1. M

    what are these components?

    Hello everyone! I want to ask the old guys in here if they know what are these components on the photos no 2 & 3? These things are part of the electrical system of an old hydraulic "clicker" press. It's used to cut leather,paper etc. The machine is probably from the 70's and there is no tag on...
  2. M

    Sourcing Right Components for Custom COB LED Lighting Fixture

    Hello! I am hoping to learn more about powering LEDs for a custom panel I am designing.. I am not re-inventing the wheel here, but am simply after a lot of output :) My design will be for the Film/Lighting industry where Color accuracy is important as well as flicker free appearance on...
  3. A

    How many components!!!!

    Hi there, I complete my Level 3 in Electrical Installation Theory and Practice Part Two in 1997. Please could someone confirm how many components there was and list them. Many thanks
  4. B

    Sizing a Switch Disconnector for my Panel using 3 Phase & 1 Phase components.

    Hello there I have a panel i'm designing that contains inverter drives, Power supply and a UK Socket. I want to calculate the size of the Switch Disconnector needed using the current drawn from these components. I have 400VAC 3 phase & 1-Phase 230VAC. Here is a list of the components Current...
  5. J

    What is the best was to splice electrical wire to power two components? (Arcade power supply and LCD

    Hi! I m doing my first build of an arcade machine. At the back of the arcade cabinet will be an IEC socket for mains power. Inside the machine I then need to split the electrical wires so that the one socket can power both the power supply for the console board (standard jamma power supply) and...
  6. M

    Electricbase Herne Bay

    Electricbase are one of the UK’s leading electrical wholesalers with 82 branches nationwide. We supply electrical contractors, engineers and installers. Based in Sea Street, Herne Bay and carries a comprehensive stock and an experienced and highly motivated team. It is incorporated alongside...
  7. P

    Tightening Positive Battery Terminal, Hit Chassis and Shorted Out?

    Hey everyone. Bit of a silly noob question. On my dirt bike, as I was tightening the positive battery terminal lead(it was loose), the allen key slipped and hit against the subframe causing a short and sparks everywhere, and causing the allen key to be extremely hot to touch. It was only for a...
  8. W

    Specific controlled motor

    I need to make a motor that makes 3 revolutions a second for 6 seconds. It needs to be as small of an assembly as possible. I have a very good understanding of how circuitry and components work together as well as individually but don't know what ic would work for this or how to route the...
  9. N


    I am trying to build a home automation system using my raspberry pi. I have it set up to turn on an led bulb via basic web page I have designed. So the next step is to control something bigger. I am looking to control the ceiling light on my sitting room. I believe I need a relay to control...
  10. C

    Full PV installation North East Area

    Looking for full installation of Astronergy CHSM6610M-250M, 60 cells mono crystalline 250M, PT+5W 45mm, 14 panels in total, 3.5kw system with a Chint Invertor, all components supplied from cable to roof hooks, scaffold will be in place. Mcs sign off...
  11. B

    Trying to find a 63A 4 pole TPN RCBO

    Hi. I need a 4 pole RCBO (TPN) 63A 30mA in a 4 unit device. Anyone know of one? Manufacturer doesn't matter as long as it will fit in a 4 unit enclosure. Thanks
  12. DaveyD

    New Megger Multitester line?

    Hi Does anyone have infr on the new Megger multester line due out in Jan 2011? I'm needing a tester and just wondering if its worth the wait and/or if the 1552/3 will be sold off/discounted when the new line comes in. Any clue? Thanks in advance. Regards David
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