1. Robertbaker63

    which fire alarm certificate for additional detectors in village hall extension

    got to add in some breakglasses, ceiling detector and sounder to an existing fire 12v fire alarm system in a local village hall as theve put a new room on the side which cerrtificate would i have to fill out? im a full napit member
  2. naylorpd

    Wireless smoke detectors - advice needed

    My rented out house (in UK) currently has basic battery smoke detectors in hall and landing, CO detector in utility room (boiler is there) and can't remember the kitchen. My agent is pushing me to provide white goods and, post-Grenfell, I'm nervous about some of these, especially the tumble...
  3. DC-backfrom the past

    Scottish legislation re heat smoke detectors

    Hi can anyone assist. House renovatiob was completed by a builder etc , Planning officer was in and stated that a heat detector was required in kitchen. This was to be interlinked with other smokes in the building . Place has been fully decorated. Lathe and plaster ceilings and walls. ( old...
  4. P

    Interlinking smoke detectors

    I have only previously installed the same makes of interlinking smoke detectors, but do they tend to work with other makes (one requires replacing)?
  5. gazdkw82

    Fire alarm detectors-lighting

    I'm getting rid of the 2 fire alarm detectors and putting some new mains powered ones. I'm going to take it off the light fitting in the living room and landing. How's best to do this on a plastered ceiling? Work around the joists and get a t+e through? Might seem an easy question but I've...
  6. SparkySupplier

    For Sale - Merlin/SquareD MCB's/RCBO's, MR30 Pod & Aico Detectors

    Hi all, Is anyone interested in the following list before it goes on Ebay? All brand new, left over from previous jobs: 1 x MR30 Pod 1 x Aico Ei261 Carbon Monoxide 3 x Aico Ei100MRF Radio Module 1 x Aico Ei3016 Smoke 9 x Square D iKQ SE10C325 TP MCB's 25amp Type C 2 x Merlin A9D11816 RCBO 16a...
  7. J

    Domestic Detectors and testers worth buying?

    Hi guys, I'm starting to do a bit of DIY in our house - initially just replacing light fittings but am keen to do more and am looking for tools to check that the area I want to work on is safe. As this is just for DIY I don't want to spend a fortune but want stuff that's safe and good enough...
  8. charlie76

    EICO Smoke Detectors Wireless and Non-Wireless

    Hi, Does anyone know if I can mix wireless and wired interlinked detectors from EICO. I would like to interlink 2 on a ground floor by wire and have a wireless one on the 1st floor landing.
  9. S

    CPC used as interconnect on smoke detectors

    We all know this is wrong and breaches regulations and manufacturers instructions. Good tread on this: https://talk.----------------------/topic/23387-cpc-as-interlink-on-smoke-alarm-circuitwhat-would-you-do/ However the question is does it warrant a C2 over C3? My recommendation is going to...
  10. S

    Domestic smoke detectors inspection and test

    Hi Guys, I've been asked to inspect and cert existing smoke detectors in a rental. Standard LD2 system. The client has quoted FSM6 form. I've not come across these before, I found them for sale on NIC store but can't see what it entails. What tests and equipment are needed different than the...
  11. S

    Quick question re smoke detectors

    Hava a mate who asked a question and as you know I am not up to speed with current regs, can you piggy back of a lighting circuit to power smoke detectors or not they will have a battery backup. It seems the build is a bit of a c0ck up and don't ask me about the missing pad stones. Just trying...
  12. P

    Do Stud Detectors Work???

    Had one of these years ago, and it was pretty worthless. It seemed to give some indication of buried pipe work, but only if it was relatively shallow...I never did get it to work on wooden studs under plasterboard... So have they improved or still a just a gimmick?
  13. driverman

    Smoke /Carbon detectors

    Hi guys, Question for those that install smoke and carbon detectors. This situation, mid terrace 2 storey 2 bed house. Typically most houses have a smoke detector on the landing. I was proposing installing: 1 x smoke on landing Open Dining/Kitchen -1 x smoke dining room end...
  14. H

    retrofit fire alarm to wired smoke detectors in home

    Hi Is this possible. I have wired in smoke detectors in each room in a 4 bed semi. However they are not loud enough and I worry in the event of a fire they will not wake anyone if they sound during the night. I'd like to retrofit a fire alarm to the system which sounds if any smoke detector...
  15. T

    Individual RCBO

    Hi I need to check what the electrical requirements (17th addition and Part P) are for RCBO's on a new kitchen extension. Using the existing house Consumer Unit with one 100Amp 30ma RCBO. Do all the different new kitchen circuits i.e Ring Main, Cookers (x2), Indiuction Hob, Lighting...
  16. N

    Domestic Thoughts on How To Price These Jobs?

    I just got an email from a guy I know from way back, he owns a good sized plumbing and heating company (also has many rental properties) and he has asked me to put together quotes various electrical works. Mostly heating related. I've not long gone out on my own so I'm trying to get a handle...
  17. B

    mains linked smoke detectors within flat entrances

    I have been asked to install mains interconnected smoke detectors in the entrance lobby of flats that are linked together with the common ways detectors. the common way detectors are already installed using the existing lighting circuit. Is it okay to use the supply from the detectors in the...
  18. Soulsurfer

    Smoke alarms existing builds ?

    Hey all I have just been given a load of flats etc and owners home etc to look after, replace cu's and generally update with ongoing maintenance but as it's the first work of this kind I've done I am wondering what requirements are regards smoke alarms etc.. as only places I've installed before...
  19. J

    aico mains wired interlinked/radio linked smokes and heat detectors

    A little query for you guys that fit these smoke detectors, I've got a site visit next week to quote up for a landlord requesting more smoke and heat detectors fitted in his apartments. He has explained on the phone that he currently has aico mains wired smoke detectors fitted in some of his...
  20. driverman

    smoke - heat - carbon alarms

    I will be installing several smoke - heat and carbon monoxide detectors shortly as per spec. I've not done carbon monoxide detectors before. I take it, electrically wiring them is the same as smoke and heat detectors. They will be wired and interconnected on one circuit and protected by a RCBO...
  21. K


    Hi all with fire alarms you get l1to l5 and p1-p2 -m What is the difference niceic state ABC ?
  22. B

    smoke alarms using existing wiring

    Hello, I'm getting a loft conversion done and there is a requirement for mains-powered smoke detectors in all rooms. the electrician is part p and will be installing new small cu. The new smoke detectors will be using existing wiring which is using old type wire fuse box ( i've replaced some...
  23. N

    Hard wired alarm system with wirless devices.

    Hello Chaps I'm looking for a domestic alarm system that i can hard wire into a spur then devices that's are wireless operated from the panel. Does this sort of system exist i cant find one anywhere. All i can find is 13amp plug or battery operated ones. I don't want plug for cosmetic reasons...
  24. A

    PIR sensor for cars?

    Hi Have you ever used a PIR sensor to detect cars - so that driveway lights come on automatically? Or would they be driving too slowly? Dont want to use photoelectric beams as they need big posts (customer doesnt !). Cheers :icon7:
  25. tazz

    Aico Detection In Commercial Premises

    After working with electrical contractors for years, where we work together very well. The lastest trend seems to be lets fit Aico smoke detectors in commercial buildings and save some money. Aico are great detectors for you part P domestic premises but please guys use a BS5839 part 1 for you...
  26. T

    240V & CPC conductor

    I will make an installation for fire alarm system (detectors 240V supply with interlink between of each one) using single wires or pvc cable enclosure in pvc conduit or pvc trucking.The detectors have the symbol of double insulation with out any point for earth terminal and my question is if...
  27. J

    Smoke Alarm - Optical or Ionisation and heat?

    Plannning a 3 bed detached rewire. OSG recommends two smoke alarms, one in the landing (outside bedrooms) and one in the hall. Should these be ionisation or optical type? Should a heat detector also be fitted into the kitchen area? The OSG states that a Heat detector should be fitted if there...
  28. L

    Am I competent enough to do this work?

    I customer who I have recently worked for has asked me to test and inspect a simple interlinked smoke/heat alarm system in his house of multiple occupancy, I can test the supply circuit no problem, check functionality with the test button and check for damage, I can produce latent rising heat...
  29. B

    house alarm

    simple debate: wireless or wire for a house alarm and whats good on the market
  30. M

    Smoke detection in domestic premises, Is there a wireless device???????

    Hi, I am currently pricing a job and the drawings specify 5 smoke detectors throughout the premises. I have priced to interlink the detectors together on its own circuit using a three core and earth between each unit. The customer is asking whether there is such a thing as wirless smoke...
  31. R

    addition to lighting circuit

    Hi anyones thoughts, Whats the general concensus for an adding to an existing upstairs lighting circuit, main bonds in place, supplementary bonding to 16th in bathroom and protected by a 6a mcb:rolleyes: circuit is non rcd protected would you apply the 17th to the existing circuit or just the...
  32. P

    Certifying Smoke Alarms

    Hi All, Doing a full rewire on a terrace which also has to have 3 interconnected mains powered smoke detectors. I wanted to know if I include the smoke alarm circuit on the EIC as an extension to a lighting circuit, or as its a new wire just give it a dedicated supply from a 6A MCB and then...
  33. banny07

    smoke alarms help

    hi. I had a phone call from a customer who want me to install combined fire and smoke detectors in his 6 bedroom (three floors)house.Is he after ordenary smoke and heat alarm or something else ? what sort of cable or system need to install? thanks
  34. S

    BS5839 Cert

    Morning all, Does anyone have a link or a copy of an 'unbranded', generic BS 5839 smoke detector cert? Had a quick browse on the net and cant seem to find one suitable. Much obliged :)
  35. F

    local authority smoke alarms

    Hi Guys ,friends house was rewired 3 yrs ago.........contractor installed 3 x mains powered smoke detectors with battery back up smoke detectors which can can be tested and silenced via double gang test switch...........problem ocurrs approx 9pm each evening ..........sounders start blasting...
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