

    3 phase sleeving?

    Right, if i'm supplying a three phase motor in swa, obviously taking brown/black/grey to their respective colours at the mcb, do I have to sleeve all of them brown to indicate live conductors or are the fact that they are phase colours sufficient? Not sure whether to sleeve them at the motor or...
  31. A

    Another fun day in the trade

    Have just been to a job to move a few lights, sockets and install a feed for a new hob. Its in an extension thats 4 years old so new colours. Im not perfect but the electrician that did it didnt bother with grommets, or with cable zones they go everywhere, mixed cable colours (its obvious he ran...
  32. R

    AM2 help

    I have AM2 resit tomo. Failed the bloody fault rectification.Any tips would be appreciated. i have an example job card and the circuit identification says RYB3. Obviously its 3 phase. I reckonise cicuits to b identified by 1L1 1L2 1L3 2L1 2L2 2L3 Can any1 help me with this RYB3. Red...
  33. E

    Old conductor colours in new installation

    I'm starting a refurb of a large factory unit, splitting it into several smaller units. the main pannel is being upgraded and there will be new supplies to each new unit with a new DB in each. basicaly its a brand new elec installtion in an old building. The client has asked for the existing...
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