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  1. Baddegg

    Finally some common sense from a fan manufacturer?

    Seen a few threads on here over the years so this might come in handy for someone.....wiring instructions state no need for local fuse if fed from 6a lighting circuit, Silent Extractor Fan | Greenwood Airvac SR100 -
  2. G

    Under ground service to weather head or service head.

    What is common practice when hooking Armoured cable to a weather head. Do I need a aluminum weather head or is a threaded PVC one ok? Do I use a weather head with threads so my teck connector can screw straight I need ground bushings at both ends? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks,
  3. haptism

    Asbestos in loft, is it common

    Anyone know if that ancient green coloured itchy scratchy loft insulation that is rolled out (similarish to the modern yellow coloured rockwall), ever contain asbestos ? I know that loosefill is a particularly nasty form of asbestos, but in relation to the old green rolled out stuff in lofts...
  4. G

    Understanding the common wire

    Hi, I’ve asked this question to people I work with but have different answers, so thought I’d try here. What is a common wire and what does it do? Thanks.
  5. NDG Elecs

    Free PME upgrades. A common practice now??

    Enquired with NEDL about two possible TT upgrades to PME. I found the screenshot below on their website. It used to cost around 160 quid for the intake to be changed but now it's apparently free. Are other DNOs doing this? Has there been some legislative change?
  6. W

    Two single gang sockets mounted on the same back box. Is this common practice and why?

    Hi there I'm new to the forum, Just wondering if someone could please take a look at the pic attached (hopefully) and tell me in what circumstances it is best practice to wire two 1-gang sockets side by side like this with a set of T&E going to each. I'm not an electrician but was in the...
  7. R

    Smoke alarm in common area of flats?

    Hi, I have a common area above a shop which is a small hallway leading to 2 flats. Each flat has 3 smoke alarms, one behind their front door, kitchen, hallway, these are hard wired back to their consumer unit. The common area has 2 emergency lights installed but i have seen nothing on the...
  8. charlie76

    Common story can someone sign off my extension for me

    I have just been messaged on facebook by someone who has had an extension and for one reason or another the spark (probably the builder) has gone AWOL and they cant get the EIC or part p notification. I am advising them that the best they would get now is an EICR unless they can get the original...
  9. I2C

    AVI (Approved Voltage Indicator) - Common Misconceptions

    Hi Guys! I've worked with a few qualified-electricians recently and I'm shocked with the large-scale misconceptions regarding the proper safe-isolation procedure, particularly concerning the function of an AVI (Approved Voltage Indicator). During the last few weeks I've met several domestic...
  10. H

    Common live wire for three circuits

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me with a lighting circuit challenge. I have an existing two gang switch, with one 2C&E cable for a simple circuit and one 3C&E for a two-way circuit (using conventional 3 control wiring). It's an older property but pretty conventional loop-in loop-out radial...
  11. polo1

    How common is this...

    Not come across this form of supplier's connection before-
  12. J

    What are an engineer's most common concerns when selecting instrumentation?

    Hi everyone, I'm Jacob Cheng from China, working in an electronic instrument manufacturer, and this is not a promotion content, I'm here asking for help. As a freshman of marketing promotion in the electronic instrument, I have no idea about what topic will engineers interested in. So, I'm here...
  13. Edtwozeronine

    Correct symbols for physics notation

    Our tutor wants us to use what looks like a Beta symbol for Tesla's, but in our official notes from city and guilds they want us to use a capital B. Another thing that I'm having trouble with is the proportional to symbol. What does it mean mathematically speaking? Is there a button for...
  14. D

    2 gang 2 way, 1 each end of the room, odd behaviour

    I have a bit of an odd situation. At one end of my living room there's a 2 gang switch and a light, at the other end of the living room there's a 3 gang switch and a light. Both switches control both, far end one also controls the light at the top of the stairs.. The light down the far end of...
  15. R

    Connecting nest thermostat to valiant eco tec pro 28

    Afternoon all, Just wanted some clarification about connecting nest to a valiant eco tec pro 28 boiler. They way I have read the installation manual is that you take a l/n 230v to l/n on heatlink . Then terminals 2 and 3 which are the common and call for heat are wired to the rt230v . The link...
  16. S

    Domestic Has wire marking changed - or what do you use.

    When I was an apprentice sparky back in the 1970's and we were rewiring houses or first fixing new houses/flats, I was taught a marking method for T&E that seemed to be common but undocumented throughout the industry. I'm talking specifically about lighting circuits and the loop-in system. At...
  17. S

    3 way lighting circuit question

    I'm trying to sort out some 3 way lighting in a newish build property. The intermediate switch was broken which I replaced. The lights didn't work properly. I noticed the common cable was linked to the neutrals in the box so I endeavoured to rewire everything as someone had obviously had a go...
  18. B

    mains linked smoke detectors within flat entrances

    I have been asked to install mains interconnected smoke detectors in the entrance lobby of flats that are linked together with the common ways detectors. the common way detectors are already installed using the existing lighting circuit. Is it okay to use the supply from the detectors in the...
  19. J

    Wiring thermostat

    Would the wiring on this Sunvic cylinder thermostat Sunvic SA2452 Cylinder Thermostat 3KB Pic 1 be the same as this Sunvic 4KB Pic 2
  20. amlu

    help needed - hive thermostat + vailant boiler connection

    Hello, boilers and thermostats are not my strong point. Can do following the manual, but unfortunately Hive model is not mentioned in the boiler manual... Been doing new electrics for a kitchen refurb, customer brought this new thing and I got a bit stuck on it. Got some pictures from both...
  21. D

    Domestic Light switch change advice

    Hi, I'm currently updating some light switches, I all one gang switches, two of which are two way, and the third is a one way switch. i have purchased some one gang intermediate switches, am I ok using these? As they are different to the switches I have at present..... The ones I have now have...
  22. A

    lighting circuits- Type B or Type C MCB

    What do you guys tend to use Type B MCB for lighting circuits but know that some use Type C even when the loadings are low. What do others prefer and why?
  23. S

    House extension so need to remove and replace FIT installation

    What is the deal with temporarily moving an array to complete building works? No doubt it will be a complete nightmare but hopefully some good experience here? Do they notify or keep quiet?
  24. R

    Control 4 and relays

    Hi Maybe it's an easy task but I could do with some help. I want to link 2 outside lights integrating into a control 4 door station (intercom) so when someone presses the intercom the lights will come on. On the intercom there is a n/c, n/o and a common terminals which I have a cat 5 running to...
  25. W

    two way light switching

    my son has just moved into a new house and has asked me to have a look at a problem with his lounge lights. his lounge has a switch on one side of the room (call it main switch) and on the other side is a double switch. one switch is the downstairs switch for the landing light which works fine...
  26. E

    2way switching and intermediate conundrum

    Good evening all im in a bit of a pickle. I've wired 2way switching that controls 4 sets of lights from 4 different points. Basically 4g switch on each floor. ive some how really confused myself. I'm having to change some of the modules as intermediate works out in different location for one...
  27. M

    Parallel cables

    Help with calculation please. If separate cable measure : 10Ω, 5Ω, 5Ω, 4Ω and 2Ω what would it be in parallel? I get this so far 1 1 1 1 1 1 = What happens next? 10 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 2
  28. N

    Two Way Switch

    Is there a correct way to wire a two way light switch, I have one where the two sets of cables are wired Red - Common L1 Black (switched live and Yellow. L2 Red and Blue, another is Red Common, L1 Red and Yellow, L2 Black switched live and Blue.
  29. gutterball

    spot the fault

    went to change a light fitting on found no earth to lights, client said last spark to look at fault on lighting circuit couldn't find the problem so left cpc out of board. took me about 15min's to find it.
  30. N

    Two gang two way wiring not working properly

    I am testing a property that has the following problem - There are three switches, one two gang two way at the bottom of the stairs (call it hall) - controlling hall with one, landing other One two gang two way at the top of the stairs (landing), controlling hall with one landing with the...
  31. G

    help with 303 question city and guilds

    State TWO faults which may be found for EACH of the following.a) Luminaries b) Flexible cable/cords c) Wiring Can any one help me with this one?
  32. A

    Commercial Eicr on a pub

    Dont you just love it, all the punters must think they are a dab hand at electrics, and the must all be willing to do it for a few pints. First switch i drop the cover off and i find this, its like a rats nest, Anyone else do many eicr's on pubs? And do you come across thing like this quite...
  33. D

    hand dryer distance from sink

    good afternoon, does anyone know if there is a minimum distance required between a hand dryer and the sink ? thanks in advance
  34. S

    Ring Fuse with 3 Wires

    Hi again, Old wylex 3036 fuse board, ring 30A fuse has three wires running from it, 3 neutrals together and three earths, has anyone got any experience of this situation and what did they find was the cause, could be a ring and a spur, or all three are connected to the ring somewhere, just...
  35. M

    downlight switching??

    hi peeps, im installing 12 downlights in a kitchen, im ok with the wiring of the down lights, but im having trouble working out how to wire from the downlight to the switch!! im running 2circuits, do i need 3core+cpc or 4core please help somone!!
  36. D

    Emergency key switch wiring

    Hi Guys, Can you help ? I just wanted to know how you wire a key switch and normal switch together. Is this how it should be :- Feed from board to common on key switch power to emergency lights comes off the load side of key switch loop feed comes off the common side of key switch to common...
  37. S

    diversity on lighting circuit?

    Hi guys, was wondering if its acceptable to allow diversity to a lighting circuit. Customer has about 8 lights on the downstairs lighting circuit, but wants 12 spots putting into the kitchen. Now using the 100w per lighting point takes total current to 8.5A with all lights on at 100w. Now all...
  38. happyhippydad

    I can not work this neon light out and it's doing my head in!!

    Hello all, I have spent hours looking at this 2 gang, 1 way switch and I can not for the life of me figure out how to get the neon light to come on with BOTH switches! One conductor from the neon has to go into the neutral terminal, the other into L1 on one of the switches, which means the neon...
  39. D

    3 Common terminals within a Fan Isolator switch

    Hi Guys I wonder if you can advise on a fan isolator I am installing.... On the reverse of the fan isolator I have the following markings: Top L1 (common) L2 N (common) Bottom L1 L2 (common) N Originallly I was going to...
  40. S

    Kitchen Installations

    Keep coming across same problem and every spark has different answer.Sockets and switches should be a minnium of 300mm from edge of sink or cooker what do you do when no wall space ,anyone know the CORRECT answer ?
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