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  1. spud1

    What is the BS number of the DNOs cutout fuse?

    Hi, Is the DNOs cutout fuse still a BS1361 type II fuse or has this number now changed to BS88-3 ? (For the purposes of entering particulars onto certification) Thanks in advance
  2. Gavin John Hyde

    Interesting cutout and apparent lack of earth

    Called to house customer wants new shower fitted, 2 extra sockets in conservatory and possibly the board upgraded. No rcds on the board and when the smart meter folks came before christmas they refused to fit one due to the old cut out and fuse carrier cracked and old DNO(wpd) have been and...
  3. L

    Size of this cable. Main cutout

    Is there a certain cable size which enters into the house into the main cut out? Or what are the most common? Can you tell me the size of the cable in photo. Thanks
  4. GBDamo

    Note on Cert to contact DNO to renew cutout, AIBU?

    Simple enough job, three additional DSOs in existing ring to avoid the use of extensions and multi plugs. First things first quick Zs on socket, 0.31 Ohmos, lovely.... ...Check cut out and main fuse, IS there anyone on this forum who was alive when this was installed? No tingle using the...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Uncertain on cutout fuse?

    Did an EICR today in an HMO, All fine apart from a few bits i have to put right on Thursday. Cut out is of an old clunky style, fuse carrier looks like a later modification has a worn sticker on it, barely legible, says BS 88:1967 on it. It looks like its never been pulled and has some old tags...
  6. mhar

    Web site / suppliers list of downlight hole cutout sizes

    Is there any resource anywhere or any point of reference where you can search for a downligt by hole cut-out size? Looking for non integrated gu10 fittings for existing 82mm holes. It takes forever going into the spec of each downlight
  7. R

    315a cut out, what size tails

    I'm looking at a job for a friend and wpd is upgrading his cut out and wants us to upgrade his whole install. my question is from the new 315a fuses wpd is putting in what size cable would i require to the panel board literally decide it. I've has a look on like and uk power networks suggest...
  8. T

    Rotating cutout 90 degrees on to adjacent wall

    Hi Take a look at my pictures I want to knock through the wall that the current cutout/meter/consumer unit are attached to. In order to create a large under the stairs cupboard. Obviously I need to move all three units. The cutout is basically just going to be moved to the wall that is right...
  9. P

    Spares for Lucy house cutout

    I have a house split into 9 flats each with its own supply fed from a Ryfield cabinet in a service room. The cutouts/heads are "Lucy House Service Cut Out Single Pole" about 10 years old. In these heads, there is a plastic cover over the N/E terminals which is held in place only by the fuse...
  10. C

    Phase down...

    Good job last week... old soldered lug on some 150mm tails come loose...likely age. Arcing/heat caused solder to leak from lug joint and blow a 300 amp fuse in an old switch fuse which welded shut. Tried to upload images but struggling on my phone.
  11. S

    Could This Be A Fused Neutral?

    Hi, came across this today, double width cutout, never seen it before. Not sure if it could be fused on the neutral or whether I am worrying with no need. Any advice appreciated. (Haven't pulled the cutout obviously, even though it isn't sealed - I have a feeling it might be too stiff to pull...
  12. A

    Old cut out fuses

    Evening all, I am looking to get hold of a 40 amp cut out fuse to replace an existing 60 amp to provide adequate protection to a supply cable. I bought a BS1361:1971 fuse thinking it would be the correct fit (22mm diameter) but it turns out its about 2mm too wide to fit in the carrier. The fuse...
  13. O

    Domestic Coffin DNO cutout

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can help with this little question? I'm just about to do a full rewire on a domestic dwelling and have come across a DNO cutout I've not seen before. It's an ISCO cutout with a fused Neutral. I've done some checking on the forum earlier and from what I can...
  14. B

    Domestic 85 degree thermostat for imersion heater

    Where can I purchase an 85 degree thermostat for an immersion heater? Thanks!
  15. E

    Domestic CUs have built in wiring of 16mm2 but...

    ...what if you had a 100a cutout?! So for e.g your tails (consumer and dist.) are both 25mm2 and you have a cutout fuse that is 100a - technically the cutout fuse is the only thing protecting from itself to the bottom of your mcbs. Most consumer units have the "built in" cables that are 16mm2...
  16. J

    Can anyone confirm who is responsible for replacing the meter back board?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm who is responsible for replacing the meter back board. Have situation, where BG removed the meter (arrears), from a backboard riddled with woodworm/rot, which then disintegrated, wth the cutout no longer secured to the board. BG attend to replace the meter but cant fit as...
  17. K

    Domestic Cut out fuse

    Hi, I've been to a property with an old style 3036 cut out, and have contacted the DNO to update this under maintenance. They are saying they that they will charge between £500-700 to update with a 60 amp cut out. Seems extreme to me. Has anyone else heard of DNO charging this amount for what...
  18. M

    Twin DNO Supply

    Hello all, discovered our new house purchase has a strange main cutout supply (well i've not seen this before) i'm sure i've read about something similar on here before but can't find it now. The main cutout appears to have 2 supply cables to it , could one be a feed or a tap off for next door...
  19. J

    How old does a cutout need to be to get the DNO to replace?

    How old does a cutout need to be to get the DNO to replace? Midlands (ex central networks) I have a old metal box (see pic) that I would like to get replaced?
  20. D


    hi i need to install a heater in a wooden stables to heat some horse covers they can get damp so looking for a powerful heater that is waterproof and hopefully not to much to run any ideas thanks. Also at this installation the suppliers put in a new cutout with no pme written and 0.46 ohms on...
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