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  1. C

    Connecting a Brake Light Module to control all 3 brake lights

    Hello, I need detailed assistance badly. I am trying to connect a Brake Light Module or a "Flasher" to my brake lights for attention but I want to control all 3 lights when brake is applied, rather than just the 3rd brake light or the main brake lights. The instruction for the product looks...
  2. M

    Connecting a thermostat to an existing boiler

    Hi everyone. Im new here and I apologise if this has already been asked. I am trying to connect my thermostat to my existing combi boiler. The thermostat is under the boiler and has 4 core wire coming out of it. The gas engineer who came out to service the boiler said that it can't be...
  3. 1Justin

    Hager part KRN190 neutral connecting block

    Who's familiar with Hager KRN190? It's called a "neutral connecting block" by Hager with no further info. This seems a maybe misnomer, but I have never seen one in the flesh.. I'm assuming it would have a lower terminal spaced to fit a standard Hager busbar prong if it were fitted like an MCB...
  4. O

    Connecting 2-2-2-4 AL URD to interior subpanel

    Good afternoon, I was trying to figure out when running 2-2-2-4 AL URD direct bury in conduit to a building, how do you connect it to the inside sub panel? I think I heard that it can't enter a building and if so, then how do you get the wire inside? I am a DIYer and have a general...
  5. D

    GFCI question connecting to 40 amp line

    I am a DIY, but not sure if my current problem is DIY solvable given my limited electrical knowledge. I recently purchased a home that has a 40 amp line that runs to a non-working (always displays fault light) GFCI receptacle in a bathroom and then shares the current with two other bathrooms...
  6. G

    C1 + Accessories Connection, what is it for when connecting to a head unit. ignition?

    In my c1 handbook connection A4 is (+) Accessories. What is it for? Ignition? Thankyou!
  7. L

    Connecting a ceiling rose back together

    Hi I'm contacting a ceiling rose back up from having a metal pendent on. Where do I put the 3 browns in the connector block in the ceiling rose
  8. S

    Telephone line connecting

    Hi guys. I need some advice on how to wire up a master socket to the outside junction box. The wire I have bought to replace the old one is of different colour so I'm a bit confused. I've opened the master and the colours are Orange A and White B. Outside on the wall main socket coming into the...
  9. naylorpd

    Voltmeter on 3P CU - connecting very small wires

    I'm in Azerbaijan so UK regs don't apply but safety and common sense do. My house has a 3 phase supply to the main CU, which then feeds 6 other CUs around the house - one on each floor, one for aircon and one for garden. The incomer is 3P+N, no earth. I have two earth rods in the garden. We...
  10. M

    Connecting a wireless thermostat to a glow worm boiler

    hi all , I’m after some help please , I’ve just had a glow worm boiler installed and wanted to add a wireless thermostat on , I just want to check how it would be wired , currently I just have a switch fuse spur next which directly feeds the boiler . There is a L N E RT ( room thermostat )...
  11. Dal

    Connecting Consumer Units.

    Hi! First off I'd like to make clear that this installation is in Spain so UK regs don't necessarily apply but I'm just looking for some feedback and peace of mind that what I want to do isn't too stupid! (p.s. no ring main, all radial circuits and yes, we are earthed!) I've lived in a ground...
  12. M

    Connecting new bathroom fan VENT-AXIA VASF100T

    Hi i removed the old manrose fan as it was to loud and useless . I connected the new one but its not working. The old manrose was connected through light switch.
  13. S

    Help - connecting up single phase motor

    I have been asked to connect up a single phase motor in an extractor fan but not sure of connections and don't have data sheet The fan is a Nicota DDM 9/7 A six core cable comes out Brown and white joined to one connector Brown - capacitor linked to this Black - capacitor linked to this Brown...
  14. M

    Connecting led floodlight from new bathroom extension light wiring

    Hi need a bit of help. I connected my floodlight to the existing wiring. I used the blue and brown wire and it worked for like 5 seconds and the floodlight just went off. The floodlight had a yellow wire i didnt connect that because the bathroom wiring is a twin 1.5mm and only blue and brown...
  15. D

    Connecting an induction hob

    Just wanted to check something with the great and the good on here, I'm just about to put in a aeg induction hob in my kitchen, the two diagrams show one 400v diagram with the two lives going to connection points 1 and 2, the 230v diagram (relevant to me) shows the live going to connection point...
  16. L

    Connecting the neutral directly to the neutral bar

    Hi all, is it ok to connect the main incoming neutral to a 3 phase db directly to the neutral bar and avoiding the main isolator? Thx
  17. S

    telephone point - re connecting issue

    hello i need to sort out damp causing problems for a phone point my question is ... is how do i disconnect the telephone wires as they are punched in .. i need to disconnect so i can add a pattress box and then re connect ... do i just cut the wires and the punch them back in afterwards ...
  18. C

    Connecting rigid conduit to flexible conduit

    Good evening all, My first posting on this site. Some advice on the following would be greatly appreciated. Am I right in thinking that the best way of connecting rigid conduit to flexible conduit is by screwing the gland on the flexible conduit into a female adapter? Or is it acceptable to...
  19. Electron

    Connecting SWA to Twin and Earth cable?

    I am about to start a job where the existing wiring from a detached garage is 2x6mm SWA. This runs underground from the garage consumer unit to the house and is connected, via a Junction box, to a ring circuit in the basement. I plan put the supply to the garage onto it's own circuit (32A) using...
  20. L

    EICR 3036 board - coding - meter tails

    How would you code the following? No RCD protection. I coded c2 Not amendment 3 compliant. I coded C3 Meter tails 16mm. I coded C3 Tested the installation and the test results were all compliant with BS7671.
  21. R

    Solar connection details

    First of all hello, this is my first post. Did try a search to answer my question but was unsuccessful. I am connecting the AC side of a PV solar installation. im not an out and out electrician but I am qualified for the purpose of my job as a maintenance engineer. Baisically my question is...
  22. G

    PC fans and LED

    I have a load of PC fans, some 2 wire(red & black), some 3 wire(red & black & white/blue/yellow). I am testing these out by connecting an LED to the red and black wires then spinning the fan. All the 2 wire fans are lighting the LED but all the 3 wire fans are not. On the 3 wire fans I am not...
  23. uksparks

    Dumb Ass Customer

    Hi, Got a call yesterday, can you come and wire my tv to my sky dish... Yeah ok... Get there today, dish on one side of house, tv in other side bedroom. I said so I'll clip the cable round her, hold through the wall.... Ok... No... I don't want to be ble to see the cable on the outside...
  24. Toby Kuhnert

    FOR SALE Seaward Test 'n' tag printer in mint condition, with all connecting leads

    Hi I have a Seaward Test 'n' Tag printer for sale in mint condition (as new). It's never been taken out on site, it is not longer needed (I've only had it month and a half). As I'm sure you're aware, these retail for anywhere between £250-£350 new. It comes with a cartridge, that has been used...
  25. M

    whats the correct method of connecting broken - cutcable in a ring main socket please

    Hi, i have a fault on my lounge ring main, it works fine but failed the tests, i have discovered a cable passing through the back of one of the sockets has been cut which was part of the ring, what i need to know is how should this be correctly reconnected, there is enough cable to crimp or run...
  26. G

    4.0kwp installs and DNO's

    Had a long chat with one of the design engineers at our DNO (NEDL) the other day. His opinion was that the whole PV industry is wrong. He's not happy about people connecting all these "generators" up to the grid and says all systems should have to have their consent prior to installation. So I...
  27. M

    Best way to route cables between groups of panels

    Hi I'm looking at connecting two or more groups of panels on a roof which are separated by velux windows. What's the best way of connecting them? I've seen installations with two DC wires strung between them over the top of the veluxes (aaaaagh!!) but was wondering if there's a better way...
  28. E

    r1 r2 testing on rings

    hi guys been using a home made intermediate switch and a drilled plug top for r1 r2 testing on rings. does anyone know if I can buy manufactured versions of these and where?
  29. P

    Standby Generators again!

    Evening All. Almost clear on connecting the genny to the house! When connecting the genny it is recommended to link the neutral to earth in the socket of the connecting cable. Why? Is there any reason why the neutral to earth link shouldn't be at the back of the fixed plug on the box housing the...
  30. S

    HELP! New CCU, RCD keeps tripping???

    New Wylex dual RCD board RCD 1 (80A 30mA) 32A Cooker 32A Kitchen ring 6A Upstairs lights Have tried disconnecting all loads and connecting one at a time to see if I can determine which circuit is causing the problem but take your pick - whichever one I connect up trips the RCD. RCD 2...
  31. M

    RCD Question..

    Can anyone explain why on a split board (RCD+NON RCD) That the RCD neutral has its own neutral bar? When in fact if you were to follow the neutral cable, they all go back to the same source anyway??:confused:
  32. S

    Testing spurs

    :confused: Hello all, I am a gas fitter and a domestic installer (limited scope) and was wondering what testing i have to do to install a spur (to fit a boiler) to a previously installed ring. Do i have to test the ring from the start as if i have installed it myself?
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