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  1. H

    Fire alarm installer not providing full commissioning documentation

    Our management company comprising five flats, of which I am the Secretary, had an electrician install a fire alarm system last October to satisfy the local authority. It was a wireless system and comprised various smoke detectors, sounders, break glass units etc. He was paid in full. Our...
  2. S

    Do i need use TWINFLEX®pro OSP software for Installation and Commissioning?

    hello all I am going to change the old TWINFLEX®pro to the new one. the system is 2 zone and I am not sure if I need to use TWINFLEX®pro OSP software for Installation and Commissioning. please help me regards saj
  3. T

    Electrical Commissioning

    Hi all, is there any courses that would help get into the commissioning side of electrical and instrumentation systems ? I have worked on offshore and onshore plants and would like to get into commissioning side rather than doing construction all the time. I have been told to do test and...
  4. V

    Grade a ld1 commissioning certificates

    Hi all I'm after some advice regarding a fire alarm system we have recently fitted. The system is in a 4 storey building containing 7 flats from a single communal stair way. Each flat has an internal system with domestic type smokes and heats in every room apart from bathrooms .. plus an...
  5. S

    MCS Commissioning date - amended?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if they have ever applied to MCS to have a commissioning date amended? I need to alter the date of a Certificate for a system commissioned earlier in the year and it just needs changed by a few days. Has anyone done this before? Is it straightforward? What "excuse" did...
  6. A

    Commissioning engineer

    Hi good afternoon just looking for a little bit of advice. I'm currently Doing the hnc in electrical engineering and I'm looking at eventually gaining experience in the field of electrical commissioning engineer. After looking online the main thing you need is experience but is there any further...
  7. Jay Sparks

    Testing you install???

    Hi Guys & Gals, Its been a long time since I've posted a new thread but I heard something the other day and just felt I needed to ask this question. For those of you that work on heavy commercial and/or industrial, either as a maintenance spark or sub contractor, do you inspect, test and...
  8. A

    BMS engineering/commissioning

    Hi all! I have been working in the BMS industry since I started and been talking to a few people on site, and was just wondering what views people had about an engineering/commissioning role, I have heard there is a lack of engineers recently and they earn good money. Is the pay as good as they...
  9. S

    DD263:2010 commissioning of alarm systems

    Hello.. What tests are needed to be carried out on a alarm system, for it to meet the standard of DD263:2010 and how are the tests done and what measurements should you be looking for does anybody know? Thanks.
  10. F

    Recommend where to buy a G59 Relay

    I have a 100KW installation coming up next month. The DNO require an additional G59 relay to be installed, although the inverters are G59 already. I was just wondering if anyone recommends a good place to buy one. I have 5 Mastervolt CS20TL inverters that will be installed. Is it just the...
  11. L

    G83 paperwork??

    Hi Hope you can help with my understanding of the G83 paperwok. Just doing my 1st notifications, all systems 3kW or so. Have G83/1 appendix 3 forms all seem strait forward apart from couple points, where do I get the Max peak Short Circuit for SMA SB inverters? and SSEG Test Report, do you just...
  12. A

    Newbie question- how to notify a DNO

    Hi all. I just passed my accreditation with the NICEIC as PV installer, so this is to introduce myself and to seek all your wisdom on something I can't fathom. Apologies to all if this is covered on previous posts, but I couldn't find it. Having done my own (small 6 panel ) PV system as my...
  13. P

    dno timescales and process

    What are peoples experience of DNO timescales in their areas? If you are connecting a PV system under G59 regs, the DNO is required to witness test the system. What is the timescale for DNO's to come and do this, assuming that no reinforcement is required on the grid. I would just like to also...
  14. V

    airflow meters for extracor fans..building inspectors

    hi all has anyone had there building inspector ask them to supply a cert for air flow from there ex fans. he tells me that its been a requirement since oct 2010.. any veiws on this? ta vitoboy
  15. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Part P notification

    Can any Elecsa registered help with this ? I'm doing my first set of notifications on-line. Very simple of course but two of the questions are; 1. Was commissioning required yes/no 2. Was Commissioning carried out yes/no. What do they mean of this? I understand commissioning within...
  16. B

    mcs minimum light level

    hi , first post is there a minimum light level, watts per meter that MCS require for commissioning the pv system, i have been told that a reading of over 200 watts per meter is necessary for acceptance for commissioning paperwork...
  17. R

    Help! On how too become a commissioning engineer

    I am a fully qualified electrican with C&G 2360 1&2 17th edition and 2391, and was recently looking into doing an HNC in electrical engineering and posssibly training as a commissioning engineer. I was wondering if anyone could help with how too get into commissioning, i.e. companies that do...
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