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  1. J

    New build compliance vs renovation compliance

    Hi, a friend and I have recently built two new build properties. We have undertaken all of the electrical work ourselves. We need to get the electrics signed off to satisfy building control. Will an Electrical condition report be enough to satisfy them. Or, should we have used someone who is...
  2. oracle

    Electrical compliance in first world is not as good as the third world

    This is how we do things properly in South Africa When you contract an Electrician ask him for a copy of his Wireman's Licence, and a copy of his DOL Registration Certificate, don’t let him just show some paperwork that in any event will mean nothing to you. When you have these copies phone...
  3. Acidifoant

    Domestic C1 C2 C3 FI codes Help QUIZ exam

    Hello guys, I have a small problem assigning the correct codes for some visual faults. I am still confused and looking forward to find a good answer. This is for examination only. It is to be 17'th edition compliant(not 18th). So we have the following faults and observations requiring a fault...
  4. O

    Domestic Building services compliance guide

    if you are having trouble sleeping, take a read of this ... https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/697525/DBSCG_secure.pdf Some useful stuff in it .... Happy reading
  5. 8

    Emergency Light Rules/Regs?

    Evening all. Been a while since I made a post on here. Question: What is the title regulations/Acop that cover emergency lighting? - Concerning: Selection, erection, lux levels, where one is deemed needed etc. And are such regs readily available to view online in pdf, or is a specific...
  6. K

    Compliance document for competent person scheme

    Hi guys, just had my stroma audit on Friday and everything was fine and I got membership approved, but the assessor is asking me to send a compliance policy document, I'm only a sole trader that's started up not long ago so this is still new to me, any ideas what I need to include in it and what...
  7. Dave301

    Builder let customer down and no electrical certs or compliance certs

    I've been to a job tonight and cut a long story short he's been left without certificates for a new bathroom and CU change. But the company overseeing the inspection from a building regs side won't issue a completion cert without electrical certs and compliance certs. He's asked me if can issue...
  8. J

    House Rewiring Compliance

    Hi I have recently purchased a 1970s semi detached house and had a full rewire and new central heating system installed by separate companies. There were a few things I was concerned with and am hoping to check with some qualified electricians before I bring it up with the electrician - I have...
  9. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma non compliance

    Hi. Had my stroma assessment a couple weeks ago and all went well except I had forgotten to arrange a health and safety policy, and complaints procedure. Now when I applied there was no mention of these things and the only guidance I had was from my assessor which was very relaxed about it and...
  10. N

    Experienced Electrical and Gas testing person required for new business

    Hi I have a client/friend who is starting a new company and, as part of it, is looking for someone to come on board with electrical and gas compliance/testing knowledge and qualifications. Any experience in health & safety compliance would also be useful, but not essential He is open to ideas...
  11. J

    EN standards of neon scredrivers

    Hello people, Not an electrician, but more of a quality controller. I've got to check for the compliance one those horrible neon screwdrivers for a company but I'm pretty stumped. Some people say they should conform to EN 61010-031 and some say EN 61423-3. RAPEX has many of these listed with...
  12. D

    Domestic rewirable fuses

    evening all - I have a question for some of the more learned members, I am currently trying to make a landlord understand that her rewirable fuseboard isn't up to date, so I know that in 1991 the 16th was launched meaning it wasn't to regs but I was wondering if there was any requirements in the...
  13. R

    signing off own work

    Hey there, when can you sign off your own work and what is required to do so. Basically we all do the odd on the side jobs, maybe as big as a shed or just moving a socket, but when can you actually sign that work off and do you need like niceic or equivilent? this i do not understand...
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