1. C

    Electrical competence

    Evening folks, I'm in the process of starting a plumbing and heating business, for some fairly long winded and boring reasons I want to employ a couple of guys from the outset. Plumbers don't seem to bother with any sort of electrical competence, I'd quite like to stay out of jail so was...
  2. J

    New build compliance vs renovation compliance

    Hi, a friend and I have recently built two new build properties. We have undertaken all of the electrical work ourselves. We need to get the electrics signed off to satisfy building control. Will an Electrical condition report be enough to satisfy them. Or, should we have used someone who is...
  3. O

    Is there a shortage of grommets or knowledge and competence?

    So 3 days in a row I've seen new ish installs where the 3 different installers have failed to use grommets .. This is one I saw today: So apart from the fact theres no grommet and it doesn't comply with the IP ratings ..................... rant over ..........
  4. R

    Electrical Design Office in UK

    Hello Everyone, I am working in an electro-mechanical company, which has carried out several underground, mall, air port and hotel projects in the middle east region. My company wants to open an electrical design office in UK, in order to participate future civil engineering projects. However...
  5. D


    I keep looking in to doing the Cross Over 2330 to 2357 but i would need to do the AM2 Can you do the AM2 any time, ie before doing the Cross Over bits and how much is it to do the AM2 ££ also what kind of project, its a all day thing Was thinking on the lines of, KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT...
  6. S

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB card when you have not gone to college?

    I have a friend that's been working in the industry for ten+ years but never went to college? he has been told he can get a NVQL3 and a jib gold card without doing his 2330 l2+l3? surely this cant be right? Whats the deal with the ''time served'' thing now with the jib?
  7. S

    EICR, ability to fill out

    Is there a definitive answer on whether or not if you have 2391 then you can fill out the new EICR???? only asking as few of us are out with UK & were told we needed to attend a one day cse BUT now being told we have "grandfathers" rights as it were. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers.
  8. SibertSolar

    MCS Consultation re: competence

    Spotted this today, deadline for feedback 9th July. Thought some on here might find it interesting.... MCS - Online Consultation
  9. whinmoor

    MCS Online Consultation

    Anyone for a bit more paperwork? MCS - Online Consultation
  10. G

    Info on commercial pi please

    Hi all Looking for advice please my father in law has recently took over a cafe and has asked me to do some electrical work and issue an electrical cert for the whole cafe (periodic) I was hoping to do it myself for him for a song as he is only just feeling his feet but from reading other posts...
  11. G

    qualifications needed for periodic inspection

    Hi, could any tell me which qualifications are needed by the NICEIC in order for me to undertake domestic periodic testing and inspection. I am an NICEIC registered domestic installer. Thanks
  12. C

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Cscs, ecs & jib cards

    Hi I have noticed a few threads regarding these two cards. My question is as there seems to be a quite a few jobs out there which require this card which one am I able to get to enable me to gain work with the companies who are asking for this? I have looked on the websites but dont think...
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