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  1. M

    Convert 3 phase into 3 single phases

    Hi there, I have currently started working on a farm and they are having a new 100a 3 phase supply installed. This is being terminated in an external enclosure. They then want to carry this 3 phase 150 meters to a barn and at this point split it into 3 single phase supplies. Is this even...
  2. N

    Old NEMA 6-20 outlet options

    Hi, new to the forums. I live in a 1920s apartment, and we have an old outlet near our mantle that I believe is a NEMA 6-20 (photo attached). In the past, we used a 240v heater on it (though it cost a ton of money to run). Now, I'd like to either run a 230v window AC unit there, or convert the...
  3. S

    Convert non-fused 3 pin to fused 3 pin

    Hi, I bought a car battery charge from the internet and it came with a non-fused 3 pin plug which I don't feel comfortable with so want to change it to a fused 3 pin. Question is what amp would I need to add to the plug? Here are some details about the charger I bought: -Input Voltage...
  4. P

    Convert USA radio to UE Dodge Charger 2016

    Hi, this is my first question on the forum so please be understanding. Does anyone know how to convert US radio to EU in Dodge Charger 2016? I know that I need to install modified software via USB, and it can't be done via OBD. So my question is: where can I download or buy EU software? Or even...
  5. J

    Convert LED ceiling light to plug in

    Hi. I’m looking to convert an LED ceiling light to a mains plug in. Done this a few times with regular bulb holders, but not sure how to wire the three identical cables coming off the five bulb holders. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. sythai

    Wireless/ App switching.... what do you recommend

    Hi All We've recently got a foot in the door with a decent garden company who are promising lots of work. There's been talk about wireless/ app controlled lighting, pumps etc. To be honest I've not been down this route just yet. Just seeing what makes any of use/ recommended please? Only...
  7. H

    Convert LR44-powered to AC

    Hi everyone, Sorry, electrical noob here. I know I can probably spend some time googling to piece together a solution (I've tried but haven't yet gotten all the answers I need yet), but I'm eager to do up a lighting display for my kid's room, hence hoping you guys can help me out here. I have...
  8. Grahamb

    How to Convert GU10 to pendant?

    We need to convert our GU10 spotlights into pendants but was hoping to do this without having to rewire the system. I know the US has a convert plug for this but nothing in the UK. Been in a busy restaurant we don’t have much time to do this as currently we are going through changes that means...
  9. S

    G24q-2 lamp led replacement or convert to ES

    Hi all I’ve got some outdoor lights, one of which stopped working recently. They take cfl G24q-2, 4 pin, 18w lamps, and have an electronic ballast inside. I tried replacing the lamp, to no success, so I checked for voltage at the lampholder, no voltage. I concluded the ballast is at fault, so...
  10. B

    Convert power switch to outlet

    Hi. I have a extractor fan in my kitchen that I never use as well as a outside light for the garden which is rarely used. I'm wondering if the switches that power these could be converted into a wall outlet instead as that would be much more useful. I know it's possible but i'm wondering how...
  11. F

    Convert Kitchen Flourescent Tubes With LED Strip Lighting .. Advice

    Hi, I currently have 3ft of wall cupboard then a space for the cooker hood then another 8ft of Wall cupboard. Both wall cupboards have fluorescent tubing beneath and are controlled by a single mains wall switch. I am looking to replace these with LED strip lights. Is there any advice on the...
  12. einstein

    most reliable rcd to convert this consumer unit?

    salutations thinking of converting this with a main rcd over individual rcbo's as theres two spare ways they have specified only the socket circuits to be rcd protected however.... are the screwfix cheapies reliable? also is it possible to buy a mcb cover for the mighty proteus anymore...
  13. C

    Panel Convert 230 - 24v

    Hi all Just been asked about if I can make a replacment panel for a company. The old butchered panel is 240v control. Is there any rule of thumb or so to work out what size of transformer to use to convert it down to 24vac. I have know idea how much power contactors,relays and indicator leds...
  14. I

    Commercial Heating & lighting a converted school

    Hi, I've been asked to get some advice on a school conversion to B&B and living accommodation. Basically the building dates back to 1906 and consists of a middle corridor, 4 classrooms to the right, canteen, offices, and toilets to the left. The plan is for 7 B&B rooms and 3 bedrooms, lounge...
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