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  1. E

    10mm2 3 core 90 degree cable suggestions

    Customer has ordered a Smeg Symphony SY92IPX9 Induction Range Cooker. Smeg don't supply a cable and specify that the cable you use should be 10mm2 3 core and be able to withstand at least 90 degrees C. The only 10mm2 I can find that is anywhere close is H07RN-F but that is only good to 85C. A...
  2. The apprentice

    degree of protection?

    Hi there iam currently wiring a commercial pub kitchen was just wondering the degree of protection for enclosure like 3 phase isolators etc just for my own peice of mind thankyou
  3. gazdkw82

    Electrical engineering. HND vs Degree

    Im interested in some further education. I am really interested in electrical engineering. The problem is I'm not sure if to go down the HND or degree route. I know a degree would look alot more impressive on a CV but I have some reservations on that because I think it may be too complicated...
  4. T

    Electrician training for degree engineers

    Hi, I have a foreign Hnd and a master degree in Electrical engineering as well as the 17th edition. I am hands on in electrical installation but without Uk installation experience. I have been working in the manufacturing industry for the past 2 years but my interest and strength is in...
  5. K

    Flat roof mounting system (5 degree tilt)

    Hi guys, Can any recommend a flat roof mounting system that they’ve used that has as small as a 5 degree tilt (or completely flat) on the panels? Client doesn’t want to apply for planning permission by going over the existing height of the building (top of the ridge). And there’s only 180mm...
  6. S

    17th Edition Vs. Electrical Degree ?

    I noticed that in some electrical position employer/contractor asked for 17th Edition City & Guilds My question is am I eligible to apply for this position with Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering?
  7. sparkless

    University Degree Advice

    I am a fully qualified and accredited electrician with a thirst for knowledge. I am looking at doing a part time university degree, but would like some ideas on which subject. Apart from waiting for the 18th edition next summer, is their a higher level a sparky can achieve. My lecturer at...
  8. T

    16mm² SWA 90 degree path

    I have to go into a shipping container with 16mm² 3 Core SWA the isolator/supply is on the same surface as the cable will go through, and originates from. On the other side is plastic foil like insulation with sheepswool inside (20mm) , then foam board 20mm thick, then ply. I saw the spark doing...
  9. S

    Voltage drop and harmonics in multicore cables

    Hi All, Could anybody help me to understand the connection between harmonics and voltage drop in multi-core cables. I understand that voltage drop is directly proportional to the load current and length and inversely proportional to the cross sectional area of the cable. Will the additional...
  10. Flanders

    4mm 90 Degree Thermosetting cable on a 32 amp MCB

    Hello Can I just confirm that if 90 degree cable is used in switch gear that is only ratted at 70 degrees then you use the 70 degree tables to find the maximum current carrying capacity in this case Table 4D1A I ask this as I carried out an EICR and found 4mm 6491B cable run in trunking...
  11. Startinez

    BEng distance learning

    Hey all, Looking into doing a BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering after I finish my level 3 studying, but noticing vast differences in course materials between what you will get from distance learning and what I'd get doing it at a university (not an option for me). For example: at...
  12. V


    Hi, basically as the title says I am thinking of re training as an electrician. (domestic & commercial) My background.....I have done a degree in electrical and electronics engineering and gained a 1st class 6 years ago.....my job after degree was servicing & calibrating medical equipment...
  13. B

    Advice on becoming a Chartered Engineer

    Hi All Just seeing if anyone on here knew or has experienced becoming a chartered engineer from being a fully qualified spark. Not really sure which is best, degree or diploma route? Any advice is welcomed thanks
  14. M

    lantern with moveable pir

    evening all! i'm looking for a lantern fitting, pref polycarbonate, with a pir that is directional? or at least a 180 degree one? any ideas please?
  15. B

    Domestic 85 degree thermostat for imersion heater

    Where can I purchase an 85 degree thermostat for an immersion heater? Thanks!
  16. M

    Domestic Advice on Pulling 6 mm2 single core cable through 20 mm Conduit

    Hi, I would like to ask your advice about how difficult it might be to pull cables through 20 mm plastic conduit. (easy, moderate, hard, impossible) I am running two separate lines for a cooker and hob in 6 mm2 single core stranded cable. Both runs will follow the same route. 4 meter run from...
  17. B

    Tough Choice [ Engineering]

    Hi, What should you know: - I'm studying HND electrical engineering at college (2nd year) - I'm 19. I've really hard times to choose between work or uni so I would like to ask older than me what should I do, here is a few choices: 1) Go to uni starting from year 1. I already get...
  18. D

    trunking double sets

    hey i'm going round a few walls in 3" steel and have to set out and back in again a few places about 100mm or so what's the best way to do this with manufactured bends thanks and what do i need to link the trunking with(for continuity)thanks
  19. T

    trunking and tray

    How do you form steel trunking and tray to follow the contours of a circular room ,i.e in a circle. The trunking and tray will be suspended from the ceiling on a trapeze of unistrut good luck on answering this one,cheers:eek:
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