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  1. D

    Trench Depth - Clarification

    Hi, just wanted to know the depth to dig the trench for an armoured cable to an outside shed. I've read that the reg are a bit opaque but considering the mrs found the existing cable about one inch down (a standard orange cable, looks like its off a flymo cable - it is live as the shed lights...
  2. L

    Depth of power cable?

    Unfortunately last weekend while digging up tree stumps I managed to go through the power cable for the local scout hut. SSE are now billing me £330 for fixing it! However a neighbor thought I might be able to argue it as it's only 200mm below the surface. As it was installed with the scout hut...
  3. AlmondSauce

    Outside power - shallow depth

    So today's job was going to be to run power to the shed. Dig down a couple of foot, line with sand, lay SWA, bury in sand, add topsoil, lay warning tape, rest of top soil, job done. The actual list of events turned out to be "Dig down half a foot, hit solid chalk, swear a bit, dig the rest of...
  4. M

    Back box depth for LAP flat plate light switch

    Following great advice on here about wiring my ceiling light I've now moved onto replacing the plastic light switches. Does anyone know if a 16mm back box will be OK to accommodate this switch...
  5. R

    Cable depth help/advice

    Hi I'm going to look at a job over the weekend which involves getting power to a log cabin at the bottom of a garden. The run is about 25 meters. I am going to use SWA cable, what depth would the cable need to be buried at and would you run it in any ducting or anything? Is there any other...
  6. S

    I'm sure there is an easy answer!

    All I want to do is sell coffee!! In short ... I've had a mid life crisis and bought a catering van. It has a full size domestic fridge onboard. I need to keep milk cold from home to event site. I'll hook up at home and chill fridge till I leave. Am planning on using an inverter to keep fridge...
  7. vini

    Plasterboard depth of back boxes

    Just had a discussion with a builder where he told me that metal back boxes have to be fixed at a certain depth. The front edge of the box should be about 3mm depth from the front surface of plasterboard (12mm). I am unaware of any depth requirements regarding plasterboard and metal back boxes...
  8. Midwest

    Supply cable to property, installation depth

    Been doing some work at a domestic property, that's had some building renovations done. Whilst the small frontage to the property was resurfaced, the electricity service cable was uncovered. It runs for approximately 2 metres from the road, at about 75mm below the surface, then into the...
  9. Dozer 73

    Conditional reporting , how in depth do you go to satisfy your recommendation

    Been sparking now 25yrs plus Did testing and inspecting 10 year ago Do a lot of new installation tests and conditional reports of our own installs once they are up for renewal , so don’t really have to put codes on any thing because it’s all usually pretty much up to current regs This thread...
  10. J

    Fault current, and earth electrode resistance: Numbers not making sense

    In "Advanced Electrical Installation Work" by Trevor Linsley, he says that an earth electrode rod that is 1m deep will typically have a resistance of between 10 and 200 ohms. Given that fault currents can supposedly, momentarily, be in the order of 1000's of amps, this makes me scratch my head...
  11. M

    Domestic move power sockets into stuff wall

    Stud wall being built to contain insulation, directly adjacent to and in front of to existing external wall in a terraced house bedroom. The idea is to improve insulation in the room. House has been rewired about two years ago. There are two double power sockets in existing wall, metal back...
  12. N

    general building regulation

    Sorry guys just looking for a little help here, I done a homer for a joiner and I cut a notch out a load baring exterior wall and fitted a metal back box, the client is complaining and is trying to charge me, but I know that I'm aloud to notch up to 25% of the width of the stud and basically I'm...
  13. P

    Solar PV Calculators / Tools

    Hello all, I am a web developer that works exclusively for a PV Installer in the midlands. They have commissioned us to create an in depth PV Calculator. I will post on here when it is complete for you guys to test. Whilst creating this it got me thinking of the days when I used to design...
  14. K

    Mains Cable

    Working on a property at the moment and mains cable coming in from the road has been exposed. The builder has taken up the flags from the front garden and right underneath them was the mains cable. The front area of the property is going to be tarmacked in a few weeks so they will be digging...
  15. H

    Third Party installation connection

    Just on a job. Guy wants couple of sockets and lights in garage. There is already a SWA installed from hour to garage but not connected either side. Customer assures me qualified electrician buried it when the house was rewired a couple of years ago. Just done IR tests and all serms to be...
  16. K

    cutting tongue and groove chipboard flooring?

    Hello folks, I was wondering if i could get some tips from you all for cutting up tongue and groove chipboard flooring,Because today when the joiner took up a section off the floor there was pipes very very close to the tops of the joists and right underneath the flooring.. Whats the best way...
  17. G

    Mounting kit for yingli panels

    HI all i can source some yingli 240w panels and they have to go landscape, any one know the best mounting system to use , i think they are 50mm depth?. Cheers Grand
  18. O

    Bosch GMS 120- or similar

    All I need to invest in a cable/pipe/joist detector - thinking about the Bosch GMS120 - do any of you have any thoughts on this bit of kit? I don't mind paying a bit more for a good one! Thanks
  19. S

    Requirements for drilling holes in joists

    Could anyone point me in the right direction for requirements to drilling joists? eg. distance out from end of etc... Have used a guidance sheet before but really dont have the time to trawl google searching for regs. Cheers
  20. F


    Guys Can someone explain 50mm gap rule what`s acceptable is PVC conduit ok protected by mcb?or rcbo? cheers
  21. R

    Drilling joists Take a look at above PDF what do they mean by the depth of the joist, the diagram seems to indicate the thickness ??
  22. O


    Chasing/domestic Evening Too You All, Dose Anyone Know The Rules About Chasing Cables Into Walls In Domestic Installations. Do You Have To Chase Into The Brick Or Not If Plaster Can Skim Over Them
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