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  1. G

    Do you think can be Electrical Layout diagrams automated?

    Hello everybody, Could you give me an opinion, if the automation of electrical plans can be possible? Because in practice every machine or industrial process has so many options. Here is a link, how should automation look like: Thanks, Gasper
  2. C

    Electrical Layout diagrams

    Afternoon, I need to create an electrical layout plan for a factory with around 30 DB’s. What software would be best to use, I have AutoCAD electrical but that seems more for electrical control panels etc. Currently I’m using AutoCAD and just drawing all the DB’s, but is there any free...
  3. Seath

    Electrical charts and diagrams

    Hello sparky family, Looking for advise on ways to create installation charts which are then laminated and left at the CU please. Do you use a dedicated software? BTW I use a linux pc. Thanks in advance ladies and gents
  4. khalid

    Electrician electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks

    I'm new to this forum & i have electrical experience as competence person but would like to pick up some knowledge on the following anyone can do electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks
  5. oracle

    Diagrams, instructions and circuit charts

    Since regulations 514.9 and 560.7.9 came out it is very rare to find such documents provided, even the minimum of circuit identification on older installations is often not complied with. Can anyone offer a reason for this or is it just too much bother since most guys are using tablets and...
  6. littlespark

    Clarification of CH wiring (no diagrams!)

    Story is i got called to finish off the heating on a new build as the electrician doing the work was too busy to get back in time. There were some cables run, and some equipment fitted, and ive done the rest. There is no diagrams.. ive had to google what I can. Its an S plan system, 2...
  7. L

    EICR wiring diagrams.

    Hi all sparks, My name is Mick and I want to know if any of you sparks can advise me if there is a market for EICR wiring diagrams drawn in AutoCAD, which is basically a picture of the Schedule of Results page.
  8. B

    Where's best to obtain wiring diagrams for an American vehicle

    Evening all, Long story short:- My dad has just had an aftermarket parking sensor kit installed on his corvette, is there anywhere that you know of that I could get the wiring diagrams (legally please)? So far as I can tell. . . The rear sensors are okay (wired to reversing light), & only...
  9. P

    Pro Solar PV Schematic System

    Hi Can anyone recommend a 'professional' system for drawing solar-pv schematics? I'm looking for something (hopefully) pre-built symbols which can assist with my systems. Thanks /Newb
  10. E

    Boiler wiring training

    Hi folks. Is there anywhere you can recommend that does boiler wiring training or is a case of swatting up on the various diagrams and figuring it out for yourself? I only have 3months post apprenticeship experience but would like to know about boiler wiring.
  11. E

    Mr Combi training course

    A big gap in my knowledge (amongst others I can humbly admit !!) is boiler wiring. I read in professional electrician magazine about mr combi courses. As someone who knows not a lot about heating I was wondering if this course would be good to give me the basics. I can follow wiring diagrams...
  12. A

    luxomat PIR's

    Hi all, I'm currently on a project in a new build school and we are installing 2 x luxomat pir detectors (master and slave) in the classrooms. The instructions are ridiculously complicated with lots of terminals (2x L 2x N, 2x NO 1x S) they also have a inbuilt relay. We're wiring the lights...
  13. W

    Central heating help

    i have no central heating experince whatsoever! ( although ive been sparkying for 10 years ) Ive currently got a immersion tank with a 5 core flex trailing from it and a boiler downstairs with no supply.. What do i do?!
  14. N

    Central Heating query

    Hi, I've was called to look at a heating system that the plumber believes has a wiring fault. Everything works electrically and looking at the diagrams is all connected as per ..... however when the cylinder stat reaches temperature, the system stops pumping round the radiators. If you turn up...
  15. S


    Hi Folks, just wondered if you could help me answer a mock 2391 paper, Q. State three circumstances which would result in the inspector carrying out a survey of the electrical installation before carrying out a periodic inspection. Many Thanks Locket
  16. Z

    Need help with wiring diagrame!

    hi ther to all respected member of form! would someone please let me know where to find all kinds of wiring diagrams for domestic and commercial installation.xx if i know any sit bookes any thang please help. many thanks:cool:
  17. S

    help learning about wiring heating systems, good sources online?

    Hello again, i'm fed up looking on watching people wire these heating systems etc, i'm quite capable of doing it if i just had an up to date book or some website that could expound upon it that i could learn at my leisure, i've had it explained before but something like this requires a bit of...
  18. C


    hi guys, has anyone got a link to were i can get hold of copies of all circuit diagrams ?? e.g ze zs pfc etc ??? cheers guys!!!
  19. T

    Diagrams etc

    When carrying out a CU swap and you get to the check list of inspections and 9 or 10 times out of 10 there is no paperwork for the installation. Do you Tick, Lim, Cross ? :confused: Thanks
  20. D

    Layout and wiring diagrams help

    Hi Can anyone tell me if there is a drawing program for wiring, layout and circuit diagrams for the pc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Deano
  21. Z

    Drawing software

    Hello guys, Which software do you use for drawing electrical diagrams? Cheers! :)
  22. N

    What diagrams do you use

    I have just been persusing Part P which shows some diagrams of electrical installation. Troiuble is they are none complient with the symbology given in the OSG. What diagrams do YOU (actually) use for system design and planning if any, and what diagrams do you leave with your installation...
  23. P

    Wiring Diagrams

    Hi All does any one have a link to any wiring diagrams, such as lighting, switch's, fitting new lights to an existing circuit, etc. Searched all over for some to help a friend who is training at the moment.
  24. B

    scedule of inspections

    Hi , regarding the shedule of inspections on an EIC a lot of houses do not have diagrams,instructions or circuit charts in them , do you guys put an X in the box and if so how do you rectify the situation
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