1. buzzlightyear

    court out by a gaurd dog

    a true story,you could not make this up so this how it goes did a job for a customer who was selling the house I need a job has fast has possible can you sort out the bed room lighting ,its not working . when is it handed over this friday .can it be sorted out ,yes . so did the job and sent...
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Dudley 'electrician' in court for dodgy work

    Saw this online and makes a change to hear of a person claiming to be a spark end up in court. Electrician in court for failing to carry out work to a safe standard -
  3. G

    NEED Legal advice - solar system malfunctioning

    Hello, i have big problems with my solar system - inverter malfunctioning, charging batteries gone crazy, battery died in couple month i guess (charges to 100% quickly and soon takes charge from batterie, the charge drops to 40-32% and does not go back if charge stops taking energy from...
  4. O

    Self employment & Pimlico Plumbers court case ...

    This is common sense IMHO The Supreme Court upholds worker's rights in a landmark gig economy case -
  5. N

    Unpaid Invoices & Paying Suppliers

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice from anyone who may have been in similar situation, at one time or another. I'm a one man band, I've been set up as a limited company since I started in 2015. I had been doing a lot of work for a big contractor at the tail end of last year, I have...
  6. Spoon

    Brexit court defeat for UK government

    The latest news Brexit court defeat for UK government - BBC News -
  7. J

    Trades to Site - a Warning

    Just thought I would post a warning about this company, They are a facilities management company based in Oxfordshire and I got a call out of the blue from someone called Will Simmonds a couple of months ago. He wanted me to do a couple of jobs at an opticians in Bath, it actually fitted in with...
  8. H

    Customers not paying in full!!!

    I've had some trouble receiving full payment from a customer. I'm guessing many of you may have had issues like this before, if so, what's the best way to approach the situation? Feel like going round there and removing cables! Any help would be appreciated.
  9. B

    Not been Paid for work done for a maintenance company- be warned all sparkys !

    Carried out work for a company called 24/7 maintenance which then changed its name to Project 4 Done 2 x jobs for them 6 months ago and still not been paid We contact them on a weekly basis to be told your on the next payroll I am now going to take them to a small claims court ! Noticed on the...
  10. A

    Non paying, infuriating customer.

    We quoted a job to rewire 2 bungalows. Did the job in the summer doing bits and pieces around other trades. They took forever to get plastering etc done. They changed there mind on the kitchen and stuff so many times. We moved the cooker switch and point for them twicw and basically bent...
  11. N

    EICR's and minimum qualifications

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I had a phone call today from a company asking me whether I'd be interested in performing some EICR's for them which they supply to the public. I am aware that someone considered a 'competent' person can perform these but what is the minimum qualification that...
  12. L

    Customer won't pay.

    Hello, Can anyone suggest the best possible way of getting the money back off a customer who won't pay? It's a conservatory company we worked for installing all the power for it. It's been ongoing since February and I have took a very down to earth approach about claiming the money back.I...
  13. S

    MCS & Debts

    We are owed a very large sum of money by an MCS registered company that we are about to take to court as they repeatedly fail to make promised payment of monies owed. If they have a debt registered against them are they able to continue to trade under the REAL/MCS rules.
  14. M


    So I currently sit here, in a deck chair, in the Wimbledon queue!! Is it worth it? Off course it is! 500 tickets for centre court and we're number 487 and 488 in the queue
  15. P

    NICEIC Inspecter turned up at my house with out appointament.

    Hi I had my Niceic inspector turn up at my house last Febuary for my anual inspection but they had not informed me of the appointment. I was away on a 17th edition course so he put it down as a failed visit they have been trying to charge me for the failed visit. Despite several letters we keep...
  16. kevyn

    Debt collection from non paying customers..........

    Hi all, Has anyone had to deal with a debt collection company to get their money out of a customer? I am thinking about contacting one as a farmer (typical...) owes me over £900 for work carried out on his farm. He is already on his reminder which gives him another 14 days to cough up which...
  17. N

    Access to service fuses

    Yes im cheating have a look at page 7
  18. M


    Hi Has the JIB gone to far now CRB Check Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry Thanks Mark
  19. R

    how do you deal with Non paying customers?

    Just out of interest as i have one or two being a real pain in the behind who owe me money and i've done the job and paid for the gear...and i need my brass!
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