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  1. C

    UK Should I train to be a designer?

    Hi, just looking for some advice and thoughts on the following. I have been interested in the design side of our trade (commercial&industrial). I have my NVQ level 3 diploma installing electrotechnical systems and equipment and my testing and inspecting. Having spoke to the company I work for...

    MobileEOM Overview Video - Design and Test on the Go

    Watch how you can utilize the MobileEOM app to complete design details and test results. All information can then be imported to ElectricalOM to create complete schematics, cable calculations, schedules, selectivity analysis and produce the test certificates.
  3. nicnic66

    Hot tub supply design?

    Is a hot tub classed as a 'water heater thermostatically controlled' according to table 3.2?
  4. M

    UK Voltage drop and design

    Evening everyone I've a few questions and it would be helpful if someone could answer them but also point me in the right direction for the answers so that I can mark the places for future reference. I've just fitted a small garage unit in a house to allow me to power 3 double sockets in the...
  5. S

    Rewiring Bungalow and circuit design for Kitchen.

    Hello, I am getting a bit bogged down with detail as I always try my best to meet every best practice but I am very out of practice as I have been working outside the industry for 15yrs. All help appreciated. I am refurbishing my small 2 bed bungalow and have some questions for all the experts...
  6. G

    Electrical system design 615 level 3 help!!!

    Hello everyone I am doing my level 3 electrical system design project 615 and I need some help with design current etc. at the moment all the colleges are closed so i am unable to find any help from teachers. i would really appreciate if someone show me the right path how to calculate it.
  7. J

    Voltage Drop Design Current?

    When calculating voltage drop and using the formula mV/A/m x Design Current x length / 1000 = v Do I use the design current value after rating factors have been applied? Thanks again for any help.
  8. D

    Trainee Level 3 Electrical Design Project

    Hi guys hope you are all doing well & keeping safe. So I've recently started my design project assignment on the hotel extension. My question is how would be the correct way of handing in the project? Is anyone using a software programme to draw it? If so could could i get some advice on this...
  9. T

    Shower circuit design supplies

    Hi all Question regarding shower circuit designs. How so many times I see 6mm t&e cables supplying shower circuits on a 40amp MCB ? So for example if you were carrying out a EICR and you noticed a 6mm t&e cable on a 40amp MCB, 8.5kw/9kw shower would you put this down as a C3 or would you not...
  10. M

    Please Help L3 Design Project Selv

    Hi, i'm currently doing my Level 3 design project and it's going to be tricky with the coronavirus and lack of contact with Tutor and other students. Its the Hotel Swimming pool one and I have to select luminaries for the cafe pool. I haven't chosen my luminaries but I'm thinking to do it all...
  11. S

    Lighting Design

    Is there such an app or software that is reasonably priced where I can let's say take a photo of the front of a customer house and then super impose lights on it to show them how it could look?
  12. C

    LED Lighting

    Hi,Im just a fresher as design engineer. While browsing, I read that 330ohms resistor has to be placed parallel across an LED light, can someone tell me if it is necessary and why?
  13. B

    Is electrical design and testing mandatory for temporary structures?

    Is electrical design and testing mandatory? Let me qualify this with "I know it is" The problem is I have a client who refuses to accept that any and all electrical systems need to be designed properly, installed, tested and commissioned according to the EAWR and BS 7671 and temporary...
  14. A

    2396 design and verification

    Evening folks. Does anyone know how many Mark's you require to pass the written exam. Or if anyone would like to share their experiences on the course and the exam itself.
  15. A

    Design book advice

    Hi, I'm after a single book that has all of the relevant information in to design circuits, I currently use a selection but it would be very handy if I just had 1 that I could work from... does 1 exist Many thanks
  16. T

    3 phase design process

    Hi folks, I'm installing a 3-ph 32A 60309 socket and just wanted to double check my design calcs are right... The circuit will be part of a 3-ph sub-board (200A main switch) supplied by our main 3-ph distribution board. The final circuit length is approx 30m. The sub board comprises just...
  17. K

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?
  18. Marcus Vaughan

    Not happy with this John Lewis design - non compliant.

    Just put this light up. 35mm gap between the shade and ceiling - you can get your hand in and touch the chock blocks. Not right is it. Not sure I can work around so I guess it’s got to come down. Not good.
  19. static zap

    Art meets design function (Never ends well)

    Designers these days , want a look . It seems to take priority over functional use. I have a nice pile of "Slime" green bowls ,that stack like a clown act if left on their own together. Above a certain height they roll , in the direction most likely to cause damage / injury ! Anyone else...
  20. James

    Web site design

    Anyone fancy designing me a website? I would like something a bit more complex than a simple advert of services offered, maybe a contact us type form maybe a review section open to ideas. p.s. not looking for a freebee but don't want to spend a fortune either!
  21. T

    Tips for an app about design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

    Hello: I am developing an app for design and installation of photovoltaic systems. I request advice to know what would be the most necessary functions in this app. Thanks
  22. L

    Small design projects

    Hi, Does anyone know of any websites or sections of this website where you can find/bid for small electrical design projects? Thanks
  23. W

    Terrible design

    Not specific to industry. But in a factory I sometime do work for, they have a line that is 300m long and they want welding sockets 32amp 5pin along the length of it. Ok. The cable they have bought for the job is 6mm 5 core. I politely declined the job and suggested calculating the size of...
  24. gazdkw82

    Duck/chicken coop design help

    So I built a 15ftx5 enclosure for my chickens and ducks. They seem happy and I'm generally happy with it. However, it has 1 problem with the design and I need some help. Everytime we get a day or 2 of rain it literally fills up with water. I believe most of it comes from rain blowing into the...
  25. T

    How to work out the total design load to find my swa cable size

    Hi all I am having trouble trying to work out the total load and swa cable size. I have 10 circuits in a outhouse 40 meters from the mains power supply 1 x lighting with 10 lights, 1 x lighting with 10 lights. 1 x 2.5mm radial for 2 heaters, 1 x 2.5mm radial for heater. 3 x 2.5mm socket rings...
  26. gazdkw82

    Log cabin socket design installation

    Iv got a little install of 2 IP rated sockets to go on an exterior wall of a log cabin. The customer doesn't want to see any cables or containment as you look at the sockets. We've agreed to run black PVC conduit on the rear of the cabin (which is going to have shrubs growing up it) and then...
  27. W

    Design electrician cad

    Hello I’m 25 year old electrician. Nvq qualified 18th edition and 2394/5. I enjoyed studying and bettering myself but now I’ve gone stuck and looking for opportunities I don’t see myself as a manager. I’m thinking of a specialism or a electricial designer I’ve googled this but can’t seem to find...
  28. W

    Design electrician

    Hello I’m 25 year old electrician. Nvq qualified 18th edition and 2394/5. I enjoyed studying and bettering myself but now I’ve gone stuck and looking for opportunities I don’t see myself as a manager. I’m thinking of a specialism or a electricial designer I’ve googled this but can’t seem to find...
  29. T

    Energy efficient busbar design

    Hello, This is my very first thread on the forum. If I posted it in wrong part of the forum, just moved it. Thanks. According to the thread ( FREE Electrical Software from the Copper Development Association -...
  30. R

    Electrical Design Software

    Evening, I´m looking for some Electrical Design Software for designing electrical cabinets. So the software would need to have contactors, drives, PLC´s, isolaters, SSR, solenoids etc. I´ve used Design Spark Electrical before but I found it difficult and cumbersome to work with, so for that...
  31. W

    2365 305 design question

    Hi all, im new the the forum. Curently doing the city and guilds 2365 level 3 course. Got a question regarding the 305 design assignment. When filling out the table to calculate the voltage drop and calbles sizes, do i use the design current etc before or after the diversity factor?
  32. R

    Question 2 on Design Project

    Hello, I am just starting my project. I have uploaded the questions. Questions 2B & C Socket for the kettle - each of the tables. Socket for TV - next to the Kettle, as I assume it's not wall mounted. Two single sockets for Laptop/phone to each side of the bed FCU - by the main entrance...
  33. M

    Assessment 615: Electrical Systems Design

    Hello :) I'm currently on my final assessment for 2365 after spending two years at college. I really want to complete the assessment in some design software rather than manually drawing. I found designspark which looked as if it could do what I want but doesn't seem to like importing...
  34. P

    Sub Main Design Calculations

    Hi all, new to here. Just designing a sub main, very long time since I have done this so just wanted some thoughts. Its to a summerhouse sort of set up that will be at the bottom of a very long garden at a later date (sockets, lighting and hot tub planned from the board). Patio is getting done...
  35. J

    Strange design of Induction Hob power input, advice please

    Hi, hope everyone is enjoying Easter! I have boon looking for an induction hob recently and found one on ebay for £25 and close by so I bought it, yay!. It was purchased as defective, its a 5 sone hob and the two left zones did not power up. A bit of research before purchase shows there were...
  36. L

    2365 design assignment, pool area and cafe, hotel

    Hi this is the electric car charger, is this suitable? Can anyone point out anything I've missed. Also what is the best way to draw the circuits onto each drawing. Any suggestions are great fully appreciated
  37. A

    i need help in electrical design L3 assimgnment

    I’ve recently started my level 3 course and I’m doing electrical system designs the one with the hotel extension and pool and café block but I stuck on all of question some guidance would be appreciated thanks
  38. Sambulance

    Does anyone know this design symbol?

    Can anyone tell me what this symbol represents? I'm assuming it's something to do with a wall light, possibly something to do with a vanity section as its in a changing room but I can't find the symbol anywhere. Cheers!
  39. J

    HELP PLEASE!!! 2365/615 design assignment

    Someone give me some help with this design assignment already done q1&8 mainly need help with q2
  40. Gaijin

    Outdoor Control Box advice (Earthing and design)

    Hi guys, I'm recently qualified so naturally a bit hesitant on my first jobs so looking for advice as much as possible. I'm working as a junior at a domestic job where the customer has a large garage which has a sub main (run from the main unit in the house via SWA) consumer unit in it...
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