1. J

    How to test continuity

    Please can you help a complete novice. I have a light fitting with three clear wires. No colours, textures or codes. I’m trying to establish the L, N wires. I have a digital multimeter (see pics) Can someone tell me what to do step by step in layman’s term please? Which ohm do I set it at...
  2. E

    Commercial Trunking CPC Continuity.

    Hi Guys, an old existing 25mm - TP & N SWA Supply cable is glanded (No Banjo) to a 3" Metal Trunking end cap, & the remainder of the circuit cables are contained in the same trunking forming the CPC back to the Distribution Board. With a method 2 continuity & an insulation test, can you be...
  3. L

    Checking for breaks On A Long Cable

    Hi all, I know how to check for breaks on short cables from end to end but how would i check for breaks on a long cable ( over 20 metres) using a multimeter? Thanks
  4. N

    Earth Continuity Testing

    As part of my new job, we are required to test existing DC Power Racks for Telecoms. We are told to carry out a earth continuity test, then a IR test, then a ELI test. I may be getting a little complacent the older I get, but surely Earth Continuity is slightly OTT? I mean, we're proving an...
  5. michaelw6

    kt64 continuity boom!!!

    Hi guys been a while I've had alot going on in my life with ill ness and one thing and another. Any way long story short. I lent out my tester to a so called friend and he failed to say he had broken it! I found tin foil around the fuse and the continuity no longer works. After a massive...
  6. Z

    Question regarding signing off 32a ring circuit with broken CPC ring continuity

    I installed a kitchen ring recently. Went back to test after the builders had finished and found that the CPC is broken somewhere inaccessible, everything else tests normal. I’ve got continuity on live conductors, and even with the broken CPC, each socket is connected to the CPC and tests with...
  7. Savdar1810

    3P continuity L1 Earth

    Quick question for someone... Recently came across 3phase industrial heater, changing over a faulty isolator, in terminal box where equipment cable meets supply... I have continuity between L1 and Earth but nothing between L2 and L3 and earth. Disconnected earth from source and still the same.
  8. alban moffitt

    Megger 1552 MFT continuity testing????

    hi I have recently bought a megger 1552 tester. it is in very good condition as it was just used as a back up. i have a slight problem with it though when trying to use it for testing continuity. basically i can only carry out one continuity test and then i have to turn the tester completely...
  9. J

    Can a fluke T90 continuity tester be capable of confirming a new light fixture is good to go or not?

    Hi guys, I have wired light fixtures and hard wired a lot of cookers in the past, been all fine. I'm now training to be an electrician, the course itself is level 1 electrical installation. I have just bought my first continuity tester which is a fluke T90 and wondering if this is good enough...
  10. T

    Continuity testing help

    Hi, I created a thread on ultimatehandyman (yes I know) but I feel like I'd be better off posting my question here, you're welcome to have a look at the thread for full details however (Continuity testing. - I fully expect part...
  11. P

    Varying continuity readings

    Hi all, I am using a Fluke 1662 with fused test leads. I find when doing continuity tests such as R1+R2, as the test button is being held the result fluctuates dramatically. Both increasing and decreasing. Seems to happen on insulation resistance as well however not so much. I also find after...
  12. G

    Hello & Help with AM2

    Hi, This is my first post, although I have been browsing the forums for a little while now. I work in BMS and have my AM2 on friday. The nature of my work means I don't get to test so there are a few things I'm unsure of and was hoping for some clarification. I know for some people they may be...
  13. T


    Hi all & thanks in advance for the time. I'm due on Monday to complete my trade test. (FICA IN SCOTLAND) The part of my test i am to undertake is Fault Finding and rectification. For the test i will be put in a booth by the assessor and issued a job card that briefly describes the...
  14. happyhippydad

    Different reading when using continuity and IR?

    This is one of those slightly embarrassing questions that I feel I should know the answer to. I can feel the answer lurking under my skin but it's just not surfacing and needs a push! Pre-work visit for a CU change. There was 65K Ω resistance between N-E on the continuity setting, however when...
  15. M

    No cpc on lighting and no neutral continuity on kitchen ring

    Hi All, I recently replaced an old rewirable fuse board for metal split load rcd board. However on testing prior to replacement I noted that one of the lighting circuits doesn’t have a cpc. I’ve put this in the EIC for the new board that no cpc for lights, advised client that needs rewiring and...
  16. P

    Voltage present when fuse has blown with no continuity.

    Can anyone help with the below, there's probably a simple explanation but it's driving me mad. Why I would be still measuring 24v DC at a 24v motor terminals after the fuse had completly blown? And there being no continuity across the fuse at all? This was also the case on the terminals of a...
  17. C

    Consumer unit upgraded - no earth continuity question?

    hi all, I had my consumer unit upgraded by an eletrician and the test on the main socket circuit revealed their is a break somewhere on the earth wire so no continuity. The eletrician had a quick look around and roughly located where it could be (somewhere under the floorboards between certain...
  18. F

    Multimeter - basic continuity test

    Hi I'm a product design student working on a project and am looking to get some advice. I would like to buy a cheap test instrument that can carry out the following earth continuity test. Maximum resistance 0,50 ohms measured by passing a minimum current of 10 A at between 6 V and 12 V for at...
  19. Gudoldtom

    Continuity RFC error??Help please

    Hi I have just recently completed & passed a bronze domestic installer course & am trying to complete a Periodic test at my home. I had my house rewired about 10 years ago so thought it might be a good place to start. I having a problem with the end to end continuity test of a ring final...
  20. Midwest

    Ring Continuity fault on RFC

    I came across a fault on a RFC, no continuity on r1 and rn. I had continuity on r2. The work was part of a bathroom refurbishment, where a socket was in part of the extended room. I had to move the socket to and adjacent wall to make it accessible. Discovered the fault before moving it. OCPD is...
  21. L

    Wagos vs Crimps vs junction boxes?

    Whats your thoughts on Wago's? Always preferred a JB or crimps myself. Wago's just don't seem right to me. There a lot quicker but don't seem so secure. Whats your guys thoughts?
  22. L

    recording of earth continuity results for appliances with detachable leads.

    When testing appliances with a detachable IEC power lead, what's the recommendation for recoding the earth continuity value, do you record the higher value including the lead resistance, or exclude the earth resistance of the lead from the actual appliance. This assuming that the lead is tested...
  23. C

    Cordless kettles

    anyone had any probs Pat testing the Philips cordless kettles,5 kettles apparently failed the test for earth continuity.They have been tested by someone else,& ive been asked to take a look,they look nearly brand new. It looks like there are no Earth pin connection on the base,& it certainly...
  24. C

    Seaward PrimeTest 350 Auto Options for IT Equipment

    I have a Seaward PrimeTest 350 and noticed these two options in the auto test menu: H) IT Equip CLI PE Current Which does these tests: Earth Continuity 0.10 Insulation 1.0 PE Conductor Current 3.50 I) IT Equip CLII Touch Current Insulation 2.0 Touch Current 0.25 Is this correct as I did not...
  25. P

    Absent earth on lighting circuit

    Evening.....just a bit of advice please? Earth present on all sockets and lighting fitting terminals along with all light switch boxes......apart from one light fitting..although there is an earth cable running to it. Is it order to run a 4mm earthing cable from the fitting and cable and tap...
  26. L

    Pat job questions

    Hi all got asked to do a pat job for client I under stand what I'm looking for check plug,fuse ,Lead,apliance for damage use pat machine we have this metro pat yellow box with three test buttons earth bond with a fuse selection and clamp I think pick half of rated fuse , insulation...
  27. A

    3 phase quarry pump

    Latest fact finding mission for you gurus to help me learn about Todays problem was a quarry pump not running, guy went out and meggared the cable and pump and found one of the two 10mm cables was down on the black phase. So while cable was ordered up and being delivered he was called...
  28. B

    Domestic socket loop test puzzle.

    Hi, I don't know if anyone can help with this. A customer called me out saying that a British Gas boiler service had highlighted a socket showing >2000 on the EFLI test. I went to look and got 1.12 on one side of the (two gang) socket and >2000 on the other. I assumed it was a dodgy socket and...
  29. buzzlightyear

    no earth on lighting r1+r2 what do you put on sheet

    what would you put on test sheet r1+r2 no earths
  30. B

    Multimeter earth continuity

    Hi I am interested in making my own steel pendant light as a little project - not for sale. The rose would be bare steel which I am going to lacquer. The ceiling rose strap has an earth and it is connected to the rose by side thumbscrews. I am going to remove some lacquer on the rose where the...
  31. J

    Domestic Testing a UK plug for continuity with a multimeter?

    Hi, I apologise if this is in the wrong section, but I did not see a specific forum for help. My induction hob has packed in today, it simply won't turn on. There is simply no power to it. It is around 1 year old. I have changed the fuse with one that I have taken from a working appliance, no...
  32. G

    Fluke T5-600

    I'm on the lookout for one of these, been told there is a few fakes knocking about... How can they be distinguished on the second hand market? Also, what's the best price for a new one? Ta.
  33. rustynails

    Continuity Testing reliability

    Friday I was getting continuity readings from my tester which start with a reasonable figure then drop off the scale to 0.00. This tended to occur more on the existing circuits rather than on new circuits. can someone shed any light on this?
  34. M

    2394 little help

    Iam getting ready to sit my written part fr 2394 and theres acouple of inspections im struggling wih. one of the practice qestions mentioned listing 5 checks you would carry out and the reason why exmple plastic conduit 1. the conduit system- check its not damaged and its complete throught out...
  35. S

    Neutral fault

    Hi guys, been to a fault today where customer is saying they have no power to 6 sockets but all other points ok (all power on one ring main) when I arrived I checked for power with my martindale and got a L-E reverse symbol at the six points. I then checked voltage at the sockets and got 230v...
  36. B

    How to tell if socket is on ring or spur off spur

    Ok so you have the classic to cables in back of socket. Spurs should be identifiable through higher resistance but if very short spurs and it's an older install and you want to break into the ring to add another socket. You could be creating a spur off spur off spur? How do u go about being...
  37. H

    Ring CPC fault

    Hi guys, first time I have posted on the site so looking forward to hearing from you all. I am carrying out a kitchen refit and while testing the ring circuit I have come across a lack of continuity on the CPC circuit. I have carried out testing using the two ends and a R2 wander lead and have...
  38. E

    Continuity Issues on Meggers

    1720s across the company have developed ****loads of continuity issues over the last couple of years, mine (6-8 months old) has started recently, continuity jumping all over the place etc. Now, mine was functioning perfectly on a job a couple of days ago, in a sheltered place which was like a...
  39. Resu

    Small Issue - Fluke T5-1000

    Hi all, having a bit of an issue with the above meter. I have owned it for about a year now and have recently noticed I am getting a reading a reading of around 9 ohms between the leads. As far as I'm aware there is no way of nulling the leads but I might be missing something? I don't use it for...
  40. P

    EICR coding help

    After going to church this morning I had a EICR to do for a friend where someone had been growing some illegal substances and the police or DNO had removed the meter for evidence. So only dead test can be carried out and it needed a EICR before a new meter is fitted. The RFC is protected by a...
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