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  1. Weezy

    Customer Demanding We Pay For Her Blinds ££££££ Need Serious Advice.

    Im seeking advice from a job we have done with the most difficult customer of my whole career. We're a family business of 50+ years and take pride in our work and after today have been left debating whether its all worth it. I will explain the best i can: We was called to a job to remove 3 old...
  2. G

    Complaint procedure, sample plz

    HI all, Just Joined Stroma, they need a complaint procedure but I can seem to find a sample,Can anyone help me out Cheers Grand
  3. T

    Follow up on DNO complaint and earth terminal responsibilities

    Just to update on my witterings re DNO and unclear direction reponse regards maintaining/providing earthing point; P.S. this has been taken to committee and the following agreed I am told. Dear Mr Votigern (Name redacted) Since our conversation about this topic I’m concerned that you may be...
  4. A

    Shunt trip in a domestic CU? Looking for a complaint way of remotely switching off power

    Hi. A thought of a domestic fire in my house terrifies me, so I installed a really sophisticated fire alarm in my house. This system optionally can even turn off the gas valve (it has a motorized arm which is installed on the main valve) and switch off electricity in case if the fire is detected...
  5. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme filing a complaint with NICEIC - is it worth the bother?

    As part of a renovation to my home I'm having some electrical work done. It's been organised through the builder so he contracts with the sparkie and I contract with the builder. The sparkie is NICEIC registered and has just done the testing prior to issuing the certificate. He's made the...
  6. grimysparks80

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Napit complaint unresolved

    I am currently dealing with napit on behalf of a customer. She had a new cu installed several months ago by a napit registered electrician. She was charged £600. When I arrived to carry out some minor works we found several problems. The new cu was full of holes. Not labelled up. Bus bar cover...
  7. F

    Led lighting

    Beginning to see and here lots of issues regarding led lighting in the commercial world . Now I no most people see the pay back on these LEDs and are not considering all the problems that they are causing struggling to maintain similar lumen output etc people sitting at there pcs now complaining...
  8. Prime Design

    NAPIT Certification Scheme Joining Napit

    Hi all, I am joining Napit and my assessment is at the end of the month. I have just finished a complete rewire of a flat I own 30 miles from where I live. Up until this present day I have always been employed by a company so any certs I have written have been on behalf of the company I work...
  9. Goody

    Domestic Customer complaint procedure & form.

    Hi, where could I find a template for customer complaint form and details of complaint procedure? :dizzy2: ...and a template for Guarantee Certificate for the work carried out. Thanks in advance.
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