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  1. Dan

    Follow people; and now you can have alerts when they post new content (videos, threads, replies, etc)

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/account/following Checkout this area, this is the people you follow. If you'd like to, you can change alert options for each one. So you get different alerts for each member you follow. :)
  2. SparkyChick

    Reminder - Inappropriate content and abusive behaviour

    Hi all, It seems it's that time of year or something as we (the staff) find ourselves feeling another reminder is needed on a couple of subjects. Inappropriate Content We have noticed an increasing amount of inappropriate content (this has included content that is offensive or sexual in...
  3. darkwood

    VR - Warning! - Adult content ahead

    Has anyone had the opportunity to view x-rated content on a headset, PS4 now has compatibility with its Littlstar media app' and you can sideload off a USB stick, the big Porn industry leaders are using extremely high quality equipment to give a shockingly realistic experience My immediate...
  4. Dan

    NEWS JUST IN! - VansDirect Now Sponsor ElectriciansForums.co.uk!

    NEWS! - VansDirect now sponsor ElectriciansForums.co.uk - With Bargain new vans, and expert advice, we're sure you'll find them beneficial forum sponsors! Vans Direct Click Here You can message our contact @Neil Cole with any enquiries, or just contact them directly via their website.
  5. Dan

    MCS Companies List

    Can you reply with all the MCS companies you know of and I'll update this first thread periodically.
  6. G

    Eaton rcbo

    Hi dudes. Need to source a mem/ eaton rcbo for a new shower. Do you think I should sack it off and fit a separate rcbo shower consumer unit ? Thanks
  7. N


    Any feedback on my website would be much appreciated? Any improvements people recommend? Www.ndhelectricalsolutions.com
  8. Goody

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Sample NICEIC Certificates (New)

    Hi, Where could I possibly download samples of New Amended NICEIC Certificates, the download page ( NICEIC | Contractor | Downloads) used have them but not anymore. Cheers.
  9. D

    Announcement - Barker: Boom and bust for solar must be avoided

    Barker: Boom and bust for solar must be avoided Check this link on the DECC website - soon to be live? : Department of Energy and Climate Change Also two links which are not yet working: DECC press notice on the announcement of the Phase 1 review - 31 October 2011 Written Ministerial...
  10. sythai

    Website Upgrade..... RSS feeds required ?

    Morning All... This year I'm going to focus on seeing if I can develop my website so I actaully get some business from it. Rather than just having it as a one page basic necessity. Been speaking to my marketing/web designer chap who says the best way to get it further up the page with well...
  11. D

    Website from Mistore..

    Have any of you guys got a website..?.. I have got one from Mistore and they are really easy to use and add content and pics too.. Have a look and see what you think...well worth it IMHO...;) Tiler in Durham | David Howe Tiling | Durham Tilers
  12. S

    My new site...comments wanted

    Hi guys, A mate of mine is taking the plunge and going it alone im helping him set up as im also at college so been working as his part time apprentice the bigger he gets the more work for me too. So ive designed a quick site last nite its not finished yet but could i have some comments on...
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