1. C

    How to enable a 220V connection from the meter?

    Hi everyone! I am Cristian from Ecuador. Since I understand just the very basics of electric circuits, I would like to ask for some explanation about the wiring on the box containing the meter at home. First of all, I have to mention that meters in Ecuador are supposedly capable to deliver...
  2. L

    Easy connection help seek

    Hello! I am a novice in this electricity world, however I'm trying to learn the basics, I have this centrifugal fan which came without power cable and I had to connect one to a 3 way terminal block but on the diagram I could only see where to put the N and L cable, the ground cable there was...
  3. Q

    Domestic Can connection plate be replaced by plug socket

    Hi, I’ve been living in a “new built” house for the last five years and the time to replace some of the built-in appliances has come. My dishwasher and washing mashine are connected to the grid via connection plates similar to those, although I’m not aware of their exact technical parameters...
  4. K

    Motor connection to 220v

    I have a two value capacitor motor from china photos will includes i believe there country runs 220 standard single phase and I am in USA Sn: it did spark accidently when i hit black wire on another wire and kinda started Thank you
  5. J

    Lighting connection, socket outlet?

    Working on an industrial radial lighting circuit, 6 son high bay fittings each connected from a conduit box via a short length of flex from the main circuit (terminal strip inside conduit box). Problem they are getting is whenever a fitting goes faulty it takes the entire circuit out. Ideal...
  6. C

    What Smart Thermostat for a 2 Wire Connection? Currently Honneywell

    Hi all, new to the forum. I currently have a Honneywell c901 thermostat set up to control my combi boiler. I've been looking to buy a smart thermostat to replace the honneywell but when I removed the panel, I see it only has two wires, I hear there are usually 4 wires or more. Any advice...
  7. M

    Heating element connection

    Hi have been asked to fix connection on 3 phase printing machine the cable has disconnected for poor connection where cable grab been pressed obviously its not soldered, are there some high temp solder kits available?
  8. R

    Domestic BG Connection Concerns.

    Hi there folks, Daughter asked me to fit new BG light switches. The new type have changed their connections similar to LAP type. Now you HAVE to double over connections to ensure good connections otherwise if using several wires in connection some can pull out. The connection is bigger than...
  9. R

    New extension - 2nd fuse box connection

    Hi, We are building a new extension which is the opposite side of the property to where the current mains in and fuse box is located ( which are on the opposite side of an external wall ). The extension will be a new kitchen with an electric oven and hob, utility room with washing machine /...
  10. G

    C1 + Accessories Connection, what is it for when connecting to a head unit. ignition?

    In my c1 handbook connection A4 is (+) Accessories. What is it for? Ignition? Thankyou!
  11. C

    Three phase - serial connection

    I have two FCU's in the same room. Can these two FCU's (3 phase) be fed from same cable from the panel located in the another room? Is it acceptable as per codes? or do I need to run separate cables?
  12. S

    Issue with cat 6 connection

    Hey guys I installed a cat 6 ftp cable last week around 50metres. It goes from one cat6 faceplate to another. When I originally tested the connection it was fine with my network tester,we tested with a couple of cat 5e patch leads to check connectivity and was fine. Today the customer has...
  13. pirate

    Telephone wiring connection help, please!

    Hello all, probably not the right forum but here goes anyway. My house phone wiring has become scrambled. I have the usual incomer with the screw-on plug - in faceplate, and 3 other sockets in the house, which have been unused for ages. Some months ago I had problems with my internet, so...
  14. D

    Domestic Replacement Oven & Hob on same 32 amp connection

    Hoping to get some advice as i like to understand what work will be carried out and what actually needs doing etc. Looking at replacing the hob & oven as they are on their way out and in my research I've found out the following. Oven & hob are both connected to an isolating switch just above...
  15. B

    Fused connection unit

    2 Questions, 1. 2.5mm T+E on radial, 20A breaker feeding 1 FCU that feeds water heater, can I come off this FCU with another FCU to feed a heater? 2. 2.5mm ring main, consisting off FCU and sockets all on ring, can I come off one of these FCU to feed a FCU spur?
  16. F

    Question about electrical connection and feasibility

    Hi, In the past, my flat had 2 beepers , 1 at the door, and 1 at the study much further away. In recent years, the evil housing association which owns the building has introduced new beepers/buzzers, but this time only 1 for each flat. Now, I find that, with just 1 buzzer/beeper, I cannot hear...
  17. D

    UF controller connection to boiler

    Hi All, I have a wundafloor 3 zone uf heating system and a separate rad system running off a Baxi Ecoblue Advance heat Boiler and Megaflo tank. The rad system runs fine via a Danfoss controller but the installer has not wired the uf controller to the boiler so the uf cannot "call" for heat and...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Do you all use cooker connection plates?

    Asked to connect a cooker up today, it is to an existing install, removed temporarily to allow new base units to be fitted. Connected it back up. however it was connected direct to isolator switch. no connection plate on the wall. cable comes down in wall, then out behind cupboard and then...

    Earth Leakage Relay connection with normal CT

    Hi Can I connect normal Current Transformers (CT) instead of Core Balance Current Transformers (CBCT) to Earth Leakage Relay.. Thanks
  20. A

    Shower overheating no loose connection

    Hi all. Shower has melted on top left corner. I thought it would likely be a loose connections on the feed. On taking the cover off the 10mm coming in and connector block looks fine and is tight and I soon realised the burn Mark is from the live going from the block up to the top of the...
  21. B

    Cooker connection to 13A socket

    I am in the process of buying a new Bosch Serie 4 HBS534BS0B. Total connected load electric: 2.99 KW. AO who I am buying it from state that it can be connected to a 13A socket other seller are saying it is 13 Amp (Requires hardwiring to a fused spur). There is a 13A socket already there that...
  22. S

    Neutral connection to heating programmer

    gas engineer can't fit new heating programmer as I need a neutral connection on the back plate. Advised to get an electrician. How much would this cost or would it be better getting a new heating system?
  23. P

    Non-Electrician: Switch Fused Connection Unit Light Not Working

    The neon light on my flat-plate/switched fused connection unit doesn't come on when I use the washing machine. The machine still works - but does the fact that the light doesn't come on mean something is wrong? Do I need to get an electrician in?
  24. N

    Baxi 600 electrical connection

    Howdy - first post and need some advice. Baxi 630 boiler To start with i am not qualified in anything and i know the wiring in the photo is from the 90s. Please bear with me.... We had a new boiler fitted a couple of weeks ago by a certified gas engineer. He was a sub of my builder. At the...
  25. I

    Honeywell 2 amp fused connection unit

    Just a quick questiin can i use a 3 amp for a 2A fused connection unit the factory manuel is saying 2 amp full stop is this 100% or can i use a 3 amp i would of thought this would be sufficiant and then wired to a 6 amp breaker? Never done a alarm system before so making sure as dont want to pop...
  26. N

    Emergency spots, connection advice

    Hi all, A client has kindly changed their mind on the emergency light they are using. They want to me to install these I’ve used these quite a lot and I’m most casss they are a good job, I...
  27. oracle

    Cooker connected to unfused connection unit with 6mm twin and earth

    Today I found a free standing cooker connected with T&E cable. Since the cooker is bordered by cupboards it is regularly pulled forward about a metre for cleaning the unit and the floor beneath it. This forward movement extends the cable to full stretch while pushing it back makes it hang in a...
  28. G

    Pedestal Fan - bypass speed control unit - Direct connection

    Hi, The speed controller on my pedestal fan is broken and I thought of bypassing it by connecting the power supply directly to the fan motor. When I opened casing, I found two wires (Blue and Brown) coming in from the plugs end and four wires (Red, Black, Blue and White) coming from the motor...
  29. P

    Connection to static caravan

    Was having a look around local caravan dealers today, and as I know lots of you want to know the correct way to run a supply to a static caravan, I thought you might be interested in the attached photo which shows how a professional would do it! Also you also don't need the installation on a...
  30. V

    Domestic Induction hob connection and switch

    My kitchen was rewired last year and I had the electrician run a cooker circuit "just in case" as I was using a gas cooker. He terminated it in a double socket. Now I'm redoing my kitchen and would like to fit an induction hob (7.4 kW) and a single electric oven below (2-3 kW). The double...
  31. Dave Edwards

    Increasing PV panels on a single phase grid connection

    Someone is connected to the grid with single phase supply and they have a 4kW PV array directly connected. They want to increase their PV generation, and add another 4kW. I keep reading that if you generate more than 4kW you need a "3 phase inverter to split the load". But I can't find out...
  32. M

    Domestic Mk5 Golf Indicator Fault, possibly connection issue?

    hi guys, Looking for some advice. I’ve got a mk5 1.9TDi golf with a fault in the rear left indicator. It’s not a bulb fault as I’ve changed that already. As I was changing, the indicator would sporadically turn on and off but more often than not it was off. I think there may be a wiring or...
  33. Lenny

    PT Connection To Pump

    Hi all. Could someone please confirm where to connect a 4-20mA pressure transducer to AI2 in the attached photo. I believe it’s terminals 7 & 8 but the pump is not responding at all. Thanks.
  34. C

    Sonoff wifi smart switch connection

    Hello guys, I currently live in Cyprus and i need some assistance on wiring a wifi touch switch. In Cyprus they follow UK electric system of 3 pins but i dont know about the wiring. My problem is as follows. I want to change 2 switches that turn on and off the ssme fluorescent. I unscrewed...
  35. R

    Electrical connection to shed

    This is possibly quite simple. I am not an electrician but am good at digging holes, I need electric running to my shed so I can put a freezer in it, how deep should the trench be (I am guessing 2 spits depth) so I can cut the most labour intensive part of the job as much as possible...
  36. S

    New 2.9kw oven connection

    Hi, I've got a new built in oven that requires connection to electricity. The oven has a dedicated 32amp RCD protected circuit, with 6mm cable. The old oven was connected via a cooker connection unit with 6mm T&E. The new oven has a power rating of 2.9kw, and comes with a 1.5mm flex attached...
  37. hambone

    Unboxed Lighting Connection

    This connection was left in a loft after the installation of new lighting in all the rooms below. The loft insulation is also inadequate and will be topped up, in theory covering it. Does this meet regulations for this type of installation, should it be boxed and is it a warning to get the rest...
  38. Gudoldtom

    Northern Power Grid Earth connection

    Hi I have just had an earth put into my property can anyone advise what type of arrangement it is? Many thanks
  39. J

    Domestic Possible problem with supply earth connection on TN-S system

    Long time reader, first time poster. We moved house about a year ago and had an EICR carried out before purchasing. Everything checked out fine but with a some C3 recommendations for improvement. The power supply to the house comes up through the floor in the cupboard under the stairs...
  40. mikejlj

    Help identifying this odd plug connection!

    Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me identify this odd plug / connector. We bought a second hand dresser and it has a spotlight fitted. The spotlight cable has the connector shown in the pic. That connector plugs into a plug, which plugs into the wall. I accidentally broke off...
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