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  1. L

    Cross Wiring 2 Ceiling Fixtures

    I am just a bit more experienced than your basic DIY homeowner. In our bedroom walk in closet I put up 2 LED fixtures to replace the fluorescents that were there when we bought the house. They work fine. Each is on its own switch. The switch for the really powerful fixture - which I love and my...
  2. gazdkw82

    RFC cross connect formula

    I may have asked this question before but I forgot what was said and the problem has reered it's ugly head again. I was doing some RFC testing the other day. Did my cross connecting but when I was doing the calcs I kept getting the wrong figure. It seemed I was not pressing = before dividing by...
  3. M

    Electrician Electrical Tester wanted for our site near Kings Cross Station

    Morning all, We are currently looking for a 2391 gold card certified electrical tester who is available ASAP for our site near King Cross Station (wc1h) The project is a hotel fit out. Work hours 7.30am - 4.30pm with a 45min break. Around 2 weeks work. Day rate £220. If potentially...
  4. S

    My E30 used for a music video around Kings Cross

    towards the end a couple shots........ £150 about 2 hours work, just like Pimlico........
  5. D


    I keep looking in to doing the Cross Over 2330 to 2357 but i would need to do the AM2 Can you do the AM2 any time, ie before doing the Cross Over bits and how much is it to do the AM2 ££ also what kind of project, its a all day thing Was thinking on the lines of, KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT...
  6. N6rul

    2394 past paper scenario need help please anyone.

    Scenario The building has its own supply and forms part of a 230 v TT System. Ze and PFC have not been measured. All circuits are wired in 70 degree Celsius thermoplastic single core cables, with copper conductors, in surface mounted, galvanized steel trunking and conduit. All accessories...
  7. R

    Continuity of ring final circuit conductors

    Why is it when you cross connect the conductors at each leg and then test continuity, the result is one quarter of the combined resistances of the legs? I am usually pretty good at seeing how/why calculations work out, but just cannot in this case get my head around why the value measured is a...
  8. J

    testing issues

    hello all, im a jib graded electrician just finished my 2392 course and have my 2391 course booked for the end of september. im pretty as green as grass as testing goes as i have not a great deal of experence. ive be asked to test a number of circuits and the sockets all have metal back boxes...
  9. R

    No CPC to lighting circuits

    Looking at a CU change for a young couple with kids. There is no CPC on the lighting circuits, the cable is 2 core (red and black) I have done a IR and continunity and all is ok, no borrowed neutrals All the accessories are Class 2 The young couple don't have the budget to have the lighting...
  10. E

    r1 r2 testing on rings

    hi guys been using a home made intermediate switch and a drilled plug top for r1 r2 testing on rings. does anyone know if I can buy manufactured versions of these and where?
  11. S

    R1 & R2 Testing Help

    Just started testing at college and not sure of the following in regards to the R1 + R2 testing: 1. Why are the readings in a ring the same or similar? Compared to radial? 2. Why do you cross connect line and cpc in a ring to carry out the R1 + R2? Thanks Steve
  12. K

    Two water mains/ two bonds??

    Hi all. im working in a small little building which has toilets/meeting rms/office kitchen etc, the water main comes in at the kitchen, ive pulled a cable in to bond this however while in the toilets today i noticed another water main coming into the same building so it has 2, however i do...
  13. M

    Paperwork for CU change and a few additions

    Afternoon all. For a CU change and, at the same time, the installation of 3 new final circuits I have done the following paperwork: PIR - prior to cu change EIC - To include new CU and New Circuits (existing circuits fully tested too, as I had to repair most of them following the...
  14. S

    Bonding of central heating boiler

    Hi all, Do I have to bond all the copper pipes at the combi boiler if the 3 conditions below are met? i) 30mA rcd protection on all circuits ii) Disconection times are met iii) Main bonding to gas and water in place. Regards
  15. P

    Ring main testing

    hello I am confused rewired a house this week but I dont do much testing on the ring main as a domestic installer normal kitchen fitting radial cooker extra lights etc I rememberr being told this takes a bit of getting used to this is what has happened so far r1 = 0.48 rn=0.72 r2=0.90 I know...