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  1. G

    Dodgy meter keys and electric credit

    Visited my cousin today and her neighbour recently had a guy knock her door offering her £50 of electric for just £10. They have a key they put in the meter that adds the credit on. she said she was tempted but couldn't afford to pay it back if it all comes on top for her. I have heard of this...
  2. chudson

    B2C selling - checks on consumers

    Does anyone credit check or ID check consumers they work for? I've been running my electrician contractors for over 10 years now, so you would think I would know the answer to this but I've never really bothered to do it. I do credit check commercial clients, but a while ago Credit safe...
  3. Dan

    Who Are Our Resident Green Energy / Solar Experts?

    Just wondering who our resident solar experts are.
  4. H

    Delta Training

    I've just been informed that Delta training have gone into liquidation. I had an open portfolio doing the 2356. Liquidator has told me there is next to no assets and I'm set to lose my £800 fee.
  5. A

    Experience of bad customer service

    Hi, Has anyone had a situation like this and what was the outcome cheers I was part of a gym in huddersfield when i got laid of i cancelled direct debit and went in to see them to tell them situation they told me they would put my account on hold for 6 months untill i get a job. Wikid So a...
  6. E

    Opportunity to work for Mitie, any opinions/advice?

    Hi all, I have recently had an offer of a job working for Mitie in a maintenance role. Just wondering if anyone has previous experience with the company? Operations? How they treat staff etc etc. I am still completing my training and would be looking for good career progression. Many thanks
  7. S

    Credit Checking Customers

    I am looking at starting a sub company credit checking potential customer for Electricians What I am wondering how many people on here would be interested in this service? There would be a charge of something like £1 per check or 1000 checks for £100 or something like that. If you would...
  8. T

    Training Company

    Hi all. Just joined today to hopefully get some information. I am currently serving in the forces and am due to leave next year with an interest in training to become a domestic / commercial electrician. Not sure which one yet. I am looking at leaving these shores to start a new life in Auz...
  9. P

    RS trade counters

    credit where credit is due. went in for a couple of bits. the bill was about 9 quid including vat. they didn`t have a couple of the resistors in so they said would be there next day. what time should i pick them up i asked? no we will get them to you by tomorrow! they told me. sure enough...
  10. R

    Domestic ratedpeople.com

    Has anybody used ratedpeople.com for work? How have you found it? Is it a rip off?:confused:
  11. gr7

    Credit for PV installations

    Apologies of this question has been asked before, I have searched and only drawn blanks. Is anybody aware of any credit companies offering long term loans for PV installations? I have a salesman with the relevant licence to advice on credit and would like to make use of this if possible. Any...
  12. BigSi

    HMRC Tax Rebate Scam

    Just to make you aware. There is a scam going around where the HM Revenue & Customs send you an email to inform you that you have a tax repayment due to you. It provides a link, that opens another window inviting you to enter your credit card details (to credit the repayment), mother maiden...
  13. Dan

    Access 2 Trade Careers Closing Down

    I've heard through the grape vine that Access2 Trade Careers are closing down. So please do try to get your money back if they have some of yours. And please do NOT book with them if you haven't done so already.
  14. J

    Credit Unions for tradesmen?

    Hi Im wonderinging if any one know of a credit union for tradesmen? I have tried searching google etc but cant find anything. Thanks James
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