1. EastCoastPete

    Contactor for Heating Radial

    Hello All, I've a 1 bedroom flat installation. All standard but the customer will AirBB it and wants a master switch to encourage guests to turn off the (3x 1Kw) wall heaters when they leave. I'm thinking 16A contactor, any good /bad makes or takes on this route? Thanks, Pete
  2. A

    UK Cu change with intergrated contactor

    Hi all, I've just been to a flat with the old double stack mem cu which includes an old 63 a contactor for the storage heaters. Looks like contractor is getting very warm over time and the board could do with an upgrade. Anyone had to do similar and if so can recommend a good brand? I'm guessing...
  3. B

    Contactor for outside heaters

    Hi looking for some advice, looking to put some outside heaters (in my garden) 2 x 2500w, now I want a time delay switch but this can only switch 16A, so I’m looking at putting a contactor in as I already have one, but I’ve only ever used contactors twice before, is this the best way to set up...
  4. simpson93

    Looking for contactor that fits in single box

    Afternoon all, As title suggests I’m not sure if such a product exists but I’m looking for a 20amp contactor that is mounted into a single box/patress Reason being another sparks has wired 2 ufh mats 1800w each onto a single spur (14-16amp)
  5. Christopher Parkinson

    (diy)Do I need a contactor?

    Hi all, I'm building a small, home tanning bed. I finally have a staircase timer which works. It's rated at 16amps. I'm using 10 x 160watt lamps. There is an electronic ballast for each lamp. The ballasts are rated at 1 amp AC 230V output current. Do I need a contactor? The timer...
  6. M

    Do I need a 415v coil contactor?

    Hi guys, first post on here so hope it doesn’t sound too dull. I’ve recently qualified but my background is domestic...recently started with a company working in commercial so haven’t had much experience in working with contactors. But basically I’ve got 3 rows of lights that need to be...
  7. B

    Contactor for oven

    Hi, working on a job, guy wants all appliances on grid switch, the oven needs 32amp supply so best way I can think of is 6mm into contactor 6mm to cooker then 1.0mm from contactor to 20amp DP in grid switch to keep it on grid??? Thing confusing me is the grid is on a 4mm 32amp at the moment and...
  8. L

    Contactor question

    I need to replace a standard contactor 25a That is used to pull in a 3 phase extraction fan. I called a wholesaler who said just put a 63a one in it will be fine. Surely I would be in danger of over current with this ? I've not used many contactors so want to make sure it's installed correctly...
  9. D

    Emergency Lighting contactor switch over

    Hi Everyone. Working on a self contained emergency lighting system. There are 70 emergency lights over 3 floors. The emergencies are wired on a separate circuit from the local lights but fed from the same DB. I require the supply for the self contained (batt back up) lights to disconnect...
  10. S

    Timer and contactor wiring help

    I’m installing 5 downlights and 20 x 6W garden spike lights and I haven’t done much timer/ contactor wiring and I was wondering if this diagram was correct. The lights will only come on from 5:00pm until 10:00pm Cheers.
  11. A

    suggestion on using contactor with phase failure

    hi need suggestion on using contactor with phase failure relay to ON a machine which is a cnc router. the cnc router has it self ON and OFF Buttons so thinking to install a contactor with phase faller relay as a power source to machine in case of phase loss the machine power off. currently its...
  12. S

    Lighting circuit contactor

    Hi all I am replacing a contactor in a communal block of flats I believe it for the external and internal lights. Am replacing like for like but it doesnt seem right to me. Looks like its been messed about with previously? The old contactor had an a2 terminal at the bottom aswell whereas the new...
  13. D

    Timer for contactor control

    Hello all, I am needing a din rail mount timer which will control a contactor. It will need to have a function which will allow me to have the contactor energise for 30mins. Off for 30mins. On for 30mins and repeat forever. New to this and i am getting confused with On delay, Off delay timers...
  14. F

    Domestic Fuse box makes humming sound when off-peak water heating

    Video of issue: Hi I’ve noticed a humming from my fuse box when my nightly off-peak water comes on. When I first moved in I had a similar issue, albeit louder / more high pitched. An electrician replaced the contactor at the time. It might be worth noting that that little grey box (I think...
  15. Ironbones

    Commercial Still Learning -Whats this for connected to contactor and overload.

    Hi All Could someone explain this to me please. Connected to the contactor, over load are two coils (are they ferrite chokes) please see photos. Also why only two and not three one for each phase, marked with a 65 in the photos. The motor is used to control a blower unit, that moves a bean...
  16. T

    Contactor question - multiple inputs

    Any contactor specialists out there? I have multiple machines that are connected via extraction ducting to a 2KVA 3 phase extraction fan on the external wall. At the moment I rely on machine operators to switch the extraction fan on before using any of the machines (not all machines are used...
  17. N


    hi i would like to operate an extractor fan by dimmer switch! i looking for relay or contactor which can work between 100v-230v! thx
  18. N

    Contactor control circuit

    Hi guys and gals, I am struggling to figure out how to achieve what seems to be a simple control circuit. I’ve wired a test rig and the system works as expected apart from the lamp not illuminating! What I am trying to achieve is a 13amp socket controlled contactor. Part of the control circuit...
  19. Dengar

    Contactor issues on ceiling heater circuits

    Hi I looked at a contactor schneider ict 4 pole 400v 25a. The fault was a loud knocking noise coming from the electricial riser cupboard. I suspected one of the contactors was pulling in and out rapidly (this known as chattering?) I am hoping you can point me in a direction as I'm not...
  20. J

    Trouble with a contactor

    Hi all Bit of advice needed. Got called to a job with a bunch of lights not coming on the set up is a 5 way board controlled via a timeclock and double pole contactor also has a small fuse inside of enclosure which is plug in fused wire type if you look closely at picture any ideas what could be...
  21. D

    Contactor control advise

    hi guys could you help me out please. I have been asked to put a contactor on a 100 amp supply to a dB on a food stand. The contactor needs to shut off on fire through a firetrace system already installed. 1st I was thinking of coming of the dB with a 2a breaker to feed the pressure switch...
  22. Soulsurfer

    Contactor on borehole water pump issue.

    Hi all, been asked to go look at a contactor setup on a pump which is only used for garden lawn sprinklers etc.. and as I don't often play with danfoss overloads and such I cannot work out what's up! I have no details on the load of the pump / model, make etc.. and only know that the pump was...
  23. B

    What contactor size for a 9kw electric boiler

    Hi all. Don't have much experience on this topic. Called to a job with an electric boiler. It has a dedicated 10mm supply from a 50A MCB. I narrowed down the fault the the contactor which was only feedig 1 of tge 3 elements and had scorching marks around the other 2 terminals. And is currently...
  24. Soulsurfer

    DOL starter / contactor

    Hey all, I have a couple of jobs to look at which one is apparently not working right as is a single phase supply through a D.O.L starter / contactor for I think a borehole pump and another that is running a fresh air ventilation system and is now tripping out ! The thing is I've never needed to...
  25. A

    Shunt trip in a domestic CU? Looking for a complaint way of remotely switching off power

    Hi. A thought of a domestic fire in my house terrifies me, so I installed a really sophisticated fire alarm in my house. This system optionally can even turn off the gas valve (it has a motorized arm which is installed on the main valve) and switch off electricity in case if the fire is detected...
  26. M

    Moeller contactor looking for equivalent.

    Hi, can anyone guide me to an equivalent to the 3phase Moeller contactor .DIL A-XHIC31 ? Thank you in advance.
  27. S

    Old Council Controlled Central Heating Contactor

    Hi, a friend of mine has moved to what once was a council house, and has a contactor that was apparently used by the council to control the heating. He wants to change over to an economy 7 type meter. The DNO won’t do anything until the contactor is gone, but won’t touch it themselves. It’s not...
  28. jaydub

    DOL Starter / Contactor questions...

    Hi guys, I have very limited experience with starters and contactors as my work has always been domestic and have not once come across either that I've needed to work on. Until now... I have been asked if I can update a swimming pool control panel and I think I have the general idea but am...
  29. R

    Wireless contacter for boiler enable

    I am looking for a 2 part contactor to transfer a boiler enable signal from first floor to ground floor where there is no practical way of running a cable. In short the unit needs to receive a 230v call for heat from the wiring centre and send an RF signal to a receiver contactor that will call...
  30. I

    Hot water Contactor issue

    Evening all. I admit I am not affay with the workings of contactors however, I have come across a domestic property that heating and water powered via economy 7 electric. Recently, the water is running luke warm to cold. I have tested the circuit within the property to ensure there is a...
  31. A

    Understanding lighting contactor

    Hi guys, I'm new on here, I'm a level 3 apprentice, most of my experience is commercial and domestic, my boss has just taken on a large industrial job, in which we are testing and rewiring everything, first we are doing the lights, we will be fitting some lighting contacters, which will run...
  32. M

    Protek ika20 20 20A contactor

    Hi, Im not very pc savvy and I'm not sure if this info is available elsewhere on this forum but I'm looking for a protek ika20 20 contactor for a client and i'm struggling from our usual suppliers. Does anyone here know of a supplier please? Thanks
  33. B

    Rf relay controlling 100a contactor. Chatter over time.

    Hi there. I'll explain the setup first. 25mm 2 cable single phase tncs Into 3ph 100a contactor. Only switching line. Out of contactor into supply side of a consumer unit. Coil Is controlled by separate 6a circuit with a lightwave inline Rf relay. I've changed the contactor as upon...
  34. L

    Recommendation of Ultra Quiet Contractor - Underfloor Heating

    Hi All; I have a flat with 6 areas warmed via underfloor heating. Each of the areas are controlled by its own thermostat Microline Ultra-Thin Thermostat with display, and there are 2 models used: 2 x OTN2-1991 with floor sensor (bathroom) 4 x OTN2-1999 with built-in room sensor (other rooms)...
  35. L

    Timelock with Photocell then Contactor with a Keyswitch

    I have got a little job to do tomorrow and need some assisstance. I need to install a contactor for some outside lighting. Can anyone draw me up or explain as best as they can how to wire the following, I have a rough idea its just the last time i wired a contactor etc was many years ago A...
  36. L

    Contactor not closing

    We have a contactor that controls backs of lights. The local switches are not working. If you kill the breaker and reinstate the contactor operates and lights come on. Once they time out the local switch should work. Is this the contactor not operating or faulty switches ?
  37. C

    Dol starter

    Never really touched on motors always been domestic, any ways il cut to the chase, got a job dol starter 3ph not stopping on em stop button, am I right in assuming it can only be the dol stater is nakered, and just replace it, or could it be deeper and be overload setting wrong etc etc. Also to...
  38. L

    Switching Arrangement

    Back again! Im currently doing some garden lighting at my parents place and need some help on the switching arrangement. I ran all armoured's(9) back to the garage and connected them to a din rail enclosure, from this enclosure i ran a 12core armoured to the house via adaptable box. The...
  39. GBDamo

    Relay Question

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a slightly atypical job that requires the following to both power a single immersion heater:- 1 - iBoost+ solar immersion heater. To run for the majority of the time. 2 - Programmed switched feed via a contactor fed from a 230V 13A FCU. Powers...
  40. Stuart Houghton

    4 x 50 watt LED Flood Lights on 3 PIR's

    I'm planning to install 4 50 watt LED flood lights and three PIR's the idea is to link the switched output of the PIRs so if one is activated all of the lights come on. I also plan to link the switched output to a wall switch so that the customer can turn them all on manually. It is possible...
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