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  1. N

    Happy to join this community

    Very grateful to be here. hope I'll be learning many thing of my career ( Electricity ) and share with you what i can. Thank you
  2. M

    Wanted to say hello to the community and a little about myself...

    As the title says, wanted to say hello to everyone :) I'm a mature student at college I completed C&G 2365 level 2 and started back last week studying for my level 3. Managed to get my cscs card as well. I've applied for the trainee forum access so hopefully see some of you in there :)...
  3. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Rewire from hell

    Nearly finished it, Thank God!! Lady owner, Occupied, junk in every possible place, 26 cats (cat litters & food everywhere), cement board in half of the house, plywood boards in the attic, all brick, micro-bore heating pipes everywhere, neigbours moaning about the noise & to top it off a BS951...
  4. L

    PIR on local library

    A bit of legal assistance required. A local community group has recently purchased the library on our estate after the council closed it down. Before they re-open it, they need to carry out some minor maintenance jobs, one of which is an inspection and test of the electrical system. I have...
  5. N

    EPC listed building (church)

    I am quoting on a ground mount array at the rear of a chapel, its 100's of years old, in a conservation area and listed as well, these are being addressed by my customer however obviously there is isent a cat in hells chance that this church with stained glass windows etc will get a D rating...
  6. S

    Londons Burning

    Question- do riots always happen when the Tories are in power and if so Why ?
  7. F

    main fuse

    i becam Part P registered 8 months ago, need to change a consumer unit do i need to call the distributor to pull the fuse as there is no isolator?
  8. B

    best practice guides

    http://esc.org.uk/pdfs/business-and-community/electrical-industry/BPG1v2_web.pdf http://esc.org.uk/pdfs/business-and-community/electrical-industry/BPG2_09.pdf http://esc.org.uk/pdfs/business-and-community/electrical-industry/BPG3_08.pdf...
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