Aico 3000 Range
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  1. M

    Bit of a long shot, new cover for 20 y/o contactum board?

    Metal Contactum board installed 1998 according to the labelling. Unfortunately it has a plastic flap covering the front of the devices. Anyone know if it's possible to cheaply get a new cover with a metal flap? Would be much easier than taking the whole board out, and seems silly to update all...
  2. B

    20 Year Old Contactum CU MCB's

    Need to add an extra MCB in a 20 year old Contactum CU fitted in my Grandmothers house. The board is a Contactum P6R. It has flat faced MCB's, does anyone know if the newer curved face MCB's will fit? Or of an alternative MCB that will fit? I have a stock of Schneider, Dorman Smith & MK...
  3. Matthewd29

    Contactum RCBO and board

    Hi guys I'm just wondering do any of you have any experience of fitting Contactum Rcbos and was wondering if they are any good? Have multiple board to change in a row of house and have been given a good price from local wholesalers on 6way populated RCBO boards but don't was wanting some...
  4. bigspark17

    Contactum consumer units.

    Any one use contactum consumer units.? If so who/where do you buy them from?
  5. Leesparkykent

    200A load break switch/switch disconnector.

    I have a job on ATM where the client has been done over by the builder for 65K leaving the job which is 13 new build flats near completion but the client is running out of dollar pretty quick. I'm doing my best to help out by finishing the job but due to the concerns over money I'm getting paid...
  6. K

    Contactum RCBO, Old 71 type MCB replacement

    Any one got or know where I can get two 6A Contactum RCBOs (90603SP/B) to replace 71 type MCBs. The new Contactum RCBOs do not fit and and no one I have talked to has the old ones in stock. I am being quoted over £80.00 each + VAT for a wholesaler to order them from Contactum. At that price I...
  7. N

    Advice, if any on installing a shower please.

    Hi there Guys, I got good feedback on my last post and being a newbie sparks wanted some guidance on this one please. Customer requires a new shower to be fitted. 10.5KW There is an existing 6mm t+e in the loft, but i am going to upgrade this to 10mm and connect into the contactum DB....rcd side...
  8. S

    RCD not tripping

    Last month I changed a consumer unit and all was well. Now neither of the RCD's are tripping correctly. I get either >50v or >40ms. Could this be 2 faulty RCD's? the make is Contactum and the elecsa guy I spoke to today didn't seem too keen on them. Idea's most welcome Carl
  9. R

    Contactum RCD problem

    I've done some work in a house, tried to test it, but the rcd trips out when i do an earth loop and when i do rcd tests (at half, 1 and 5 times) I bypassed the rcd to get a result for my earth loop test, but the rcd test is still a problem.I ordered a new rcd, fitted it, and I'm still getting...
  10. L

    Do Contactum Mcb's, RCD fit anywhere else

    Hi I have some Contactum MCB'S and an RCD, does any kind person know if they will fit in any other type CU?, They are all type b, or will i need to buy a contactum CU Thanks
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