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  1. M

    Confirm Wiring and LED Driver Compatibility?

    Hello, I desire to power (4) 300W LED COBs simultaneously via a single 120v AC plug. Each COB has their own 300W driver. The driver is AC input and DC output. It is a constant current driver. Here's the spec sheet of the driver. I assume I would be using the H-AB, which provides a DC voltage...
  2. S

    DYI'er Trying to Confirm kWh

    Hello everyone. After searching online for help, I finally gave up and decided to register here. Background: I recently finished renovating a commercial property into living space for our family. The old service had a 100A standard service as well as a 100A 3 phase supply. I added 2 new sub...
  3. Dan

    Esteemed Member Tag Now Available (Automatically Dished Out)

    Okay, so I'm not a huge fan of tag. But I am of good content. So here's a new tag that should encourage that. We've had it running on and it seems to have worked a bit. People get it. So this is based on your reactions to your posts. First of all you'll need 300 posts to...
  4. Spunkywads26

    Can somebody confirm identity and where to buy stock

    Hi guys, Went to a job yesterday to quote for some work and came across this CU. I have googled around and believe it to be a Curve CU but can't seem to find anywhere that sells RCBOs for it. I'm after a 32A RCBO to run a new ring final. Anyone with experience of using this brand and any...
  5. P

    Unable to confirm Supply characteristics for hospital install

    Hi All, i have just been sent on a job to certificate a new install in a hospital,but i am banging my head against a wall trying to locate the the primary supply characteristics/main switches/main protective bonding, the hospital has no idea where to look and all the existing test certificates...
  6. haptism

    R1 + R2 of ring circuit

    Hi for a ring circuit, is there any need to measure and enter R1 + R2 values on a schedule of results ? Because an r2 value is already measured (together with r1 and rn). If I needed a ring R1 + R2 value to calculate ZS (although i would find ZS with a socket tester so really no need; but if I...
  7. B

    Diplomat - Hob - No Power ?

    First of all hello I'm New to the forum :) I have a Diplomat hob it would seem separate from the oven For some reason after last night's cooking session it'd no longer powering up. At first I thought it may be a fuse so I've tried all of the fused switches by the oven to no avail. They all turn...
  8. E

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib regrade help

    hi fellow sparks, i need some help here. i gained my gold electricians card when i was employed back in 2007,full apprenticeship since leaving school 2360 nvq 3 and all that. since then ive been self employed and gained 17th edition and 2391. i sent away for new card and its come back as a gold...
  9. M


    Got a Question .......................... I have recently got quotes for Liability insurance ranging from £650 - £850 then I contacted NICEIC £127. Iam I missing something ?????
  10. K

    RFC using conduit as cpc

    What is the best way to confirm r2 and R1+R2 when the circuit is routed in conduit and this is used as the cpc? I have used wander lead and got continuity at all points on the circuit for the cpc. rn and r1 are within 0.03 of each other so no problem there. just how to confirm that the...
  11. M

    Volt drop question.

    A single phase power circuit supplying an item of equiptment, having a full load current of 25A, is to be checked to confirm voltage drop compliance , the circuit is to be installed using 6.00mm2 copper conductors, with a circuit length of 35m. a) Calculate the maximum permissible voltage drop...
  12. R

    Preferred method of installation

    Had a look at a job the other day, client has brought a MK RCD Garage CU and wants it connected up. Supply is TNC-S with a 100mA RCCB protecting a BS1361 fuse board which has MCB's Option 1. Replace the RCCB with a time delayed RCD and connect garage CU to new RCD Option 2. Henley block the...
  13. G

    Domestic Cooker Circuit and Diversity

    Hi All, Please can somebody confirm my thoughts. I have to install a cooker cct. I have chosen 6mm cable. The load is 8Kw. ie 35amps My calc involves 10amp +30 % remainder fl + 5amps for the socket, from Diversity, table 1A OSG 17th edition page 97 ie 10+(30% of 25)+5...
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