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  1. W

    Connecting an air compressor

    Bought an air compressor at auction. Looks to have been previously hooked up in the previous owners shop. It has two wire Romex coming from the regulator. Plate on motor says 230 v. 15 amps. Single phase. So I'm assuming I can hook this to 110 v? And could I just put a three-pronged plug on the...
  2. newfutile

    connecting CO alarms to smoke alarms

    any BS 5839 experts know whether CO alarms should be connected to the smoke/heat alarm system ? after completing an efixx CPD it seems they should not be , however multi alarms detectors exist with an optical and CO alarm in one unit and while that unit on the aico lights up to indicated CO or...
  3. StefanL

    Connecting multiple drives to only one adapter/transformer

    Hi everyone, I have several external disk drives, all from the same manufacturer and all using the same type of transformer - input 220V, output 12V, 1.5A, 18W. Currently I plug them all in a multiple socket plug the length of a Dachshund:)) and it looks just horrible. Is there a way to have...
  4. R

    How are we all connecting up our bollards armoured cable?

    Inspired by a recent video from the 'plumber'. How are we all connecting up our bollards? I've seen several methods in the past including not earthing the steel wires to using a wiska box with glands on like the plumber does. What do you all think is the best way? A contractor i used to do...
  5. S

    Connecting wall mount

    Ive bought a atf600 wall mount with transformer attached. Details on transformer are input 230v output 4.2v 600ma. Question is I have a unused fused spur where I want to put this could I connect it to the fused spur if so what fuse would I put in the spur. Many thanks
  6. N

    Connecting Extractor Fan

    Hi I connected black wire to neutral and red one to Live one, but extractor fan still does not work. Please see photos attached. Does it mean I need to split red wire into 2 and connect to the very left and very right sides to make it work, or am I missing something? would appreciate an...
  7. E

    Which connecting block for oven

    I am replacing my under counter oven with a new 3kw one, oven is on its own circuit and isolation oven switch, the cable is either 4 or 6mm coming through wall where I need to join. The oven came with flex but no plug, which type of connector block should I use to join the two? Similarly, have...
  8. G

    Connecting a Sunhouse SSHE070 storage heater

    Hi, My electrician removed an old Creda storage heater connected to only 1 off peak supply and installed the SSHE070 but as the power is off peak he cannot set it up. He connected it up but it has not come on over the off peak period. Has he missed something? He asked me to contact Dimplex but...
  9. B

    Connecting coaxial power connector to the battery

    Hello, I want to have my battery as a main power source so I can plug it in to my device which have this coaxial power connector(outside using). Everything I need is to cut this EU Plug split the wires and connect to the battery, which one is the positive and negative wire?
  10. M

    Help connecting three way switches

    There is two hot wires one in each box. What is the proper way to connect the four wires to the switch In each box?
  11. J

    UK WHY? - When connecting 2 phases in 3p, we get 400v

    When we use 1 phase, L1 or L2 or L3 - we get 240V When we use 2 phases, L1 & L2, or L1 & L3, or L2 & L3 - we get 400v. When we use 3 phases, L1 & L2 & L3 - we get 240v?
  12. J

    connecting lighting together

    hi all im looking at installing 2 downlights into a fire surround and a strip light around the bottom. is there any way i can connect these both together and just use one remote. appreciate any info and anywhere i could purchase these to work in cync. thanks john
  13. J

    Best way of connecting to the live bus bar in Wylex CU

    I'm using a Wylex consumer unit to house some equipment to measure single phase heat pump performance. Part of the box is a conventional main switch and MCBs, but part of it is a din rail mounted RS485 linked three phase energy meter which is used to measure total energy, energy use by any...
  14. W

    Connecting together 6mm cables

    Hi.... First time I've posted here. I own a property which is rented out. Recently the Gas Oven failed a gas safety test and the Gas Engineers recommended an Electric Oven. I purchased a 2.3Kw oven and they fitted it and plugged it into the ring main. Its only a small terrace and just as the one...
  15. Pretty Mouth

    Cable for connecting induction hob

    The manufacturers instructions for an induction hob I will be fitting in the new year are telling me to use either H03V2V2-F or H05BB-F (basically 90degree PVC or rubber flex) for the connection. These are difficult to get hold of in the couple of meters of 4mm that I need, and I'm...
  16. N

    Connecting two 3-core wires

    Hi, i have two electric radiators that I would like to swap. They have different lengths of 3-core wire and to be able to swap them successfully I'll have to lengthen one of the wires. I first thought about disconnecting them from the radiators, but the earth wires are soldered in (the live...
  17. M

    Advice Regarding Connecting 16amp plug to 32 amp

    Hi, I am an amateur with little knowledge of electrics, so please bear with me. I recently bought a petrol generator Pacini 6.5KVA Petrol 13HP Generator, Electric start - https://ige.ie/pacini-6-5kva-petrol-13hp-generator-electric-start The purpose of the generator is to power basic...
  18. C

    Connecting a convectair and wires seem off

    Good day. My daughter bought an older house and wanted to change a 240 volts baseboard heater with built-in thermostat with a convectair. We bought a Convectair without a thermostat for which I wanted to hook up a programmable wall thermostat. The new convectair instructions only say to hook...
  19. Designmen90

    Connecting ground to neutral in main panel

    Hello everyone ? It's totally confusing for me. It is my understanding that the neutral and the ground busbars should be connected at the main distribution board (schematic attached), but not at the auxiliary or sub panel. But why? I know that if I connect them in sub panel the current from...
  20. N

    UK Connecting wires of different diameter

    I have installed some lights to a wooden gazebo and the wire seems relatively thin ( the lights are 30 LED 0.6A each. I’m getting an infrared heater which I suspect will have a thicker cable. It would be easy to run a short cable to connect to the light cable to power the heater. Are there any...
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