1. Thedancingbear

    Bracketry spacing

    Hello Does anyone knows where can I find the regs stating what is the max distance between bracketry for basket, tray or trunking? I remember I found it somewhere long time ago, and was 1,200 mm. I have a high-level containment in a commercial job ,but I can't remember where to look for the...
  2. M

    tool recommendations for containment work

    Hello everyone. What tool would I need if I were to work on a construction site doing containments? Thank you
  3. J

    Separating data and power in containment

    I was told today that I should install a hep2o pipe ( plastic plumbing pipe ) inside a conduit as a way of separating power and data cables . I’m not sure this is correct and am asking if anyone has any thoughts / answers on the matter ?
  4. Aaronj46

    Containment evidence help? Notts or surrounding

    I'm nearing the end of my 2357 portfolio I just need one more type of containment as the course states 7/10 types need to be installed Trunking (metal and plastic) = 2 Conduit (metal and steel) = 2 Cable tray = 1 basket = 1 so I am left with; Ladder Ducting Modular wiring system Busbar/...
  5. N

    Help wiring a homemade Ghostbusters Containment Unit prop

    Hi everyone. I'm hoping that I can find some help, I currently only know enough to get myself into trouble. I'm creating a prop for my son, and we want it to have lights and sounds. I have three 5 pin lighted push buttons and I want to attach a sound file to each one. I have looked into...
  6. T

    Containment for tails

    Evening all Have a consumer unit change next week, the board is high level in a bedroom with 16mm tails buried in the wall. I’m replacing the tails but they don’t want any trunking in the bedroom, the mains is below for consumer unit I was going to trunk up the outside wall and drill in? Any...
  7. stidge

    MF ceilings and fire containment

    Hi all , just quoting for some flat/apartments which will all be concrete ceilings with a 150mm MF ceiling , plaster boarded and skimmed . I’ve not done any for a few years so want to know what the minimum is now for fire containment? Is it acceptable to tie to MF rods with metal tyraps ? (...
  8. Q

    how many containment systems do you need to include in an NVQ 2357?

    Good evening, I am currently completing an NVQ 2357, I am doing this as an adult learner and I work in the trade. I am wondering for the NVQ how many different types of containment I need to give examples working with. I have examples of dado trunking, pvc conduit etc but lack industrial...
  9. J

    Containment spacing regs???

    Hi fella's, Does anyone know the reg number for containment spacing? I've just knocked up a shed load of containment giving a 50mm space between the trunking, tray and basket as told to do so. But I was wondering if there is an actual reg number according to bs7671;2018. The only reg I can...
  10. diyterry

    On site guide, to buy or not to buy

    Is it worth me buying a copy of the on site guide and will I understand it?
  11. M

    containment question

    As far as I was aware cable tray is adequate containment in a plant room for non armoured cables to be ran on. I ran some 2.5mm butyl cables for immersion heaters and cable tied them to the cable tray and another electrician had stated they should be ran in armour cable as the containment isn't...
  12. cliffed

    Smart home install containment

    Doing a install for lighting specialist company,which involves Cat 7 cabling,quite a few to various points. The engineer wants it put in the floor,before the actual floor goes down. Seems a good idea but he’s on about 25mm plastic conduit,I’ve been looking at the plans,& I really dont think it’s...
  13. M

    Containment on the underground

    I'm working on the underground and as you might know they are very fussy been doing "crinkle sets " to curve round an arch as they won't let you cut a v in the tray it must Be bent out to make it curve rather than cutting does anyone know of a tool that makes this easier or the best method , thanks
  14. M

    Electrician Jobs Electrician Required Chelmsford - new build, second fix, lighting, containment etc

    fit out new build, commercial second fix, lighting, power, testing, containment, external lighting. PM If interested.
  15. cliffed


    Just your thoughts on installing containment for power,data & firealarm cabling.Its in a new build,routes are ceiling height.The finished ceilings will not be accessible after completion.My thoughts are,installing basket tray throughout seems a waste of money,especially once it's in,that's...
  16. D

    Underground electrical service ducting / containment : colour coding?

    Evening all, Could someone advise if there is a regulation/guidance note that defines colour coding of underground ducting / containment for electrical services, I assume the 'accepted' colours of yellow -gas, blue - water and black - electrical are standardised but I could not see where this...
  17. Waterhouse1989

    Boilerhouse containment

    Hi I just wanted to know if you have to use metal containment in a boilerhouse or whether I can use plastic thanks.
  18. N

    Fixing light with mini trunking containment?

    Hi all, A friend of mine has built a conservatory and has used surface mini trunking to contain the t&e for the lights, as the pvc blends in with the pvc panels of the conservatory. I'm due to connect up the lights and wanted to know the best way and be prepared before u arrive. I haven't...
  19. davesparks

    Commercial kitchen containment

    Does anyone know what, if any, rules cover the type of containment which can be installed in a commercial kitchen? I have always been under the impression that stainless steel conduit is required, but have never had anything to back this up. I'm just working on a quote for a load of odd jobs...
  20. A

    sizing containment for T&E

    Does anyone have experience sizing cable tray/ basket and trunking which is used for twin and earth cabling? The on site guide only provides guidance and factors where single core PVC cables are used. I am looking for help where twin and earth is used.


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