1. N

    Corner lights and drilling

    Hi all Just looking at installing some external corner lights. Wondering what the situation is with drilling the corner where the two walls meet for the cable entry? Will the corner not just break off when drilling? Also, once in the cavity behind the external brick, does the cable need to be...
  2. O

    Being lazy ............. corner outdoor wall light lantern

    Anybody know a supplier with lights like this? thanks
  3. J

    corner mount floodlight with pir

    hi all, was wondering if anyone has used a corner mount floodlight so i can light up 2 areas opposite from each other from the same pir, i know you can install it all separate from each other but want to know if there is a all in one fitting for this, i have saw lights that may work but the are...
  4. C

    Traying a swa round a corner

    Thoughts on this,it’s a 70mm 4 core swa.
  5. P

    Conduit Positioning

    Hi, I don't have my full regs to hand and I can't find it in any of my onsite guides. I know cable buried in a wall can't be less than 150mm from the corner join of 2 walls but is there a minimum for cable in surface mounted pvc conduit? I have a ring main I need to get to the first floor...
  6. i=p/u

    data trunking

    i have been asked to install some basic white data trunking in an office at existing socket height . i plan to pull existing sockets through to front of data trunking, add a fused spur and then add another 2 sockets. the run is only about 9 meters with 1 external corner, 2 internal corners...
  7. Amp David

    round edge conduit surface boxes

    Anyone know where or who stock surface patresses for use with pvc conduit, that have rounded corners?Have some grid switches to install and the face plates have the rounded edges, so don't want to use the standard square edge boxes to mount them as imo looks dog rough.
  8. T

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa reistered members...

    Just wondered what your putting in this box (as pictured) ? Is it any reference you want to use at all or is it the pre-printed reference thats individual on the top right hand corner of your test cert for each job? what is the reference number on the right hand corner of the test cert for...
  9. A

    hidden conduit question

    must start by sayin am not too familiar with th there anythin in 17th that mentions the need to use steel conduit when the socket is at the other side of a wall of a classroom say...unless it is within 150mm from corner of a room, cornice or boxed in steel column etc ???????
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