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  1. F

    18th Edition Contractor Needed

    We are looking for some reliable sub contractors in the Gerrards Cross area to help out our busy company. Own van and tools necessary. Good day rate. Contact David - 07526 705075
  2. J

    Bad contractor

    39 flats all with fictional certificates ‘purchased’ for £250 each. Multiple problems on all flats and then to top it off I finally got the plant room door open to find this
  3. Leesparkykent

    Contractor jailed.................

    Rogue trader jailed after investigation - https://www.motherwelltimes.co.uk/news/crime/rogue-trader-jailed-after-investigation-1-4782013/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  4. B

    New build 2nd fix after original contractor gone AWOL

    As the title really....been asked to 2nd fix a couple of new builds....original contractor no longer available, I don't know why. 1st fix completed, everything plastered up... Somehow these houses need to be completed, but I'm not signing an EIC stating that I've first fixed when I haven't...
  5. B

    Contractor wiring on outdoor lighting

    hi wiring up this single phase contactor for lights which are wired in 3 core, I presume they just terminate Brown 2T1 and Blue 6T3 cheers never has experience with a contactor before and earth to earth bar
  6. R

    Site temps and discussion with other contractor

    I've been discussing site temps with another contractor on site. The supply is TNCS, there is a consumer unit in a fiberglass box which has its own rod (TT) and 2 Commando sockets and a double 230v external socket. All these are protected by the consumer unit in the fiberglass box The sockets...
  7. RWJ

    Thinking of switching from NIC to ECA or Napit

    We do mainly industrial and commercial work with a small bit of (landlord) residential. After some recent negative comments from potential customers regarding NICEIC electricians I was thinking of jumping ship to ECA or Napit. OK I know ECA are now the same as NIC but there name doesn't seem...
  8. R

    Electrician Electrical Contractor Needed - Various Sites (London, Manchester, Newcastle)

    Hi Guys, I hope you can help. We are a Principal Contractor working in the commercial re-fit and shopfitting industries. We are a small concern that have recently found ourselves picking up some nice fitouts throughout the country and the electrician we have been using are unable to cope with...
  9. I

    Hot water Contactor issue

    Evening all. I admit I am not affay with the workings of contactors however, I have come across a domestic property that heating and water powered via economy 7 electric. Recently, the water is running luke warm to cold. I have tested the circuit within the property to ensure there is a...
  10. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC approved contractor first visit

    Info for anyone currently looking to join, Whilst I was very nervous the night before, there is no need to be, as long as you know how to test and your upto date with the regs, then this is a breeze, Inspector arrived 9am, Quick meeting explaining about the scheme. Went through the office...
  11. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Contractor question

    Hi there, I would be very grateful for any advice. I am getting a new consumer unit fitted in my house and replacement lighting in my kitchen. The contractor that will be doing the work for me is registered as a NICEIC Approved Contractor. It doesn't mention "Domestic Installer" against his...
  12. M

    Looking for a sub contractor for work in Kent

    Hi, I looking for a sub contractor for work in Kent, and sometimes in London. Work is mainly commercial, with possibly some domestic jobs. There is a variety of work -installation work, testing, fault finding, shop fitting and so on. Im after someone who needs regular work, 2 - 3 days a...
  13. akwoody2

    Using a sub-contractor, what needs to be in place?

    Good Morning, Due to busy times i need to start using a sub-contractor to help with the work load, i have spoke to Stroma (who i'm currently with) and they have said i need to get a contractors agreement put in place. Has anyone had any experience with using sub-contractors? If so, apart...
  14. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme

    Hello Guys I am in the process of lining up three jobs to show the NICEIC inspector for the Approved Contractor Scheme. I have seen some software called National Certs, I would like to use this to certify my three jobs on the green certificate system, and would this be ok as I understand they...
  15. Lou

    Graeme Whyte Electrical Contractor

    Perth, Scotland-based electrical contractor Graeme Whyte has been an approved electrician since 1980. He started his own company, Graeme Whyte Electrical Contractor, in 1992. Over the years his experience has grown to include domestic, commercial and agricultural work of all kinds. Graeme Whyte...
  16. N

    Going back down from Approved to Domestic ?

    Hi all, Just wanted to see what you lovely lot think....Hubby has had the same assessor for a few years now for approved contractor but to be honest they do not seem to click....hubby is really outgoing chap and never not known him to not get on with anyone....to be honest i find it really...
  17. uksparks

    Pulling contactor on with a remote control light switch

    Hi, Can you see any potential problems pulling a contractor on with a remote control light switch? basically got a summerhouse that the customer wants to easily be able to isolate in a fancy way such as this and I said I do t see why not. its a load of say up to 32A through a contractor etc...
  18. F

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Online Certs

    Hi, Ive used the niceic online certification for afew months now, I have just finished a fire alarm install in a shop but cant find a Fire Alarm Installation Certificate on the NICEIC. I have issued the one that you get in the back of the log book/ installation manual that comes with the fire...
  19. R

    Commercial photocells and rcds

    Hi all. Have a single phase cne tnc-s intake inside a lucy cabnet supplying 20 LED sreet lighting columns. Ze @ intake was greater than 0.35 so intake was earthspiked and a RCD installed changing earthing system to TT. @ lucy I have a contactor being controlled/switched by a photocell (located @...
  20. T

    Opinions Wanted

    Hi All, Really keen to hear what people opinions are on this installation completed by a contractor last week.
  21. rich.250

    ECA membership along side NICEIC approved contractor

    Hi guys, As above really, am an Approved contractor with the NICEIC and am looking to add ECA approval for commercial work. Reasoning behind this is I do a lot of church work. They specify ECA or NIC. Thinking if I'm approved by both it would be in my favour. They do a deemed to satisfy...
  22. haptism

    Customer contracts, where can i find templates

    Ive recently started up doing small time domestic stuff (changing fittings ect). A customer recently asked me to do a full house rewire but I turned it down for a number of reasons; it got me thinking about future jobs and the need to get a contract signed purely as a precautionary measure in...
  23. S

    Pheonix contractors federation scam?

    I have been contacted by pheonix about becoming an approved contractor? Has anybody heard anything about them because I think it is a scam? Thxs Sparklet
  24. B

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC and ECS card on site

    Hi Guys Need some advice regarding site work. I have just been asked to provide an estimate for a contract for all electrical work on a new development of 8 houses. Being an NIC Approved contractor will I also need an ECS card or is my NIC sufficient? I also have 2 blokes working for me who are...
  25. C

    3 phase motor star delta staring controls

    Hi guys with the star delta motor starting controls I know you have 3 contractors, the main, the star & then delta. The star contractor is looped out as star configuration at the top but I cannot see how the delta contractor is configured in delta, it just looks like a standard contractor to me...
  26. M

    authorised person EICR

    who authorises issue of the EICR, client or contractor. thanks.
  27. T

    Been knocked BY AGENCY for three days work HELP

    Hi all heres my problem I was sent to a huge job in London by an agency (don't want to mention whom yet) we was told two to three months work but on arrival you could see there was no chance of that. It was a fire alarm job and way past the second fix stage we was just literally popping the...
  28. M

    Domestic Contractor Switches

    We have been recently asked by a housing association to fit "Contractor Switches" on the installations. I have assumed it is a double pole sub-main switch between the meter and the consumers unit but I'm only guessing. Has anyone heard of this?
  29. G

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic what qualifications required to join

    Looking to join niceic I am 17th edition time served graded electrician with 2395
  30. C

    insurance not paying up

    A couple of years ago I done a pir on a resturant about 6 Weeks ago the restaurant put in an insurance claim for water damage to a ceiling . all,relevant paperwork was sent in insurance have wrote back informing restaurant that they won't be paying for the claim as . as a Napit approved...
  31. A

    joining napit

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and just wanted some opinions/ experiences in regards to joining napit. I work as a sub contractor to an nic/ eic approved contractor but need to get part p registered to carry out my own weekend work. I have alot of customers asking for EICR for there rented...
  32. W

    NICEIC Certification Scheme qualifications to test under NICEIC

    Hope that someone can help me on this one. I currently work for a housing association as their qualified electician and the company is looking to take on another electrician and also join the NICEIC approved contractors. What is in dispute is the qualifications the new sparks needs. He will...
  33. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme niceic approved contractor

    My niceic inspection is due very shortly & I'm trying to decide whether to step up to an approved contractor as 70% of our work is commercial & industrial. Most of our work is word of mouth, so our advertising costs are very low. Do you get much more work being an approved contractor?
  34. D Skelton

    Yet another spark robbing customers!

    Just got back from a customer who has asked me to quote for rectifying some issues brought to light during a recent inspection. The customer came to me because the previous spark had let him down and failed to turn up when supposed to on four different occasions. Turns out this NIC 'approved'...
  35. trev

    DI Schemes And How To Go About Getting On To One.

    Don't know about the rest of you guys but I'm a bit fed up with having the same old questions repeated week after week after week on how to register with a DI scheme so I'm posting up a few links which hopefully will enable a prospective DI to go straight to. NICEIC...
  36. S

    Todays job

    Went to install a few extra sockets into dado trunking in an office, nice easy one for a saturday morning. Checked ring continuity at first socket to tap into ring, no continuity, went on to discover spurs off spurs big style, 6 sockets spurred off ring on one side of office, 7 spurred off ring...
  37. W

    Bloody Builders...

    Quote 285 for a 12 way dual rcd consumer unit change and 275 to swop a 4 pole rcd for a time delay version and the barstards stick £200 on top of my quote... Bye Bye goes that job!
  38. J

    Another sad reason Part P just doesnt work

    An old customer asked me if I could sign off another contractors work that was carried out in their property, so that they could achieve Building Regs sign off. (They used a main contractor for the whole build hence why we weren't involved). I let her know how part P works with self...
  39. Goody

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Sample NICEIC Certificates (New)

    Hi, Where could I possibly download samples of New Amended NICEIC Certificates, the download page ( NICEIC | Contractor | Downloads) used have them but not anymore. Cheers.
  40. M

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Just wondered if anybody can tell me the minimum requried experience (time served) to apply for NICEIC approved contractor status and how lkong you need to trade for as a buisness before applying?? Cheers Mark.
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