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  1. G

    Best EV charging testing unit?

    Hi Guys, Completed an EV charging course a few months back. Looking to explore that growing corner of the market. My Megger 1720 multi function tester packed up recently. Always pretty happy with my Megger, but I'm looking to get a tester that has integrated EV testing and comes with its own EV...
  2. cgfw201

    Is this Ikea Ceiling Light Compatible with my Wiring?

    My wife bought a nice new ceiling light for our landing at the weekend. I’ve swapped a few pendant lights before without an issue so cracked on with this one. However, it immediately looked a little more complex. It had 3 neutral and 3 live wires going into it (pictured) and an earth, but the...
  3. P

    smet2 meters are they compatible with solar and battery systems

    Recently ive heard of several complaints regarding the smet2 meters presently being installed in homes are not compatible with solar pv and battery systems leading to householders' being overcharged always thought the smet 2 would sort this out.
  4. B

    Commercial Seaward Europa Plus compatible printers

    I have a Seaward Europa Plus tester & a Kroy 3100 printer & want to replace the Kroy as it's done a lot of tags & i'm looking for something like the Test n Tag Pro, its light, prints fast & labels are reasonably priced but I don't think its compatible, I know the TnT Pro is made by Able Systems...
  5. happysteve

    New UFH controller compatible with existing sensor

    Eh up :) Client (doing other work there) accidentally smashed up their underfloor heating controller in their kitchen. The only thing I've been able to ascertain about the existing controller is that it was made by (or at least branded) Wickes. Had "on/off" and a temperature knob. No model...
  6. P

    Compatible downlights?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice as I'm feeling a bit clueless! 3 of our 4 bathroom lights seem to be failing or on the way out. They flicker constantly and dim on and off. They have only been in about 4 years so we weren't expecting them to go so soon. I was thinking that we would just...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Thoughts on compatible power tool batteries?

    Just been looking at some cordless SDS drills, need one for a job with no power on site.opted for the DCH253 SDS+, only £128 for the drill on its own. so get to the batteries. The Dewalt branded 18v 4.0Ah battery is around £48.00, the 5.0Ah Dewalt battery is £68.00 Looking online(amazon) you can...
  8. G

    Is Nest compatible with my wiring?

    Hi there. I'm hoping someone could advise if the wiring to my current thermostat means it will work with a Nest smart thermostat? It's currently a Honeywell T6360B1028. I've tried reading online, but the wiring to my thermostat doesn't match any of the diagrams I've seen online. Please can...
  9. G

    Nest thermostat compatible wiring

    I am thinking about buying a Nest Thermostat, and would like to put it in my hall, where the old honeywell Stat is, but I am not sure if the wiring is compatible. I have attached a photo. Please could someone have a look to see if the Nest can use this wiring. I have a Viessmann Vitodens 100-W...
  10. G


    Hi there, I have run a brand new 50ft HDMI cable which is good quality and has built in booster to run from my main sky box which is in another room from the main TV I use. The cable etc is all ok as I have tested it with DVD player and Sky Q box which I took from a neighbour however when I...
  11. S

    Megaman Leds

    Hi will phone Megaman in morning but does anyone know a compatible dimmer for their L.E.Ds thanks
  12. E

    Square D main switch

    Howdy all, I need to swap a 30mA RCD out of a Square D garage board, ideally i'm after a main switch but a 100mA would do. I just spoke to a chap at schneider who i had a strong feeling i was keeping awake, and they say that they dont do a main switch compatible with their garage unit!? So...
  13. N

    UK Fluke Products in New Zealand

    A chance to buy a UK Fluke 6500 PAT tester and a 1652 tester has come up. Waiting for Fluke Aus to get back in touch but just wondering if anyone here knows if those two testers are compatible with New Zealand test regs?
  14. T

    pvsol software

    Hello all, i have recently purchased pv sol's software. im designing a 5kw system. ive established i want a fronius ig50. can anybody explain the inverter concept part to me please?
  15. robd

    Bluetooth feature on Megger MFT 1553...any good?

    Evening all, Have got the above mentioned multi-function tester, have had it for a year or so but never got round to setting up the bluetooth feature. Is it any good and does it actually save time? Also does anyone know if the software is compatible with the NIC forms? Thanks, Rob
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