1. baldelectrician

    Dangerous metering and inaction

    I do not normally use twitter but I am at the moment having a battle to have someone attend a let property where someone has left exposed live terminals at the radio teleswitch The EICR failed miserably and the landlord has refused access, Scottish Power declined to attend and have passed it to...
  2. D

    Is my external wiring dangerous?

    I've struggled to find a way into the soffits for some of the downlights I'm fitting. I figured that I could drop the cable from the upstairs soffit and run a short way along wall/frame of my house before dropping it into the lower soffit. I guess what my question comes down to is whether it's...
  3. J

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element in the top of the oven has completely warped and hangs down. Is this dangerous? Should I not use it. Thanks

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element is warped in the oven and hanging down. Is this dangerous and should I not use it
  4. C

    Is blocking an extractor fan dangerous?

    Our extractor fan was making a very loud noise when it is on. Stopped this by putting more pressure on it with duct tape but means it is stopping the fan from moving. Is there any problems with blocking the extractor fan from moving? Will it short circuit or anything?
  5. D

    whats the most Funny/clever or dangerous meter you have experienced on the job?

    so I was just having a flick through here and saw some pretty dangerous bypasses here and there but I was wondering what is the most clever or dangerous bypass or unmetered connection you have came across im sure you must have some creative/funny or darwin award/how has your house not caught...
  6. W

    Warrick 1d1d0 relay, dangerous? paid 1 dollar at thrift store.

    Hello, new guy here and I'm not sure of correct section or even correct forum for this question. At a local thrift store I purchased a Warrick 1d1d0 relay, looked interesting for a dollar. I play with home electric power and it looked interesting. Any way the input is 115v and the output is...
  7. bonjovi

    what was your most dangerous job peeps

    I had 2 first was a well known pottery place in Derbyshire I had done the work and now my job was to power it up ,the company I was working for said now the tails are at the busbar your job is to connect this up , but the problem was you cannot switch it off as it takes 24hr to power up again...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Dangerous fuseboard!

    Customer i do work for on a regular basis just sent me a picture of the fuse board in his sisters house, says he thinks its danerous and needs looking at. She is a 1st time buyer and didnt think to get an eicr. Fuse board is in a cupboard where she is storing the families shoes and coats, nice...
  9. D

    Domestic Is This Safe or Dangerous?

    Hello Everyone, New here and know nothing about electrics. Our landlord sent an electrician to do an electrical test and now nobody in the flat dare have a bath! I've grown up knowing that water and electrics do not mix well. We were surprised to find after the electric test had been done, it...
  10. Charlie_

    Dangerous Situations Report

    Anybody been issuing these? Opinions?
  11. mattg4321

    Dangerous work - how to report

    I suspect I know the answer to this already, but... For some reason, recently I've been getting increasingly ****** off by being undercut by chancers, billy big s*** 'multi trade' friends of friends of friends bending my ear at social events and putting right work by the above only for the...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Dangerous installation certificates

    Reading another thread a moment ago about EICRS and lack of CPC and whether you should disconnect the circuit. How many people actually issue dangerous installation certificates? an example of the 18th ed from NICEIC is below. I have issued a couple where i have attended and found things...
  13. H


    Hi everyone. I'm an electrician in Leeds and i'd really appreciate your view on walking away from jobs when the existing install is not right. For instance I had two days booked in for a CU change and rewiring of some spotlights. I always start a CU change by doing a condition report first on...
  14. Alrebcon180

    Dangerous upgrade to crabtree rcbo's

    Has anyone installed the new compact rcbo from crabtree and noticed a flaw that they have introduced that doesn't exist on the older larger model starbreaker rcbo.. The basics of it are that the new compact rcbo when plugged into the busbar in a circumstance that many will come across where you...
  15. W

    Dangerous conditions found during CU change.

    First post so bare with me, and apologies if this isn't in the right place! Im a quite "wet behind the ears" electrician, qualified about a year ago and recently changed firms. New firm is getting me to do board changes, often without a prior EICR which my previous firm always did first. My...
  16. R

    Dangerous mains - Please help me identify this

    Hi All, I'm living in a pretty dangerous situation - Please can you help? A few months ago, the electricity in my first/second floor flat blew out, as did my neighbours. It turns out that there was a fault in a mains component under the stairs. I had to get an electrician out late at night...
  17. P

    How do you deal with dangerous installations

    Just wondering what course of action you take if you go to a job, say to wire an additional circuit, and you find a dangerous situation. Over the years I came across several cases where, for example the cu cover was missing, usually the old Wylex units. Some people left a danger notice, on the...
  18. G

    Domestic Garage wiring unsafe and not earthed

    I have a two storey garage with supply from house. On closer inspection I saw that the main supply in was not earthed at the junction box and neither was the light switch(feeding three lights), there is also a double socket in the garage not earthed either. I have ripped out all the wiring and...
  19. D

    Insulated wire running under radiator?

    I have a radiator mounted on the wall under the window and a socket to the right of the radiator. I have an extension running from the socket under the radiator to my desk; there is enough wire so that it runs along the floor under the radiator. Will the wiring be dangerous due to the heat of...
  20. M

    Loud buzzing, dangerous or just annoying?

    Hi all, There is a loud buzzing from the cupboard that appears only at off peak times. Loud enough for us to have to wear earplugs at night. There is a seperate single breaker switch below my off peak breaker board. I have identified this as the source of the noise as the tone and volume...
  21. J

    Dangerous? Plug switched off at wall but still powering things!

    Hi all, I'm new here but wondering if anyone could tell me if I have a dangerous situation or not? I have a double power socket attached to the wall that I've turned off...however it's still powering my phone charger...So whether it's on or off at the wall it makes no difference. Only one side...
  22. B

    Plugging transformer into extension adapter. Is it safe?

    Hello. I'm here for some advice. I'm very tight on sockets and i'm wondering if a transformer, this one to be exact: (Biorb Transformer - http://www.completeaquatics.co.uk/biorb-transformer?gclid=Cj0KCQjwn6DMBRC0ARIsAHZtCePVGfCIB3EkqjrYEfgm5VK9dCaa5G7GJ9TSZXw72fzEZtV_0XbqUIsaAkPbEALw_wcB would...
  23. eleclio

    Dangerous lighting shades

    why in 2017 do we install glass lighting shades. I've just installed 12 lights in a church which are modern leds lights but the shades are so so fragile that 2 broke on the ground and the painter cracked one when fitted. My gripe is when broken the produce dangerous shards of glass. These days...
  24. S

    EICR codes

    Thoughts on the following; no main bond to gas mains (C1), spur spurred of a spur on a ring (C2) & numerous inaccessible sockets for kitchen appliances under worktop with no switched spurs above worktop for isolating sockets (C3). Been a while since I've done an EICR! Thanks in advance.
  25. Wes1000

    Dangerous how to guide.

    Check out this guy! I nearly fell off my chair when I watched it and just had to share it. If this isn't an advert for dangerous work I don't know what is?!
  26. M

    is this dangerous

    hi there , im wondering if anyone can help me, ive just moved into a flat and this box thing on the wall looks dangerous with these wires not coverd up. is this dangerous? i didnt notice it when i was shown around the flat. thank you. [/IMG]
  27. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Fined for misuse of NICEIC logo

    Builder fined for misuse of NICEIC logo
  28. J

    Yellow 240v extension reel??

    Hi all, Today I was given a yellow 240v extension reel to use. Now if I'm not mistaken yellow flex indicates 110v. So how does this comply? If I was to use this on a construction site everybody would assume it is 110v whereas in reality it's not it's 240v! Thoughts please :)
  29. dlt27


    Hi all, I have done a few EICR's before however could do with a bit of advice on what codes you more experienced guys would give these observations; 1 Old 3036 DB made up of wooden base/back. (C3?) 2 Underszed main bond. (C3?) 3 Cooker switch mounted 18" above cooker (C3?) 4 Mutiple cct's in MCB...
  30. S

    Lighting circuit - no CPC

    Alrite lads, I'm a commercial spark so don't do much domestic but a mate of mine asked me to Pop round and change a light fitting in his kitchen 5 min job, he had an old 6ft fluorescent which was shot and he has brought a new class 1 fitting. I remove the fitting and there's no CPC so I...
  31. uksparks

    First job of the day, Jeepers!

    Hi, 08:30 this morning, plugs not working, ive been decorating and pulled plugs forward... Yeah ok, be there shortly... Every socket in the house was pulled forward, all on radials, only one leg in every socket, so probably mounds of junction boxes under floors. I said hmm, probably just...
  32. N

    EICR Code C3 Meaning

    Current GN3 p.80 says C3 means "Improvement required". Current GN3 p.105, model EICR form, says C3 means "Improvement recommended". Your thoughts? Bit of a cock-up if you ask me.
  33. O

    From the BBC Website:

    10. Electricity The arrival of electricity was an extraordinary innovation. At first, people didn't know how to use it - warning signs advised them not to approach the electric socket with a match. In the early 20th Century, electricity companies sought to interest consumers in electric products...
  34. S

    Domestic Power shower wiring

    Hi wonder if anyone can help me with some conflicting info I'm getting. My daughter has recently had a triton belize power shower replaced by Triton appt engineer. This shower replaced a previous Triton shower several years old. No RCD was fitted to the circuit when the new shower was fitted...
  35. C

    EICR code thoughts please?

    Hi all, Just done a EICR and have found on one of the 3 phase DB's that most of the neutrals and cpcs on one side of the DB are all mixed up and not in correct terminals. To rectify needs a few hours to strip it all back and re terminate due to how messy it has become over the years with add...
  36. infinity

    Fuse discrimination code?

    While testing an industrial building today (machine shop) I came across a discrimination problem and cant decide on the code. There is a switch fuse with a BS88 gG 315A fuse that supplies a busbar trunking run in the machine shop that the machines plug into. There are various units plugged...
  37. K

    Mercury exposure, some graphic photos (if the link works)

  38. T

    Domestic dangerous arcing type problem coming from one of the upstairs bedroom sockets and fcu

    When we first moved into our house about 16 years ago the whole of the downstairs power, including the kitchen was re-wired by Eastern Electricity. The ancient fuse box was replaced to a Wylex consumer unit (I think 12 way) with mcb's and 1 rcd in it. Also power was added to the loft...
  39. JD6400

    Overcoming the problems with working at height

    What access gear do others use when working at height , and how high would you deem it safe to still work from a ladder ? Also whats the worst case of daft and dangerous behaviour that you have come across by other people working at height .:38:
  40. R

    3 phase plug.....

    ....wired as single phase, but with L3 used for neutral. I know this is poor practice, but is it actually dangerous? Whole wing of the large facility I work in is so wired "to prevent non_inducted personnel using these service plugs." I did not like, and just used my battery drill.
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