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  1. J

    Relocating cooker supply

    I am currently training a electrician and after some advice. A family member is relocating there kitchen in there house which means they need there cooker supply relocated. What is the best around this...can it be junctioned rather than running a fresh? Thanks in advance ...
  2. James the Spark1976

    Cooker isolator

    Right, I try to stay away from anything domestic but was asked to do a favour for a friend. Freestanding electric cooker Hob, grill, oven All a single supply 32A max Previous spark has put in supply, nice isolator with built in socket and even brought a cable down to a connection unit behind...
  3. B

    Looking for safety advice regarding cooker

    Hi. I pulled out my cooker today to clean under it and i noticed what looks like a scorch mark. I've never noticed it before and just want to be sure it doesn't spell trouble. I've attached a pic. Thanks for any advice.
  4. N

    Advise on a new 4 wire ceramic cooker hob

    I have just bought a new cooker hob which has 4 wires however my connection points only has 3 connectors do I connect 2 of these wires together in order for it to function properly or would I need to buy a new connection point with 4 pins on. I will more than likely have to get an electrician in...
  5. P

    Does a 13A plug in oven need to be wired into a cooker switch in rental properties ?

    Hi, a landlord got in touch this weekend as they wanted to change an old gas oven for an electric one in their rental property. It would be a small single oven, under 1.5 kwh, and comes supplied and fitted with a plug from the manufacturer. The plan was simply to plug this into an available...
  6. 4

    Oven / Cooker Hob Diversity Question

    Hi, I would appreciate some views on the following issue I have. The Cooker radial in a house has been wired in 2.5mm T&E, to save the expense of a larger cable. Without boring with the detail, I cannot pull out and replace the existing cable, nor wire in a new 32A circuit using another...
  7. Gary Tollison

    Wago connector cooker cable repair

    Greetings After having made some floorboards in the bedroom secure after the cowboys who did the electrics in this house a long time ago couldn’t be bothered, I have duscovered that the sawn-off end of the floorboard had been hammered back under the wall, and as a result, the outer insulation...
  8. V

    Domestic Induction cooker hardwiring 32amp

    Hi All, We are in the process of replacing our gas hob to an induction hob (7.35 KW, 32 Amp). Our electrician suggested that we get a radical circuit terminated at a 32 amp RCBO. There are currently double pole switches for exhaust and washing machine hanging from another ring main. Our idea is...
  9. J

    Domestic Extending cooker cable, Scotland

    Hi, I would like to move my built-under oven to the opposite side of the kitchen into an eye-level housing requiring 15M of 6mm T&E cable surface mounted round the kitchen behind the units. To keep it simple I intend leaving the existing switch connected to the existing cooker connection point...
  10. W

    Cooker circuits fusing down ???

    Hello I’ve pulled out a electric oven and the connection plate at the back for the cooker circuit has 2.5mm hardwired to the 6mm circuit for a 1.76kw load and also a 6mm connecting a induction hob,unknown load. Does the 2.5mm need to be fused down or is it okay being spurred off the cooker...
  11. A

    Domestic Cooker wiring 13a or dp/so switch?

    Hi, total novice here but I really need help with this. Any input would be much appreciated. We recently moved house and the cooker in said house is ancient and costing us a fortune, so has to be changed so the existing cooker is wired to a double or single poled switch? I think? See picture...
  12. A

    Domestic Oven won’t work...unsure issue.

    Hello, My cooker (LOGIK LFTC60W16 oven with grill and 4 hobs had it maybe just over 2 years) stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I found out we have no cooker switch on the kitchen wall so checked the Circuit Breaker box. Everything was on. With no other option I left the cooker MCB switch in the...
  13. chris83

    Adding to kitchen wiring does cooker circuit need RCD protection?

    Hello all, first post by a new member so apologies for any posting faux pas in advance. (Hopefully this is the correct place to ask this rather long question) I’m in the process of re fitting my kitchen and was planning on making a couple of minor changes to the wiring installation. All of the...
  14. H

    Help wiring cooker hood for cafe

    Hello I’m confused about the amount of wires for a cooker hood that need fitting into a speed control switch and then into fused spur. I’ll attach some photos but can you guys please help me on how to wire this? Thanks
  15. P

    Commercial Replacing 3-phase commercial cooker

    Hi I've removed a 3-phase commercial cooker from my kitchen (combined oven/hotplates/grill). The supply is via a 3 phase mcb (no RCD) The replacements are a domestic induction hob and an integrated oven/grill. The hob has 2 line terminals which can be linked for single phase or wired to 2...
  16. S

    Hob cable outside then in

    Evening All another odd question (I love my customers) There’s no 10mm or 6mm cable in their kitchen, apparently when it was wired there were all 13amp eco appliances. Anyway a new couple have bought it and want a 5 ring hob installed but the kitchen is done to a high standard so they don’t...
  17. A

    House rewired - Is this safe?

    Good morning, Hope this is in the correct place and would really appreciate some advice. I had the house fully rewired in October 2017. No problems since. The electric switch for the cooker started making violent crackling sounds yesterday and the cooker is now unresponsive and I obviously...
  18. C

    Cable for cooker andseparate hob?

    Hi all, When wiring a kitchen and the customer is buying a separate cooker and hob, which combined has too high a load for a single 6mm, Do you wire two separate circuits with a 6mm for each or one larger cable and have both on same circuit?
  19. Jacky

    Advice please on why recently installed cooker is sometimes tripping the tripswitch

    Hello all. recently bought a secondhand dual fuel cooker. Range Master Leisure.. Serial No. 5407003589. When it was first put in it worked fine. Then the following day, when the fan oven was switched on it would trip out. Got in touch with guy we bought cooker from and he said he never had...
  20. J

    Exposed live wire in cooker wall socket

    So I fitted a new metal faceplate switch on the wall socket for my cooker. All went well. As I'm also tiling I took it off a few days later, and noted some of the live wire insulation rubbed off presumably by me screwing the screws in when assembling. I have read of this before, first time hrs...
  21. C

    cable from existing cooker control switch to new oven/grill

    Hi, neighbour has asked if I would run new cable from existing cooker control unit to new oven/grill. The easiest way to run cable without disruption would be under existing kitchen cupboards. Cable would be 2.5mm or 4mm depending on oven. Is it ok to run this,this way ? and would it be better...
  22. spud1

    Disconnection time of a 32Amp Cooker circuit with a panel socket?

    Hi, What would be the Maximum disconnection time for a 40Amp domestic Cooker circuit in a TNCS system be, where it has a 13A socket outlet on the panel/isolator faceplate? Obviously a final circuit >32A would be 5 secs but I was just interested as to whether the presence of a 13A socket outlet...
  23. C

    Joining existing cooker cable

    Hi, neighbour has asked me if I would move his cooker control switch for him. Since new position of it is further away,this would require joining existing cable via JB or, as is preferable, running a new cable. Running a new cable is a fairly big job,so do the regs allow a JB to be used in this...
  24. N


    HELLO i need to install Rangemaster nexus 110 cooker the hob is 8kw the oven is 15.5 kw i dont know this cooker has two separate connection point for hob and oven or has it just one connection terminal ??? i was put 10mm (two core and earth) for oven and 4mm (two core and earth )for hob the...
  25. D

    Cooker switch not working

    Hi, my electric cooker switch isn't coming on. I've disconnected the cooker and it still doesn't light up when I switch it to on. Nothing's tripped at the supply end. This proves the cooker's not the issue doesn't it?
  26. Morris19911

    Shower and cooker circuits

    Hello I'm an apprentice but don't do any domestic work just commercial and industrial atm. My question is if you don't have a design current for shower or cooker e.g. customer doesn't know what they are buying yet, how do you select your cable sizes and mcb rating? This is purely for learning...
  27. M

    Domestic New cooker tripping RCD

    Firstly, I am not an electrician so please go easy on me and if I have omitted anything please ask. We've had a new cooker and induction hob installed from Ikea. Here's some information on the setup :- New consumer unit, 100A 30mA RCD feeds 8 MCB's First MCB in line from the RCD is a 40A MCB...
  28. D

    Ikea Cooker and Hob Explain please.

    Hi, So i have turned up to a job and this information is all i have on how to fit a cooker and a hob. Am i right in saying these to can be connected to a 6mm wire with a 45a switch for the hob and a 16a switch for the cooker? Thanks
  29. D

    Domestic replacing a cooker switch socket

    Hi, I don't use my cooker point I have a gas cooker, can I replace this cooer swich-sock with a double 13a socket my system is RCD controlled Ciruits your help is appreciated.
  30. J

    Domestic Range Cooker Help please!

    Hi All, My mum has just moved house and is looking at replacing the range cooker in the new property, but has been told that she can’t have the Rangemaster installed today without having an electricity powerline that supports 32 amp connection with 240 volts via a 6 mil power line installed...
  31. A

    Cooker cabling advice

    Existing 10Amp cooker is fed by 6mm from main consumer unit (32A MCB) to cooker switch then 6mm fed to a 13Amp double socket, off that is one plug for supply to cooker and one plug for igniter for gas hob. I have a 16Amp rated oven coming and would like to install a 45Amp rated cooker plate...
  32. D

    New wiring for cooker

    Hi lads , I was asked by client to rewire the cooker but asked me to do it sourface . What should I use for better ? PVC conduit or self adhesive trunking ? I think the conduit it’s looking better. Thanks
  33. R

    Gas cooker - mains lead for ignition and clock

    I have just replaced my electric cooker for gas and now have the lead for the ignition and clock training along the worktop to the cooker isolater on the wall. I am capable of doing the following, but would like confirmation. I cannot just cut off the plug and wire directly into the dedicated...
  34. D

    Currys refused to install my daughter's cooker, but....

    Today my daughter received her replacement built-in oven from Currys. She'd paid for connection and disposal. I got a call from her saying that the Currys guys had refused to install it because they had measured the voltage at the connector block at the rear of the old oven at 117V. This is the...
  35. I

    Require additional cooker spur in kitchen

    Hello, My electrician is currently wiring a new kitchen and has wired in a cooker switch to a cooker fused spur shown in the attached photo for the electric cooker oven. He has used 6mm flex wiring for the circuit. The cooker hob is gas. He has installed a B32 for the circuit back at the...
  36. P

    Cooker Switch Position

    Hi. We have a gas cooker at the moment and we would like to change it for a dual fuel one. There is a separate fuse for cooker and a cooker switch. The problem is that the cable is unplugged from the switch and my husband could not find any cooker connection point behind the cupboards - it looks...
  37. Andy C

    Intriguing problem. Shower and Cooker tripping CB not RCD

    Opinions on this fault please, I have never come across this before. Split RCD board with a shower (40 amp) and Cooker (32 amp) both on 6 mm T&E. Both are tripping the CB, apparently whilst switched off? RCD tested fine. Shower is a 9.5kw, so feasibly the 40a might be a bit close to max, fed...
  38. A

    Hob and cooker diversity

    hi guys I’m a qualified industrial maintenance elec although not been on the tools for a couple of years. I’m looking on rewiring my home I’ve just moved into. I have been reading up a lot on the regs etc as domestic isn’t my field. Ideally I want to keep the kitchen as it is as it the Only...
  39. 7

    Cooker circuit options

    Just finishing a rewire, customer not sure on hob and cooker at design stage so I went for 2 circuits with 6mm withe 2 32amp rcbo's. Hob and cooker 5 meters apart. Now induction hob and oven have arrived onsite and both suggest a 13amp supply is suffice. Should I downgrade the rcbo's to...
  40. D

    Fitting a built-in electric oven on the wall ABOVE the existing electric free-standing cooker

    I would like to have fitted on the wall above my existing cooker a single compact electric oven. The existing cooker (hob & oven) is electric & non-induction. Under UK law would this be allowed? and, if so, what is the minium space allowed between the top of the existing cooker & the bottom...
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