1. PCBWay

    The success of the PCBWay community

    If you search the internet for PCB manufacturing, you will find many companies, houses, and fabs that offer cheap PCB manufacturing and prototyping services. Probably most of them provide quality and affordable services worldwide. However, PCBWay is one company that is always on top of the list...
  2. G

    Surge on community center with flat

    Hi all, got a community center job and the want surge protection, 3ohase in phase for community center and phase for the flat upstairs, question is, do fit surge at the incomming covering both installs or fotfor community center and inenfornflne for the flat ?
  3. L

    Electrician Jobs Charity looking for some electrical work in London for Community Space

    Hello, we are a small charity currently working on opening a community arts space near the Monument in the City of London. We have a really tiny budget and need some basic electrical work done in the space. Are there any electricians looking for experience or organisations who offer a pro bono/...
  4. Mark clarke

    Hello Everyone- Greetings to the community

    Hey folks! I'm here to explore knowledge on DIY jobs in home related to electric appliances. Thanks!
  5. N

    Happy to join this community

    Very grateful to be here. hope I'll be learning many thing of my career ( Electricity ) and share with you what i can. Thank you
  6. M

    Wanted to say hello to the community and a little about myself...

    As the title says, wanted to say hello to everyone :) I'm a mature student at college I completed C&G 2365 level 2 and started back last week studying for my level 3. Managed to get my cscs card as well. I've applied for the trainee forum access so hopefully see some of you in there :)...
  7. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Rewire from hell

    Nearly finished it, Thank God!! Lady owner, Occupied, junk in every possible place, 26 cats (cat litters & food everywhere), cement board in half of the house, plywood boards in the attic, all brick, micro-bore heating pipes everywhere, neigbours moaning about the noise & to top it off a BS951...
  8. O

    How To Connect Two Distribution Transformers Together To Supply Electricity To A Community

    Pls how can two distribution transformers be connected to supply power to a community. I need the information so urgent. Thanks
  9. O

    How To Link Two Transformers To Feed A Community

    How can a 300KVA 11/0.415kv distribution transformer and a 300KVA 33/0/415KV distribution transformers be linked together to supply electricity to a town?
  10. W

    Community Defibrillator

    Hi - Anyone installed one of these Been asked to install one on a private homes external wall & connect to house wiring - 13A plug connection I am told Concerns - isolation - if no access to property - supply - security off - no good if flat battery Thanks in advance
  11. B

    Hi, new to site hopefully I can add some value and LED expertise to the community

    Hello everyone my name is Ben, I'm one of the directors at www . ledstop, we specialise in professional LED lighting. I don't profess to know everything but I have a good few years of LED lighting knowledge under my belt, I hope I can help a few people out on the site whilst learning something...
  12. L

    PIR on local library

    A bit of legal assistance required. A local community group has recently purchased the library on our estate after the council closed it down. Before they re-open it, they need to carry out some minor maintenance jobs, one of which is an inspection and test of the electrical system. I have...
  13. C

    Hey guys, thanks for welcoming me to your community

    I was suggested this site by someone who we used to employ :) It looks and sounds amazing, hopefully i can help out and others help me :) anyways enough of me chit chatting, hope to get to know you all soon chris
  14. N

    EPC listed building (church)

    I am quoting on a ground mount array at the rear of a chapel, its 100's of years old, in a conservation area and listed as well, these are being addressed by my customer however obviously there is isent a cat in hells chance that this church with stained glass windows etc will get a D rating...
  15. I

    Is a Display Energy Certificate ok for a community building?

    We have a client who has just had an Display Energy Certificate completed for a community building. I am about to advise that it should have been an Energy Performance Certificate for Feed in Tariff purposes. Is that right or can business and community centres use a Display Energy Certificates...
  16. G

    suitable lighting track system for community hall.

    hey guys, i have already posted a thread on this but today I told the architect his track system was ok but the lights he specified didnt exist all he had named was a style. so I think hes gonna come and ask me for my opinion. yous guys got any suggestions? the stage is about 6m x 4m.
  17. M

    RBS community force

    Please allow me this oppertunity to ask for your vote in the RBS community force funding My wife works for a charity who provide learning and horticultural based training for people with learning difficulties who process mushroom compost ,maintain the grounds around the site ,plant seeds and...
  18. S

    Londons Burning

    Question- do riots always happen when the Tories are in power and if so Why ?
  19. O

    Smoke alarms for community hall

    Hi, I've been asked if I want to quote for installing fire/smoke/heat alarms in a local community hall which has several rooms and quite a high "domed" ceiling in the main room. Having not done anything like this before would any members like to give me their thoughts/and/or guidance on such...
  20. A

    Community Group considereing PV Solar

    We are a Community Group at the moment getting quotations for a 9.9Kwp installation. We have a 3 phase electrical supply; does this create any more challenges than single phase installations? and if so should we be checking on the overall electrical competency of the companies tendering...


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