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  1. P

    Conduit tap & die set

    Another general question for folk out there with experience: if buying a tap & die set for metal conduit (20mm / 25mm) are there any to recommend, or any to avoid like the plague?
  2. Bobby34

    UK Outdoor lighting conduit

    Good morning hope everyone is staying safe. I have a question for some of the more experienced sparks, I have a client that wants her outdoor corner light replaced with a PIR and at the same time another light added above the door further along the wall. She has bought an oval bulkhead light...
  3. Z

    Bend pvc conduit

    How would you guys to bend pvc conduit 20mm&25mm with spring to create 3 saddle bend or four saddle bend? Not like a simple 90 degree bends. Is there any formula or tricks or any steps you guys would do? Because I used the app to calculate the distance to bend but end up too close each bend and...
  4. C

    Conduit Compression Glands

    Hi All Where do you guys get your PVC Conduit compression glands from - I.e if you were to wire a pre-wired floodlight? I've seen some installations where you can just push a gland fitting directly into one of the legs of a 2-way/right angled junction boxes but I've not been lucky enough to...
  5. B

    Can anyone recommend any good UV protected conduit for running network cable externally?

    Can anyone recommend any good UV protected conduit for runnign network cable externally? I plan on running around 10 cables (7mm diameter each) from the loft to the 2nd floor and ground floor, but the cables are orange and i'd like to hide them in some pvc black conduit. A lot of the stuff i've...
  6. J

    Bonding steel conduit around plastic switch

    Any recommendations? I have 25mm steel conduit going into 20mm reducers feeding a plastic time guard switch and then returning to steel conduit again on the other side. An earthing nut is too chunky. I think I need those smaller flat brass plates you get on SWA cables. 1588093418 Found them -...
  7. S

    25mm steel conduit fittings

    Hi guys, Bored at home, so making a bench using old conduit I ripped out. Trying to use as much recycled as possible and was wondering if anyone had anything lying about. Looking for 8 x dome covers and 8 x tee’s, inspection or solid. All 25mm. Will pay postage ofc. cheers
  8. J

    Steel conduit in tight spaces

    I need to run a length of steel conduit. One end it will connect into a standard 25mm BESA box, on the other end, it will go into a sharp elbow. The conduit has to thread through a hole in the floor that is very close to the wall. If I thread the conduit through the hole and then place either...
  9. R

    PVC Conduit Question

    I’m looking to buy some PVC Conduit for some security lights rather than clip the cable. We don’t use it in work. But I know I need 20mm conduit but would I be okay using 20mm inspection elbows? I assume they just fit inside?
  10. W

    Light Or Heavy Gauge PVC Conduit?

    Hi, Which do you guys use? I've bought the light stuff as it's going in a shed where there's not going to be any risk of mechanical impacts. It seems unnecessary to spend extra on the heavy stuff. Is the choice to use heavy gauge purely due to its greater mechanical protection and because...
  11. W

    Tumble Dryer And Plastic Conduit

    Hi, Im putting my girlfriends tumble dryer in the garage. The wiring will be in black pvc conduit, i would like the conduit to run approximately 6-12 inches horizontally above the dryer to a double gang socket to plug it into. My concern is the mutual detrimental influences of the dryer...
  12. J

    Generator inlet conduit

    What kind of wire conduit would you use with a generator inlet? Specifically the reliance controls pb30? Im trying to run it from an inlet port to an outlet port. The four wire Romex or whatever is litterally connected to a 240v l14-30 outlet inside my apartment. So I wanted to put that box on...
  13. T

    Persons experienced in steel conduit

    Good afternoon one and all Does anyone in the Dorset area have good experience with steel conduit? If so please could I pick your brains on a few things?
  14. T

    Old lighting wired in singles in conduit

    Looking for some pointers in the right direction if possible. I come from a background of domestic work and general house bashing but I’ve been given the chance to expand my work into more commercial stuff. I will be doing this under guidance from a good friend of mine who is more commercial...
  15. B

    UK Running conduit in walls to knockout boxes for low voltage cables?

    Background I'm running some low voltage cable (e.g. CAT6A data cable; coax cable; HDMI cable and speaker cable) to a number of rooms of the house and would like advice on the best way to do this to avoid plastering the cables into the walls - to give me flexibility to remove / pull new cables...
  16. OfficialAsh

    Best tool for cutting conduit?

    Hello, I'm looking to improve my cut time and quality using a better tool other than a traditional hacksaw. I've been looking around and all I could find that looks like it can do the job of cutting pvc and galvanized steel is this: Milwaukee C12PC-201C 12V 2.0Ah Li-Ion RedLithium Cordless...
  17. Z

    Conduit in old work shop , assignment

    Hi , I nearly done my assignment, but I need help for couple questions, Please I wanna make right everything. I still think with conduit, better used for main workshops, and I need drawings how to join in DB. Can you help me please or just asking someone.
  18. A

    How to mark conduit bender?

    Good evening Gents Om after some help and advice please on setting up a new conduit bender. Im wanting to ask how to score a mark on the forming wheel to indicate bending points etc? I usually do the way of doing a bend then offering up and trimming excess off but would like to learn the old...
  19. G

    Cord grip connection

    Good day, can i connect a pvc cord grip to a pvc conduit or pvc flexible conduit? The cord grip is also connected in a pvc junction box. Thanks everyone
  20. Fitzy

    Domestic Copex conduit to Wiska box gland.

    Hi guys Can you recommend the best gland to use to connect some copex conduit to an external Wiska box please?
  21. C

    For Sale Does anyone want to buy a conduit bender? Conduit Bender For Sale

    Conduit bender for sale in Derbyshire
  22. W

    Quality Galv. Conduit

    So i have a client who wants a room down with surface conduit, industrial look. No problems there, i am a little worried about the material tho. I feel the galv coating on some of the saddles and pipework isn't great these days. its fine for a workshop but when its going to be a feature like...
  23. J

    Pop conduit thru stucco and up into main panel?

    Hello! My electrical utility has decided to take our power away - occasionally - to prevent fires. So I have ordered a modest backup generator. To conveniently power the house without running extension cords everywhere, I need a transfer switch. I have tentatively identified the...
  24. happysteve

    Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?

    Eh up :) As per the title, "Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?" Clearly, if it contained unsheathed singles, it obviously is. If it's not an exposed-conductive part (and it's not extraneous in the case I'm thinking of) then it...
  25. L

    Gas Bonding Conductor in 20mm conduit

    The scenario, Property has no bonding to gas meter. There is a 4mm T+E radial from the DB to an outside socket which is located 300mm from the gas meter (external meter). The 4mm T+E is housed in 20mm plastic conduit running along the external wall. To prevent things looking a complete mess...
  26. C

    American conduit

    Whenever I’m on Instagram, I always see posts from sparks in the good old US of A, and whenever you see a conduit system install, there are always loads of individual conduits running alongside each they not use trunking over the pond? Don’t get me wrong, it looks super impressive...
  27. Lister1987

    Trainee Cutting conduit, I hate it already...

    Any tips for cutting conduit to ensure a good finish? We're starting with it at College and I hate the stuff, I end up cutting to length fine but after touching up it's all buggered. Unfortunately due to my cerebral palsy, my fine motor control is pretty shot, along with my ability to judge by...
  28. D

    Why? Is metal conduit so thick

    I have been given a short length of Emt tube from America , which is basically their ‘go to’ produce for surface wiring. It is thinner than our version and much easier to bend than our version. I would say it’s not much thicker than copper plumbers pipe. But imo offers good mechanical strength...
  29. I

    TIPS? Running Neutral Wire in Old Conduit NYC Building approx 1950

    Hello! I am setting up a smart home system and will need a neutral wire for the application. Some of the existing switches to be replaced only have 2 wires. I believe I will need to run my own neutral line through the existing conduit. I have done so before and just used a stiff wire with...
  30. S

    Conduit R1+R2

    Hi guys looking for some advice I'm working in an old property with conduit fed ring mains and lights. I've got a full street of these to test so looking to see the best way to go about it . There is no seperate cpc ran in to any of the switches or lights. The integrity of the conduit is perfect...
  31. gazdkw82

    Conduit and mini trunking cutters

    Any recommendations? Or best to stick to separate conduit and trunking cutters?
  32. captaincaveman

    Cable method for sumerhouse power

    Hi guys, I'm just looking over a job putting power to a summer house but am wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to lay the cable. The cable length from the house is 50M going up the house side wall, across a patio, up a 10m wall (onto a balcony garden) then across a balcony...
  33. Z

    Steel conduit used as CPC in flat, can’t find bonding, can’t find ring main CPC at C.U

    I’ve been asked to add a couple of extra points to the single ring main in a flat. Building fabric is concrete, all of the electrical installation is steel conduit buried in the concrete. I opened the consumer unit and could only see one CPC for a radial socket, as well as the main Earth. No...
  34. C

    Plastic conduit into metal cu

    Hi this is my first post here. I’m a newly qualified spark mainly working in domestic houses, I got a job coming up where I’m planning to install pvc conduit for some sockets in garage attached to a house. Would installing pvc conduit affect the fire rating of a consumer unit or would I just...
  35. B

    Steel Conduit Bending Writen guide.

    Looking for writen guide to bending Conduit. All conduit bending guidance seems to be done through word of mouth. Looking for a writen guide even if ancient There must be something writen down with guidelines, angles etc. There seem to be US guides but nothing for the UK. Thanks.
  36. H

    How to test a circuits in steel conduit as the cpc

    Good evening I am currently a training to become an electrician. I do hold both initial verification and periodic testing qualifications however this is an issue I have never personally had to deal with and was never mentioned on any of my courses as often seems to be the case. Basically I am...
  37. P

    Conduit bender advice

    I do very little steel conduit work and can't justify buying a full bender set up. My dad has a hand held plumbers pipe bender.Would I be able to fit a 20mm former and guide to it to use for bends and sets etc.
  38. J

    Commercial Need advice for commercial install - conduit

    Hi All, I need some advice if you don't mind please. Not an electrician and have just moved into a workshop and electrics were relatively ok but now we need to install some new lighting as cheaply as possible but safely. We had some LED battens from our old workshop and we've hung them in...
  39. Jay89

    Steel Conduit bender 20/25mm

    After a steel conduit 20/25mm bender with clamp and formers etc. Happy to collect if anyone has one available, just north of London.
  40. diyterry

    Two cables through conduit

    Morning, hope your all well. Is it okay to run a 2.5mm and a 1.5mm cable through the same 20mm conduit?
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