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  1. XS Training

    AM2 Exam Preparation Training - Online - £125 - 14 Days Access

    XS Training Ltd have recently produced a comprehensive online course covering all aspects of the AM2 and AM2S. The course is available for a period of 14 days for £125.00 and provides a real alternative to attending a classroom based environment which is typically take over one or two days and...
  2. D

    Just designed and launched a range of Switches & Sockets

    Thanks to forum in the early days, and speaking to loads of local tradesmen I've launched 3 ranges of switches & sockets. Development cost was fairly significant in the tens of thousands £. All of you guys have very strong opinions on product after using it (why the hell's it like that?!), but...
  3. G

    Poorly designed wall lights

    Does anyone else find that more often than not, no consideration seems to be given in wall light fittings for allowing two cables to fit in properly? Been fitting some led bulkhead type fittings and you'd barely get one t&e into the cable entry let alone the 2 x 3core cables required (emg...
  4. jengo22

    Fire Alarm systems

    If a fire alarm has been designed by fire risk management company. Can the system be installed by the electrician or do you need to be BAFE approved? We are in the process of carrying out the electrical installation within the premises. The system designed has Category M system for the...
  5. G

    Car Battery Alternative

    Hello All, I'd appreciate some advice and your patience at my lack of knowledge of things electrical. The situation I have is I need to run a diesel pump that is designed to run off a standard car battery but I'm not using it to pump diesel or do it anywhere near a car. I would like to have...
  6. C

    Prestige compact dado trunking MK

    The above trunking been specified on a job in a science room,what a complete nightmare,just wondering if you guys have come across it.You can't use the main central carrier,only the outside compartment ,usually for data.My problem is,cables,2 rings & lighting cables,it's a tight fit,kind of...
  7. E

    Does 10 volts and 10 heartz make much of a difference

    Speaking hypothetically if I was able to buy battery operated tools from the Us of A and not pay import duty or postage would the charger still work?
  8. S

    Domestic No socket for gas hob

    Improvisation, what do you think?
  9. A

    Main Breaker

    Hi. I have some electrical drawings that has a MCC with 3 control panel with a 150A breaker, 50A, 20A and a hoist with a breaker of 20A all individually connected to the same bar (sum of 240). The main breaker of the MCC is 400A. Can I lower the main breaker capacity to 250A? Is there a...
  10. B

    Dimmer Query

    Hey All, I installed two sets of 6 lights, each set controlled by a dimmer. When i bypassed the dimmers, i got 240v at the end of line lights. when the dimmers are connected, i got 208v at the end of line lights. The dimmer switches were on full, i dont know where im losing the 32v...
  11. Y

    Testing Sodtware & PDA's

    Hi all, Our company has recentley joined NICEIC (and as a result we are all much better electricians :stuart:) . As a result the test sheets we now have to fill in are much more comprehensive. Not a problem for some but we work in the modulalr building industry and can need to complete sheets...
  12. M

    Model EICR in OSG contains mistake(s)

    Just noticed that the model EICR in the OSG contains at least one mistake ... Nominal Frequency filled in as 150Hz ... I sense an IET corregendum on the way.
  13. P

    Testing and inspecting

    Hello all Help please!!!!!!!! Yesterday I went to a property that has had an new extension built, I had to connect some appliances induction hob (no seperate supply), cooker isolators behind induction hob and sockets 75mm from edge of the sink. I informed the customer that I could not do it...
  14. S

    RCD's -replacing with different manufacurers

    Got to fit an RCD to a NEWLEC CCU. - Want to fit a CTI one as its cheap. Are RCD's generally the same packaging especially the connection to the bus bar. -I used to swap about with Mcb suppliers and had the odd fitting problem but usually I fit a complete CCU rather than upgrade them.
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