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  1. D

    Competent Persons Scheme

    I'm doing some research into the current processes involved in the Competent Persons Scheme and building regulations in general. I wondered if anyone on here had any significant issues or areas of improvement that they wanted to highlight to hopefully be changed in the future. This could range...
  2. S

    competent person course..

    im looking to do a competent person course but i cant find right one here in london..any one do that or know any centre who can i attend and start course..
  3. K

    Compliance document for competent person scheme

    Hi guys, just had my stroma audit on Friday and everything was fine and I got membership approved, but the assessor is asking me to send a compliance policy document, I'm only a sole trader that's started up not long ago so this is still new to me, any ideas what I need to include in it and what...
  4. widdler

    I'm collecting stats for a govt report - Competent person schemes

    Hi all. I am collecting evidence for a report on the current 'strategy' and trust given to the competent person schemes by the Communities and Local Government Committee (CLGC). I am not sure if you are aware, but the committee reviewed it a couple of years ago, and the conclusion from the...
  5. D

    Which PAT Testing Course?

    Hi, Can anyone advise me on which PAT testing course you have to go on should you want to offer it as a service with your Ltd. company? the 2377-22 or the 2377- 32 or both? or Neither?! Big thanks in advance for any help. Dave
  6. R

    Who can test?

    I am a qualified electrician to 2330 level 3, I also have the 17th edition qualification. But since qualifying about 5 years ago and through my apprenticeship I have worked in a industrial setting as electrical engineer. I am responsible for new instalations aswell as maintaining and repairing...
  7. F

    2365 2/3

    Been reading for days alot of the posts and obvisouly staying away from zero to hero courses is the 2365 lv2/3 suitable for household jobs? Would i have to get an "electrician" to certify what i have done? Im More interested in becoming more competent for DIY than making a career if that was to...
  8. S

    EIC report and 2391 (or 2394/5)

    Can sparks complete and sign off teat sheet EICR's without having the city and guild certs 2391 (or the later ones 2394 or 5) If they have plenty of testing and inspection experience and know what they are doing and have the select BS7671 qualification will this suffice? Sorry for total Newb...
  9. R

    Domestic EICR certificate

    Hi there was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice with EICR testing. I am a qualified electrician and am a compotent person who has my 17th edition. I am carrying out an EICR for a friend of mines but I am not NICIEC registered. Is this still okay or do I need to be registered to...
  10. M

    New Competent person Schemes company and cheep?

    Just seen this company on facebook "https://www.facebook.com/djtelectricaltraining/photos/pcb.480985238717920/480982812051496/?type=1&theater" called Stroma certification says " offering full membership and Part P accreditation for £288 " im looking to get with a competent scheme after i...
  11. C

    Replace CU then PIR

    Hi. I'm 3 weeks off completing my electrical training. L2 + L3 2356 installation, 17th Edition and T+I Quals achieved. working as an electrical maintainer, competent in what i'm doing. I am not Part P registered, as a competent person. Is it Viable, has anybody else done this: My CU needs...
  12. P

    switch wire I D

    hi guys, just having a debate over switch wires not being marked up, one guy says its a code 3 one says if you don't understand what the cable does and where it goes you should not be in the fitting in the first place. care to comment guys
  13. E

    Finished AM2

    Hi anyone who has any information about after passing Am2 exam cause i am not clear yet? Will i be able to sing domestic,commercial and industrial job please thanks
  14. M

    Installation certificates

    Hi I am a 45 year old electrician with 17th and 2392 and was registered with NIC domestic for 5 years I an now employed by a hotel chain for past 2 years and till now they have never done any testing only employ a firm to do periodics they are looking now to do some installation certs for the...
  15. M

    Domestic competent schemes

    please can anyone tell me which is the best competent person schemes for electricians to join with reasonable annual fees thanx guys
  16. halls1379


    Am I right in thinking having c & g level 2 & 3 and 17th is deemed sufficient to be classed as competent and you can work self employed? It's such a confusing industry!
  17. R

    Advice needed on panel Access please

    competent staff accessing panels.... Hi guys, I would appreciate some advice and opinions on this one please, I think we all know the "common sense" answers here but anything to back this up either way would be appreciated. Lets suppose i have an Electrical Panel, single phase, containing...
  18. F

    circuit for pv install

    Am part p electrician been asked to do some installs for pv am i correct that as a registered part p sparks we can install new circuiys for pv and do eic for job and notify job as new cicuit Am bit mistified as new circuit would become a load circuit from pv
  19. I

    what use is 2394

    what use is 2394 without 2395 , does this mean i can sign off work or just my own work , and would i still have to join select or niec , i stay in scotland
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