1. Phill104

    How would you deal with this?

    A friend of the family recently lost her husband to the big C so I need to be careful. Every small thing is sending her into tears so when her dishwasher stopped working she had another moment. The next day I popped around to take a look. She had a new kitchen fitted 18months ago including all...
  2. Electrical2go

    Megger MFT Deal at Electrical2Go!!

    Megger MFT Deal!! Upgrade your toolkit with our exclusive offer! Purchase any of the Megger advanced multifunction testers – MFT1711, MFT1721, MFT1741, or MFT1741+ – and receive a complimentary MFL205 Fuse Finder. That's not all! When you choose the MFT-X1, you'll also receive the 1013-316 Fuse...
  3. Electrical2go

    Mega Downlight Deal - this weekend only!

    Taking place from August 18th to 20th, we're offering an incredible promotion for downlights! You can grab a 10-pack of the Ansell Prism Pro for just £65. Additionally, the H2 Lite and JCC V50 models follow a buy 5 get 1 free deal. 💥 Shop Prism Pro now at a limited time reduced price! 💥 Shop...
  4. Timbo

    Milwaukee M18 angle grinder deal

    115mm paddle switch, quick stop angle grinder body only for £120. Save £50. Tool free blade change...
  5. T

    How to deal with issue in underground wiring?

    Hi, I've got an external extension that was installed before I own the house. It runs to an outside socket, and then underground for 50 feet or so to an outbuilding. Over this winter the RCD for this circuit has started tripping. With a bit of DIY disconnecting of things, I've determined the...
  6. C

    How do I deal with overheated/burnt wiring?

    I am renovating a home built in 1977. Many of the duplex receptacles do not work, only have one working outlet, or can supply only a limited and inconsistent amount of current. When I removed one of the problematic receptacles, I found that the white wires had been burnt and/or had overheated...
  7. D

    How do you deal with cancellations..?

    The last couple of weeks , I have booked in jobs , I turn up at the agreed time in the agreed day but they Are out. i ring them and they either dont answer or say they just had to pop out for a few hours and do I mind waiting... now this wouldnt normally bother me , but seems to have happened a...
  8. A

    Union for JIB Pay Deal Next Year?

    Going into the last year if the jib pay deal next year,I assume a vote will be needed to agree a new one beginning 2021.What union do I need to join to get a vote on this deal next year.Unite?
  9. EalingBadger

    Good deal on Makita drill if you don't need the 'BL' on the side

    FFX are doing a good deal on old stock of a Makita drill at the moment: Makita DHP453Z 18v Li-Ion Combi Drill Bare Unit - It's cheap because it does not have a brushless (BL) motor. It would make...
  10. E

    how to deal with a callout

  11. P

    How do you deal with dangerous installations

    Just wondering what course of action you take if you go to a job, say to wire an additional circuit, and you find a dangerous situation. Over the years I came across several cases where, for example the cu cover was missing, usually the old Wylex units. Some people left a danger notice, on the...
  12. alexander jackson

    How do I deal with a work mate who produces dangerous and untidy work.

    Guys, help !! My work collegue is a time served spark and somewhat slovernly in his work production. I am a bit of a sticker for producing neat safe work, I asked him to through crimp some flex and this is what he did, the whole effort was wrapped in tape together and not individually so the...
  13. Joshua

    Just see this deal on a Meggar MFT1711, if anyone's interested

    I've just noticed Amazon have cut the price of this Meggar multi function tester to around £440, thought it could help someone in need of a budget tester Megger MFT1711 Tester
  14. P

    Sky and BT Sport deal is it a con?

    Notice BT and Sky doing a deal to show each others programmes. Why such a fuss? Unless Sky will now show BT Sport as part of their sports package fir the same price then it will still cost the same. Can never understand any one complaining about the cost of BBC licence when Sky and BT charge so...
  15. E

    tax issue, need some help is it worth getting an accountant to deal with it?

    i started working for an agency for 3 months, i have about 700 worth of expenses to claim , i am now in full time employment so wondering how i claim this back? Also looking to start doing work out of my full time hours to build up a business, how do i go self employed whilst still in...
  16. A

    HELP! Too many wires than I know what to deal with L!

    I went to attach my new metal light fitting with the obvious earth, neutral live attachments on it, upon taking the old one off I came across all these wires as seen in the picture, what the hell do I do with these!? Help please!
  17. S

    Green deal central heating

    Hey guys: Friend of mine recently had his house rewired, AM3 CU etc, nice neat pucker job & all certified. Anyway over the last few days he's been having a new heating system installed on a Green deal. Went over for a cuppa earlier & the contractors sparky was there to wire everything up. He was...
  18. Dan

    New Insurance Deal Gets Forum Members Cheaper Insurance!

    Insurance for Electricians - Checkout the new insurance pages. Get yourself some quotes and let me know how they seem to you guys compared to your existing prices. Thanks
  19. M

    How to deal with Pyro Cable?

    Situation is there's some 53 year old pyro cable that I need to either remove, or make dead, or cut short and push back into the wall having ensured that the still-live end cannot short out the circuit or come into contact with anything. No hope of fully removing it, as it goes up the cavity...


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