1. W

    Non combustible switchgear

    hey guys, I had a quick search but couldn’t find any posts about this. I recently done an inspection on a domestic property and found the electrical meter was outside in a service cabinet and the fuseboard was inside more than 5m away. I recommended installed a fused disconnector at the meter to...
  2. charlie76

    Consumer Unit on Stairwell in HMO

    Evening all. I am quoting some alteration work in an HMO where they are adding 2 bathrooms and a bedroom. The main board is down in the cellar and there is a sub board on the 1st floor landing in the stair core. Its a 'Steeple' board I believe a Denmans branded board. It is in a bad way, front...
  3. mattg4321

    'Amd 3" apply to switch fuse in meter cabinet

    As above, what is the consensus here. If a switch fuse is fitted in an external meter cupboard, does this count as a similar assembly and have to be non combustible? I've had to do a couple recently and have used the Wylex A3 unit, which is a really nice bit of kit, but its a bit of a beast...
  4. M

    Trunking from CU (with fire-proof glands), does it need to be non-combustible?

    For cables coming out of a CU and running where someone getting tools on and off a shelf next to the CU may knock against the cable if careless. I'm intending to give them some basic protection by putting trunking over them. The cables coming out the side of the CU go through non-combustible...
  5. P

    Is it good practice MCB then RCD ?

    Hello, would appreciate your advice. Old Federal Electrics D/B, Rederal Eletrics went under, meaning no suitable RCBO's, Would it be acceptable to use MCB's that are there and install an RCD after MCB ? Many thanks for your time !
  6. N

    Domestic cu change

    Hi Guys I'm sure this has been brought up before but I'm unable to find the answer I need. I was to believe ammendmant 3 regarding metal consumer units kicks in on the 1st of July, I have a board change lined up in July and someone told me today that they have extended this date until December...
  7. C

    non combustable board

    had my mcs inspection last wk and was pulled on mounting sunny boy inverter on mdf. was told it had to be non combustable material, can anyone recommend what to use and where to get it from.
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