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  1. sham

    Agency and Umbrella companies, is it worth it.

    I am really in need of work, I have applied to jobs via internet and got a call, telling me that I am ready to start but I need to join an umbrella company. I have heard of these types of companies and most people have bad things to say about them and a few say they are ok. It's seems to be...
  2. D

    Getting payment out of companies for work done

    I do the books for an electrician. He has four or five lads that are subbies. However he struggles getting paid by companies... constantly, but he needs the work. How do you get them to pay on time ?
  3. Dan

    Best Tile Adhesive 2010 - Popular Tile Adhesive Companies In The Uk

    Best Tile Adhesive 2010 - Popular Tile Adhesive Companies In The Uk advice reviews and feedback 2017 Which Tile Adhesive Did You Use Most During 2010? Please vote on the Poll. All answers can be seen by the members. If you used a brand not showing then please respond with the make. I'm...
  4. Andy3438

    Trying to break into commercial

    Hi guys I have been running my company for about 2 years now and going steady. We are an NICEIC Approved Contractor. Most of the work has been domestic so far which I don't mind, however I'd like to get more commercial work. Does anyone have any tips on how to get more commercial contracts...
  5. P

    help looking for trainee electrician roles

    hi guys im currently doing my level 3 electrical installations course and have been labouring for the past 2 years , the company i work for have told me that untill i have a level 3 qualification they will not give me any sparky work. from searching jobsites online there seems to be very...
  6. S

    Apprenticeship hunting

    Hi I am trying to find an Electrical apprenticeship for my Son. He is currently at college studying an electrical course but needs an apprenticeship to further his studies and career. Are there any electricians or companies on here looking for just such a person around the Bexley borough area...
  7. Dan

    MCS Companies List

    Can you reply with all the MCS companies you know of and I'll update this first thread periodically.
  8. J

    Have you used the underfloor store?

    Hey there all. I'm after some Heatmiser neoair kits and found this website. UnderfloorStore.co.uk I've got a page with The Underfloor heating Store open but the above website is slightly cheaper. Anyone used them before?
  9. A

    Substation work

    Hey guys, Just want to ask a quick question, How do you get into substation work and maintenance is there some sort of course. This is considering you already have nvq 3 and gold card. thanks in advance
  10. K

    companies for trainees edinburgh

    Hi my name is kevin im 31 years old and currently looking to change my career and become a electrician,and im just currently doing a pre app electrical course at Edinburgh college so looking for companies in edinburgh and lothians that are good for adult trainees??. Any help would be gratefully...
  11. M

    Questions regarding Rolec Solar of Doncaster

    Go easy with me as this is my first post here. Just had Chris here from Rolec of Doncaster and he gave me the following quote for a PV system. We live in an East/West facing mid terrace house, and he proposed a 16 panel 4kwp system. He said he would 8 panels on the front and 8 on the back. I...
  12. L

    Where's the best area of uk to pick up steady work ??????

  13. F

    Ecs and jib issue

    Hi, i am looking to get clarification regarding one of my friends Qualifications. I have been through all the motions of contacting CITY&GUILDS, NIC & JIB but still not got were i need him to be :( We contacted city&guilds and obtained the electrical installation 236 part 1 cert and all his...
  14. Drexyn

    Use of technology to learn the trade

    Hi folks, Has anyone seen or used any type of virtual reality technology whilst learning the trade? The reason i am asking is because i am acutely aware of the use of this type of technology for games consoles and pc games. This got me thinking more about the benefits of using this type of...
  15. N

    Installation Claim

    What is the procedure to claim for a poor installation leading to roof leaks? The company no longer exists but was RECC/REAL and NICEIC. Thanks
  16. M

    Change from site work to maintenance

    I currently work for a contracting firm doing site work/new build but am wanting to change direction and try and get into electrical maintenance. Am wondering if any one can point in the right direction of where I need to go to start this with regards to qualifications etc? Any advice really...
  17. B

    MCS and RECC Audits

    Had our first post new MCS Guideline audits from both bodies in Sept. Both went very well. MCS guy was a bit dry and factual. RECC lady was really interesting and very supportive and informative. No major changes to how we operate. Couple of changes to our website. And a few small changes...
  18. C

    PV Liability Insurance

    Hi Guys, Im due to renew my Public Liability insurance next month and wanted to see if i could get a cheaper deal, I remember when trying to get it last time we struggled as not many companies insured PV. We are currently with Zurich, just wondered if you know of any other companies? Thanks Chris
  19. P

    who is doing all the pv work

    hi all, been out of the pv game since last year (just after major cutbacks and jobs stating to disapear etc), does anyone know who is doing most of the pv work that is still happening . such as the energy companies, national companies etc , rent a roof, small companies, and where is this work...
  20. I

    Commercial Heating & lighting a converted school

    Hi, I've been asked to get some advice on a school conversion to B&B and living accommodation. Basically the building dates back to 1906 and consists of a middle corridor, 4 classrooms to the right, canteen, offices, and toilets to the left. The plan is for 7 B&B rooms and 3 bedrooms, lounge...
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