1. L

    Amtech question bus coupler

    Hi Does anyone know how to model a bus coupler in Amtech. We have essential and non essential sides of the board separated by a bus coupler. Can this be done by using a bus bar section and an ACB for protection? Thanks
  2. H

    Hiya! Needing Ceiling fan help for vaulted ceiling

    Hi all, we are looking forward to a vaulted ceiling in our new bedroom after some work on the house. We want to install a ceiling fan for those rare warm summer days (wishful thinking, I know), but it's difficult to find one with a long enough drop to avoid the blades hitting the sides of the...
  3. H

    steel conduit help

    hi everyone i've recently started using steel conduit and so far most of the jobs where i've used it have been fairly simple (straight runs). i've got a job that requires quite a few 90 bends to be made (i've bought a hilmor bender and have been practising using it) i've just got a few...
  4. robd

    Earthing coupler for conduit

    Evening all, went to wholesalers today and asked for a 25mm galv earthing coupler...they don't stock, nobody ever asks for them etc. Anyone got an online supplier for conduit etc that they can recommend? Many thanks
  5. W

    Advise on 16A Plugs & sockets

    Hi guys I have a question what size conductor can you fit in a 16A 2P+E 230V socket/coupler/socket? Thanks
  6. S

    Metal clad double sockets

    Got one for a job, from cef. connected bw gland 20mm into top centre face. Went to fit faceplate and isn't designed to accept gland in from top. Utter rubbish.
  7. M

    Conduit ends with grommet

    I did a PIR and noted that a T/E cable enters a 20mm steel conduit without a grommet to protect against the sharp inner edge. I now have the job of rectifying it and I can't find where to buy the grommets! Any one know?
  8. R

    Advice needed on fitting metal conduit

    Not done industrial installation before and will be looking at a job in an automotive workshop on Tuesday needing (probably) about 10 metres of 20mm conduit, including up and over a doorway. First time for me with metal conduit so a few questions, if you don't mind.... There is existing metal...
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