1. robd

    Need some downlight covers for loft...any recommendations?

    Morning all Been to a job that's got old non fire rated downlights, LEDs retrofitted but nothing to a) stop things from sitting directly on top of the lamps which still get fairly warm and b) to allow the insulation to be laid properly in loft without covering and touching said lamps. Looking...
  2. mhar

    Accessory screw covers

    Anybody got any tips on how to remove the little plastic inserts that the likes of Click and BG supply to cover the screw heads on the front of their switches / sockets etc? I often use a bradawl but this always damages them and is fairly obvious when they are replaced. BG normally supply double...
  3. FatallyFlawed

    Action on socket covers

    FatallyFlawed has been campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers associated with plug-in socket covers for 10 years now. Many electricians have been warning about them for much longer! As you may know, in recent years we have received the support of a number of influential bodies...
  4. happyhippydad

    Good shoe covers - review

    For years I have been using the standard, disposable blue overlay shoe covers. They do the job, but they are a right pain. 1. They get ripped easily. 2. Pain to take on and off as you're always going in and out of the house. 3. Even if your organised and have them in the same place in the van...
  5. P

    Help sourcing replacment light covers

    I need quite a few of these light covers. They are about 32cm in diameter. Tried a couple of electrical shops to no avail, and they show meww CBR/28M/WO on the cover but haven't had any joy tracing them. Any ideas appreciated?
  6. JK-Electrical

    Urgently Wanted: 2 x Wylex 4-Way Dark Grey Fuse Covers

    I'm looking for 2 x Wylex 4-way fuse covers in dark grey. I've searched the Internet in the hope of finding some, but haven't had any joy. If anyone has any of these covers going spare, please get in touch. I'll cover your postage costs and make a donation to your drinking fund. :D
  7. mwigham85

    Fireproof Supports in escape routes.

    Hi Guys, Does a hallway in a dwelling class as an escape route for this Reg or is it just shared access escape routes that this Reg covers? thanks
  8. DAvid Prosser

    Domestic Cables in loft Insulation

    I’m an Industrial electrician and as such have limited knowledge of domestic installations (we all still use the same regs though). I’m wanting to know what people do about the increased insulation in lofts. For example my shower is a nominal 9.5kW with a 10mm T&E cable If I was to install the...
  9. B

    do I need professional indemnity insurance?

    I posted a thread last week regarding EICR's and minor works. since then I've googled the subject of EICR's and if my PL insurance covers them, I've read contrasting articles, some say yes because it covers you if you do something wrong, others say no, can anyone clear it up for me please...
  10. FatallyFlawed

    Domestic Scorched 13 Amp sockets

    I am interested to hear about any scorched sockets you have come across in situations where "safety socket covers" are in use. For some time FatallyFlawed has been warning that socket covers (which frequently have oversize pins to make them harder to get out) can cause permanent damage to...
  11. C

    Domestic Halers LED downlight natural white / warm white

    Thinking of putting these i the kitchen at home, thought this may be a good place to ask about what people who have fitted / used them think of them. I'm thinking of getting the Natural White, but what do people think?
  12. E

    Tool Insurance

    What's the best place to get tool insurance, as i dont think my company cover my tools, atm i've got 18v lithium iron makita sds and impact but will soon grow with a few more power tools, and obviously a few hand tools, so when ive got my combi and other power tools it will be nearly touching...
  13. K

    A reminder to everyone - FatallyFlawed - Child Plug Socket Covers Campaign

    Just a reminder to everyone, could you all please keep banging the drum for the site and campaign? The sooner the world is rid of “childproof socket covers” the better it will be. I’ve managed to get them banned from two health care trusts, with your help more...
  14. M

    12 ft2 600x650 light covers for sale