1. Y

    Which rcd type do you use for general use in your country?

    Hello to everyone, Please, which rcd type do you use for general use in your country? Which legislation is the application based on? Thank you from now.
  2. Dan

    Australia Country Prefixes for Threads Now Available

    As well as Country Flags now running because of the face we're a Global Electrical Forum now. We now also have thread prefixes. Like the one I've used for this thread that says Australia. Use those if you need advice for a country you are in but you have disabled your flag for whatever...
  3. Dan

    Canada Country Flags: Thought I'd done this thread but maybe not.

    Okay, so we have some country flags knocking around. Depending on the screen size of your device, will depend on where they show and how often etc. Really small screens will see them less. iPads and Laptops and Notebooks will see them in all places I've set them to. On your mobile, if you turn...
  4. B

    Electrician from non-uk country..

    Hey guys, I’m a Hungarian qualified electrician and I want to be a sole trader. I tried to google what my best options are but it’s not that clear for me so I’d really appreciate if someone could help me here.. Do I must be a member of niceic/elecsa etc to work (and give certificates) on...
  5. S

    How the trade is changing

    Hello all I would love to hear your opinions and stories in relation to what I have witnessed. I was asked by a locall authority go and attend a refurbishment/development of a council property to be used by a eastem European community for a drop in community centre. When I arrived I was...
  6. A


    Im travelling abroad to a country that has no earthing arrangement and my friend would like me to do a bit of work on his house. My question is Whether or not i could create a link between the Neutral and Earth bar to create a tncs system. I know it sounds strange but i have just been thinking...
  7. A

    2394-2395 course

    hello writing on this section because i dont know where to write for qualified on city&guild 2330 and im looking to do and inspection and testing..before couple of years i try to pas this course but i fail on 2391 theory test..its not problem for 2392 and 2392 practical test...
  8. T

    Doing work without a qualification

    Hi all. I'm an experienced electrician that can pretty much wire a house etc. The down fall is I do not have any qualifications. In today's world people say it is experience over qualification. I'm self employed but in the computer world as in I repair hardware. I hate it and wish to go back...
  9. Q

    Working abroad

    Hi all. My company is going to be doing work across Europe, I'm currentley the QS but don't have much experience about the standars abroad, Can some one tell me what I will need to do to meet eu standards and do they except niceic certificates, any help will do, just not to sure where to start...
  10. D

    Migrant workers

    Un-restricted access for Bulgarians and Romanians to live and work in the UK at the end of December 2013. This country really is ****ed
  11. darkwood

    Mis-guided advice suggestion

    Just want to put this out there for a feedback and to the Mod's. I want to suggest that on the posts anyone submits we have our country of origin or country you are based in, this will clear alot of guess work and wasted posts as well as misguided advice as Electrical reg's, voltages etc vary...
  12. S

    Distribution board sample

    Hi there, Please somebody explains me how to design distribution board. Here you can see my design, is it correct? But I do not understand how it will work, i mean; is it necessary to have any selection equipment from which supply point will be supplied my loads or how? I showed at attachment...
  13. G

    Giving customer quotes

    As MCS accredited installers how do you guys give your prospective customers a price do you give them a price there and then or do you carry out your site survey then come away and do all your SAP calcs etc and get back within in a day or so. Whats best ?
  14. W

    How does the trade differ in other countries?

    Has anyone here done much work in other countries? I'm planning on doing some travelling in the not so distant future and although i would like to fund this with savings and not work as i travel, i realise that at some point i may need to work. I'd like to hear from anyone who has worked...
  15. M


    Hi How are people finding the job situation. Thanks Mark
  16. C

    Working abroad?

    Hi, just wondering if any countries regard electricians who are qualified in the UK as being qualified in there own country? + What are the best countries to work in for lifestyle, pay and job satisfaction?
  17. T

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib

    Whats going on with this jib cartel system that is runing the uk electrical industry?How can you have a governing body whose ruleing board are made up of the directors of all the major electrical contractors in the uk,the situation now is that unless you have a jib card you can not work on any...
  18. P

    sparks wanted 45 to 65 quid a day....?

    :mad:i thought i would let you all know of a little bit info thats has come to my attention, in westminster there is a company taking on sparks and plumbers for 45 to 65 a day. it is a company based in isreal. so a march has been organized on monday at 10.30, both ucatt and unite will be there...
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