consumer board

  1. B

    UK Consumer board location next to a garage door

    Hi all I’m a self builder here looking for some technical details.... I’m fitting a consumer board next to my garage door and need to know if there is a minimum distance that the board needs to be fitted to the wall in relation to door opening???
  2. 4

    Split Consumer Board - R side RCD switching off L side cicuits

    Hi folks, Would appreciate some thoughts. Called to a friend's house earlier in week. No cooker or sockets. She said that the cooker had tripped a couple of times when she tried to set up the electronic timer either before or during use. Timer needs to be live to allow electric oven to...
  3. Dannyboybl00

    Pro Electrician West Sussex Qualified Electrician - Matrick Electrical Services Ltd

    West Sussex Electricians - Matrick Electricial Services Ltd I’m an East Grinstead based electrician and have lived in the area for over 30 years. I’ve been involved in the Construction Industry for 20 years and have Project Managed and Site Managed around the UK for almost 18 years. During this...
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