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  1. littlespark

    Does a TP&N RCB work if not connected correctly?

    I'm not being stupid here. Not correctly, as in, not as the labels on the device says So, the situation is, I have a TP&N distribution board with a regular 125A 4 pole mainswitch. The terminals serve in order- N, L1, L2, L3 with the neutral on the left. This installation is to have a 300mA RCD...
  2. Ironbones

    Commercial Still Learning -Whats this for connected to contactor and overload.

    Hi All Could someone explain this to me please. Connected to the contactor, over load are two coils (are they ferrite chokes) please see photos. Also why only two and not three one for each phase, marked with a 65 in the photos. The motor is used to control a blower unit, that moves a bean...
  3. F

    Domestic Ze measurement with a PV system connected?

    Hi, I’m new to this site and wanted some advice on the following, I have a db with a 4kw PV system feed into it via a 16A cb. Gn3 tells me that a generating set which can feed in in parallel to a dB will effect the ze measurement. How can I carry out the ze, pefc and pssc test with this system...
  4. C

    Commercial LTC Addressable Interface Module to be connected to the ballasts

    What is unswitched live and switched live in the attached image?. It it the drawing of the addressable interface module (AIM) to be connected to the ballasts. To where should I connect these USL & SL terminals? What is the purpose of these terminals?
  5. A

    Neutral wire not connected

    Hi my electric shower light stayed on after is turned it off. I took off the pull chord and firstly there is only one nuetral wire connected, looking at the contactor in the loft it looks like the neutral wire has been cut short. So there is a live and neutral from the fuse board, and only one...
  6. C

    Motorbike not sparking but will once regulator rectifier feed is connected to earth

    Please can someone advise or help in anyway before I go completely insane I have a ktm project bike that doesn’t spark unless I disconnect the voltage regulator rectifier and run the constant feed connection (reg rec side of loom) to earth. I spoke to so many specialists who cant resolve and I...
  7. rolyberkin

    Frost Stat Issue - System not working when connected

    Following on from my thread Heinz 57 heating system thread.................. I have installed a Heatmiser UH8-RF control centre a RF switch and two neoair thermostats into an S plan system. Had a few issues with the UH8-RF firing the boiler but in the end wired the boiler n/c from the UH8-RF to...
  8. J

    Non electrician: advice about socket connected to a fused switch

    Hi all I have a single socket behind my fridge freezer that is inaccessible and so has a fused switch connected to it for easy access to turn on and off. I have been using a 2 gang adapter on this socket so that I can run my chest freezer of it as well. Would it be possible to change the...
  9. V


    Hi all OK..did a cu change yesterday .. old wylex with an external rcd for a new amd3 dual rcd cu. This morning the customer rings to say the shower has tripped the rcd. Turn up on site..and the rcd that has tripped is not the one that the shower circuit is on.! So i check for crossed over...
  10. B

    Cut out and meter connected with t+e

    Been to look at a job today....cut out at ground level, meter at ceilling height,in a wooden boxing and the pair are connected via 16mm t+e!! CU cover missing, and a helpful scribbled note on the wooden access panel ' live parts inside, only qualified electricians to open'! So...who to...
  11. oracle

    Cooker connected to unfused connection unit with 6mm twin and earth

    Today I found a free standing cooker connected with T&E cable. Since the cooker is bordered by cupboards it is regularly pulled forward about a metre for cleaning the unit and the floor beneath it. This forward movement extends the cable to full stretch while pushing it back makes it hang in a...
  12. oracle

    Periodic testing with the power on and all loads connected

    I recently watched a tester and his mate do a periodic inspection and testing on a social housing dwelling without turning off the power or disconnecting any loads. The Ze was measured without disconnecting the main earth conductor and Zs taken with the loads connected. They subtracted the...
  13. C

    DB installed connected & tested

    Just your thoughts on this DB,it’s a Lewden type,I personally don’t like them. Bus bar,not ideal,main switch on right,space very tight to make connections,hate the rcbo’s,screws in front of each other,making it hard to retighten .
  14. normanton

    Short Circuit When Emergency Lights Are Connected

    I've come across a fault at work. Fuse keeps blowing when they put it in. I haven't tested for a while, and so am pretty sure I'm missing some basic steps with the fault finding process. Small room. 1 emergency fluorescent light fitting, 1 bulkhead emergency fitting. Fluorescent is plugged into...
  15. B

    Switched live connected to neutral on lamp

    Hi all, Newbie here after some advice. I’m in the process of replacing my landing light and when disconnecting the old one I noticed that the SW live was connected to neutral on the lamp and the circuit neutrals connected to live on the lamp. I am aware that normally the SW live would go...
  16. J

    Motor Tripping RCD but it's not even connected to it

    Hi, I have just installed a dedicated 32A circuit to feed a motor which according to the data plate is 3.0kW and 16.6 Amps, single phase. It is fed from a 32A MCB via 6mm cable about 22 metres. I have fed it from a MK twin 63 Amp RCD board but this motor circuit is not protected by either RCD...
  17. A

    Question regarding 400V three phase lighting connected in Delta, without Neutral.

    I am in the process of designing the electrical installation of a community centre, and have a question about the provision of three phase lighting for a large function room containing 18 36W LED fittings. All of the light fittings are to be switched simultaneously. Would it be possible to...
  18. Jay89

    Two cables connected to mcb

    Evening All Im sure this will have been discussed at some point (if so please point me to a relevant thread) I have been to look at some remedial work where a previous inspector has flagged up on multiple circuits 'DBx Cx has two cables in mcb, need separating - C2' These circuits are either...
  19. Voltimum UK

    Are you best electrician??

    We're launching our first Smart Solution awards and want to celebrate contractors and installers who are working with Smart Technology. If you're a beginner, we have a category for that, and if you're an experience smart home installer, we have a category for that too. Smart Solutions Awards...
  20. C

    Main gas bond connected in the wrong place

    hello guys I need some advice on and EICR job. On the MET we have two main bonding conductors 10mm each. Water is fine however I cannot find the gas bond connection on the pipe. I know it is connected to the pipe as a long lead test gives me 0.02. The pipes resistance rises as I disconnect...
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